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Halua » Lair » Eshawyn
Level 1
Fae Female
Aug 01, 2018 (11 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryStorm Skink
SecondaryCherry Trail
TertiaryMulberry Spines
Eye TypePlague Unusual
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Inheriter of the Abominable

She Is

Eshawyn is a fae with unusual traits and abilities, which she inherited through her mother, Four. She has a considerable aptitude for plague magic, and can manipulate the wild growth of the scarred wasteland to take on the shape she wants, or to direct it into specific areas, and even with a great expenditure of effort, incite it to attack her enemies. She prefers to avoid direct physical confrontation, for while her own injuries heal relatively quickly, physical trauma often results in the unexpected mutation of her body. Unlike her mother, she cannot perform any kind of controlled shapeshifting.

Art by Minstri (BW Version)
Her frills and wings have longer protrusions than most fae, and hers are all individually prehensile. The petal-pattern eyespots at the tops of her wings can open into actual eyes, though she has no eyes on her face, only deep pits.


Esha was raised alongside her sister, Esil, mainly by her father, helped by the Scarwind Colony. She knew and had some relationship with their mother, but Four was not well suited to rearing new dragons, though she loved her children dearly. Their brother was given over to the queen and priestess, as he was the first hatched of the first nest, and their parents wanted to follow the traditions of the clan.

She didn't know right away that she was different from other dragons. No one did or would for quite some time. Esha might have told them, but she didn't think that the occasional manifestation of an odd eye or brief vestigial limb was anything worth mentioning. They didn't last long, and it wasn't as if there were no other dragons in the clan who exhibited some mutation or another.

It was during the aftermath of a childhood fight when Eshawyn's peculiarities were discovered. Fights were not uncommon, nor discouraged among the clan's youth, but Esha had mostly avoided the usual scuffles. Esha was never able to remember what the fight had been about, and no one ever told her what became of her opponent, though she never saw him again after that.


The tattered Esha was found by the guard of the keep, and she remembers them arguing with the mad-eyed Sahko, who had always frightened her until he went away. She wanted very much to run and hide, but none of her limbs were working right.

The guard picked up the young fae and hid her behind her shimmering red and gold wings, like a hawk hooding its prey, and she went to Annabel. The sorceress knew straight away what must have happened, and was immediately concerned because it should not have happened. Esha's body was a twisted up mess. All of her injuries from the fight had quickly healed, and overhealed into tumorous growths. The fight had prompted the growth of extra limbs and claws to use as weapons, but they were ill-assembled, and twitched and grasped of their own blind accord.

Annabel fretted and set to restoring Esha, not yet wanting to call for her father, Sovri, but knowing that she would have to anyway. These traits were his, as Esha's mother had been infused with his essence, but it should not have been inheritable. Annabel was his own daughter and she did not share his corruption. If Four could pass it to her children... she did not know what her father might decide to do.

Esha was restored, and it seemed to Anna that it had been done with surprising ease, once she had been calmed and assured, everything seemed to want to set itself back to 'normal', unlike Four and Sovri, for whom it was always an uphill struggle. Anna let her rest and went to Sovri.

To be Examined

The news that Esha had inherited Four's traits was distressing, but Sovri would make his own examinations of the young fae. He knew it should not have been inheritable, so there must be something different about Four, or the nature of Sahko's experimentation. Esha had never met Sovri, who was the king of the clan, and she found his sudden interest in her intimidating. He was calm and gentle, but unkind.

He knew straight away that she was not like her mother, though, and that she had not truly inherited his corruption. His own senses told him that much. It was something else, but, though he wanted to know, he did not want to frighten Esha or her mother further, so he left the task to Anna, and forbade she mention anything at all about the matter to Sahko.

Anna was more than happy to do it. She loved to uncover and learn, and she liked even more that her friend Four would be safe. Esha might be strange, but it wasn't something to be worried about, and she would not have to struggle like her mother had. All three of them worked together to better understand Esha's powers, and by extension the potential of Four's offspring in general, as there was a possibility that similar traits might be passed on to Four's other children.

A Paragon of Plague

They discovered that at the heart of the matter was Plague magic - copying and adapting and using everything it encountered to its advantage. It had taken Four's adaptive traits, stolen them and passed them along without taking the corruption that was the source. Eshawyn was truly born of plague, and a new iteration of power and magic... to serve the Plaguebringer well, all she had to do was use it to survive... and thrive.




By PriestGuts

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