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Silwyna » Lair » Llyr
Level 15
Skydancer Male
Sep 12, 2018 (11 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryDenim Python
SecondaryAbyss Morph
TertiaryAzure Runes
Eye TypeEarth Rare
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Llyr || Warrior/Bard/Nix || Quote United we stand, United we conquer.
Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me?
Hear my voice, sing with the tide
My love will never die
Over waves and deep in the blue
I will give up my heart for you
Ten long years, I’ll wait to go by
My love will never die

Come, my love be one with the sea
Rule with me for eternity
Drown all dreams so mercilessly
And leave their souls to me
Play the song you sang long ago
And wherever the storm may blow
You will find the key to my heart
We’ll never be apart
Wild and strong you can’t be contained
Never bound nor ever chained
Wounds you caused will never mend
And you will never end

Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
Our love will never die
GEN 2 (diluted)
earthv1.pngearth_0.png earth_1.pngearth_2.pngearth_3.pngimage.png
Llyr is the descendant of a fierce Viking warrior and a beautiful siren. His grandfather ravages the coasts of Sornieth, his grandmother’s beauty is the stuff of legend, luring unsuspecting seafarers to their untimely ends. Or so they say. Llyr himself doesn’t know either of them. His mother left the sea behind her to follow her mate and lover to the arid deserts of Dragonhome. Though the calling of the sea remained strong in her, her love for her mate was stronger. So Llyr and his siblings were not born amidst the waves in the cool blue ocean but in a shallow pit dug into the dry and rocky earth of the desert. Llyr loved to listen to his mother’s stories, her adventures on her father’s ship, their plundering raids and heroic battles. Because despite having inherited her mother’s beautiful voice, she chose the path of a warrior, a shieldmaiden under her father’s command. When she told the little hatchlings of the sea, her deep blue eyes began to shine with happiness and love. But when Llyr looked into the mirror, no eyes blue like the sea were staring back at him, instead they were the dark almost black color of the earth around him. He couldn’t even imagine what the sea would look like. An endless body of water? That thought didn’t leave him with a feeling of longing but rather a feeling of discomfort. He didn’t dare to tell his mother though when he confided in his father, he told him that the sea was “in his blood” and that he would come to love her just like his mother did. After that, Llyr kept his feelings to himself. Becoming a dreaded pirate wasn’t exactly what he dreamed of at night but he didn’t want to disappoint his mother.

Unlike his siblings he was born with runes instead of the ghostly markings his mother bore. A sign he had inherited his grandmother’s magic abilities, rare but not unheard of for a male descendant. His voice is as beautiful and entrancing as that of a siren, attracting female as well as male listeners with his songs. He has the power to subject them to his will, to bind them to him blinded by passion. When he first found out he was a nix, he was excited and thrilled. He used his voice and handsome looks to seduce females (and the occasional male) but after a while he felt increasingly uncomfortable. Did they spend time with him because they wanted to? Or because he had taken away their free will? Without his songs and handsome appearance, would they still seek his company? Was there even any honesty in their feelings towards him after they had listened to his songs? How could he ever know? Music and song were such an integral part of his personality, of his soul that he couldn’t bear to live without them. Which meant that every relationship was tainted by his magic. That thought made him incredibly sad and angry and he cursed his mother’s legacy bitterly. Months of wild fervor were followed by months of bleakness and despair until he finally made peace with his nature. Llyr couldn’t change what he was, but he didn’t have to use his songs to raise passions or inflict pain. He could make the stones weep if he wanted to but that didn’t mean he had to. These days he restricts himself to harmless ballads of heroes and legends which he brings to life in the minds of his audience. Yet sometimes he retreats to remote places, places far away from any other dragons, when the urge to use the full potential of his magic becomes too powerful. And when he raises his voice, beautiful and ethereal, singing songs of unfulfilled yearning and deep sorrow, only the stones are there to weep for him.







Llyr stepped into the waves crashing on the shore. He had done it. He was finally here. This was his mother’s birthplace, the Sea of a Thousand Currents, his real home. But why didn’t it feel like home? The endless body of water stretching behind the horizon was discomfortable and not at all a pleasant sight. He couldn’t even swim. What a formidable Viking warrior he was, Llyr thought bitterly.

