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Ceylar » Lair » Clove
Level 8
Fae Female
May 10, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMaroon Starmap
SecondaryBeige Rosette
TertiaryStone Underbelly
Eye TypeWind Uncommon
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Clan Matriarch

Clove came from a large Fae clan in the Windswept Plateau where she was surrounded by friends and family. She was one of five hatchlings and out of all of them, she matured the most quickly, enjoying following her parents around as they tended to their children. As she grew older, she spent even more time in the hatchery, helping to raise newer hatchlings, especially the smaller and weaker runts of the clutches. She greatly enjoyed raising new hatchlings, and watching them become fully fledged adult dragons within the clan. Eventually Clove felt the wanderlust of being a Wind dragon, and so she set out from her home clan and traveled across Sornieth, from the Southern Icefield up to the Viridian Labyrinth. Being a small fae dragon, her travels were difficult, and often she found herself on the brink of death until a kindly wandering dragon, or a friendly clan nursed her back to health, and she would continue on her way. After years of travel, Clove returned to her homeland in the Windswept Plateau, where instead of returning to her home clan, she decided to settle, and make herself her own lair, fastened onto the side of a small cliff next to the entrance of a little cave. One that would be open to dragons of all kinds. This was her way of repaying the kindness of the dragons she met while on her journey, for she would welcome dragons of all kinds into her lair and make them feel welcome. And if they wanted to stay, she would be more than happy to include them into her tiny clan.
Clove is a hugely friendly dragon, willing to accept anyone into her lair, whether it be for a couple of nights or more permanently. She goes out of her way to make everyone her friend, and there are very few dragons who dislike her or don't get along with her. She's willing to overlook a dragon's past, whatever it may be, as long as they work hard within the clan and are kind to those around them. She has an incredibly strong mothering streak, and she loves looking after new hatchlings with Peri and Indigo, although she can't spend all her time in the hatchery because as the Clan Matriarch she has many more duties to attend to. She'll adopt lost and abandoned hatchlings into her clan, making sure that they never feel left out or unwanted, even if they have no blood relatives within the clan, and many of the current clan members are dragons that she took in when they were just hatchlings. Due to her being such a hard working dragon, it's common for the other dragons in the clan to find Clove at the end of the day curled up on the floor fast asleep. At which point, they will usually move her somewhere more comfortable and cover her up so she doesn't get cold in the night. And when she wakes up in the morning, she'll be gently chastised and told that she has to look after herself a little more carefully, but everyone knows they'll find her asleep on the floor again that night.
Despite being a small fae dragon, Clove can be ridiculously protective of her lair and her clan, willing to fight off rival dragons and other creatures many times larger than she is, and often succeeding in her endeavours. The rest of the dragons in the clan joke that Clove's temper can rival that of a coatl, but they also know that she will never become angry without good cause. Clove is also highly excitable, getting worked up whenever any of the dragons in the clan achieve something, even if it is something as small as finding a keepsake they'd thought they'd lost. And while this excitable nature can become a little tiring for the adult dragons, the hatchlings thrive under the overwhelming support they receive from Clove.


Given Genes:
Starmap, Freckled, Rosette, Underbelly

Removed Genes:

Scatter sight once from common to uncommon

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