As he heard footsteps approaching, he looked up. A distant cousin, a proper Viking as he could tell by the blue color of his eyes, came to welcome him and invite him to meet his other relatives in the nearby tavern. The dragon could barely hide his disdain for his cousin from what they called “the diluted family line” here. Llyr might be the grandson of their formidable founders, but his dark brown eyes marked him clearly as an outsider. Someone not born within the Sea of a Thousand Currents and thus, not a real Viking. At least not for the pure bloodline of the family. And to make things worse, he bore the markings of a siren, not a warrior. Not many daughters of Lorelei inherited their ancestor’s runes granting them the full power of a siren. And male nixes were even rarer. Sometimes he wondered if his mother had known that his fellow Vikings would treat him with contempt rather than welcome him with open arms. But if she had known, why had she insisted on his training here? Maybe it was better not to dwell on that question.

Things didn’t improve as the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Though Llyr wasn’t a bad fighter, his skills as a sailor were pathetic. Even when the sea was calm, the constant pitching and tossing of the ship made him nauseous. Every storm or bad weather was torture and he spent those days clinging to the ship’s rail being violently sick, much to the amusement of his shipmates. He didn’t know what his mother had found among the pirates of the sea, the only things he experienced were ridicule and shame. There was no adventure, no camaraderie, no pleasure, at least not for him. Maybe he just wasn’t cut out to be a Viking. His shipmates clearly seemed to think so. When his dislike for the sea turned into hatred, and the sense of dread on the evenings before his shore leave ended became almost unbearable, he decided it was time to admit his failure. He couldn’t go on like this. He would never rise through the ranks and get his own ship. He didn’t even want to become a captain. That was his mother’s dream, not his. He didn’t really know what his own dream was, but surely not this. He was living his worst nightmare, not a dream. And it was time to wake up. His captain wouldn’t be pleased, but he could hardly chain him to the mast. After all, they all knew what he really was and no one would risk the wrath of a nix, at least if they didn’t want to find themselves in a cold wet grave on the bottom of the sea.


Llyr stretched his wings, enjoying the cool breeze after a hot summer’s day. But then all days in the Viridian Labyrinth were hot. Hot and humid. Nevertheless, he liked it here. The lush green forests were a stark contrast to the arid deserts of his birth flight, and the sea was far away. After his unpleasant dismissal from his ship The Sea Princess, he had decided to visit his father’s birthplace but the gloomy and boggy Tangled Woods had no appeal with him. The lush green island to the north seemed much more promising so flew on. And he hadn’t regretted his choice yet. Life wasn’t easy here and not without danger but at least he had a life. And choices. Choices he made by and for himself. Though he felt with every passing day that the life of a hermit wasn’t the right thing for him either. Sometimes, a feeling of loneliness grabbed hold of him, and he longed for the sight of another dragon or to simply hear a voice that wasn’t his own. He sighed deeply. The other day, he had flown over a rather huge settlement that had caught his eye. It lay deep within the Labyrinth, on the border between the Gladeveins and the Shrieking Wilds. He hadn’t seen much, most of it was sheltered under the dense forests of the Shrieking Wilds and he hadn’t dared to fly too low. But what he had seen, had made him curious. How did someone live within a forest? He had expected primitive dens and lairs but instead, he had caught a glimpse of a city made of white stone and stained glass. How was such a thing possible?

When the sun finally set, he leaped into the air. He was determined to take another look tonight. Maybe he had imagined it. But when he circled above the settlement that night, carried by the warm upwind, he saw the forests beneath him come alive with the warm glowing light of what must have been thousands of fireflies. They were not just randomly distributed in the forest, but seemed to be concentrated in two main settlements he hadn’t noticed during the day. And he couldn’t see much more of them now, the canopy hid them from his prying eyes. But he did see the marble city, her white towers shining through the leaves of the trees and her stained-glass windows gleaming in the darkness. When the sound of laughter and song reached his ears, he trembled and the feeling of loneliness became almost unbearable. When had he last spoken to another dragon, laughed with someone about a funny joke, sung for someone else than himself? Tears welled in his eyes and he didn’t even try to hold them back. He had made his choice. Tomorrow he would visit the settlement properly, he didn’t dare to offer his services as a bard, he didn’t trust himself to control his magic perfectly at all times, but he wasn’t a bad warrior. With the broken treaty between Nature and Plague flight, there surely was a need for capable warriors like him. Sighing deeply, he let the upwind carry him higher and the sound of laughter and song quickly faded away. No need to dwell on his own unhappiness now, his time as a hermit would come to an end tomorrow, one way or the other.


Llyr adjusted the length of his sword belt. It still felt odd to carry the weight of a sword again. When he had left the The Sea Princess, they had kept all his belongings. Including the sword, he had brought with him. But one doesn’t argue with a hoard of angry Vikings who earn their living with raiding villages. At least they had let him keep his clothes. Most likely because they weren’t worth very much. But now, he was wearing armor and a sword again. And it felt good. Even on the days when he was off duty like now he still wore them. Not that he needed them here, deep within the heart of the Forgotten Sanctuary as this settlement was called. But he wore them nonetheless. The soft thudding of metal against leather comforted him.

Though this was his home now, the Sanctuary sometimes still seemed strange to him. It was so different from his home and thankfully his “Viking adventure”. But he had settled in well. His fellow warriors were capable and decent dragons, though he found the Wardens rather strange. Maybe because they were Guardians, he hadn’t had much contact with that dragon breed before. And the dragons from the water flight were a peculiar lot, most of them blessed with clairvoyance by the Tidelord, they had immediately recognized him for what he was. Nonetheless, they hadn’t given him away, just warned him to not abuse his powers. Or he would regret it. When the priestess had locked her unsettlingly blue eyes with his, he felt a shiver running down his spine and he vowed silently to himself never to cross her. He just wished he had known before settling down at the western pond that this was a favorite spot of the Clan’s oracles and seers. They kept an annoyingly close eye on him, but he couldn’t blame them. After all, he had chosen that place to settle down, not they. As much as he loved the marble city with her stained-glass windows, intricate balconies and stone figures, the Citadel was not a place he could live in. Too many dragons were living here and although it was far from being noisy or crowded, he preferred the tranquility of the forest.

He sniffed the air as he caught a whiff of roasted almonds. Smiling slightly, he followed the scent to the marketplace. He might not come here as often as he wished, but when he did, there was no reason why he shouldn’t indulge himself from time to time. The gods knew he had earned it.
earthv4.png Information
Name // Llyr

Role // Warrior / Bard / Nix

Personality // Llyr has become a reserved and reticent dragon. Not much is left from the joyful youngster who frolicked around and spent his time in taverns drinking and seducing young females. Though he has accepted what he is, he doesn’t like his grandmother’s legacy very much. It complicates things and proves difficult in relationships with other dragons. After his failure to follow in his mother’s footsteps, he turned his back on his Viking family to find his luck elsewhere. That doesn’t mean he renounced his heritage, but he is content with being a side note in his mother’s bloodline, a distant cousin shoved to the sidelines.
Though he couldn’t bring himself to love the sea like his mother does, he does have a great fondness for creeks, ponds and lakes. Much to the annoyance of the Warden Faunus, he chose to reside by the pond near the Western Gate, a secluded and isolated place only visited by some of the Clan’s Seers.

Llyr has very few friends in the Sanctuary, he likes to keep to himself mostly. Though he regularly sings in the Citadel’s tavern (much to the delight of the female residents), he rarely accepts the offer of drinks after his performance. His main role in the Clan is that of a warrior, thus he spends much time with the Wardens and Night Warriors patrolling the forests and he is on friendly terms with all of them, especially Faunus who eventually warmed up to his new “pondmate”. Those spending time with him on patrols have guessed what he really is but they respect that he does not want to talk about his nature.

Currently none; the Sanctuary’s priestess Usako immediately recognized him for what he was and warned him of the consequences should she ever find out he had used his powers to seduce an unwilling mate. And how could he proof he hadn’t?


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