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Silvermuse » Lair » Syphon
Level 1
Spiral Male
Sep 16, 2018 (10 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Wasp
SecondaryObsidian Bee
TertiaryPurple Ghost
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Black Parade Resident • Loveable




"He's a bit violent, but soft."

"Don't insult his mate."


Syphon wasn’t always so dark, he used to be a very bright, stunning Spiral male. dragon?age=1&body=69&bodygene=20&breed=7&element=6&eyetype=0&gender=0&tert=130&tertgene=10&winggene=20&wings=69&auth=e2e3a0c9eac9d4e15224b912215dfd445e4ee221&dummyext=prev.png He was optimistic and outgoing, brave, facing danger head on but he wasn’t reckless. He was smart and preferred to outwit his enemies before engaging in combat with them first. He was also very fond of hatchlings and aspired to have a mate and hatchlings of his own in the future. He met his mate Bonedra when he had just become a adolescent and crushed on her hard. He hid it well though and they got along rather well, often spending time playing a game of chess or flying through obstacle courses. For about two years, the two only grew closer and seemed inseparable.

But then along came an Imperial male, eyes as red as sin, body an iridescent mantis color, wings a shimmering lapis and opals along his body, matching his primary color. dragon?age=1&body=79&bodygene=1&breed=8&element=2&eyetype=0&gender=0&tert=79&tertgene=17&winggene=1&wings=148&auth=bd8a6dce57753c0aac5d9be278fea27377395417&dummyext=prev.png He went by the name of Despacito and many females wrapped around his claw. Syphon didn’t like him from the moment they met, intruding on some alone time with the female Syphon wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Bonedra was intrigued by the rival male, who upon seeing her seemed speechless, mouth opened to speak but no sounds escaping past his lips. A word from Syphon snapped the Imperial out of his stupor, whom then gave a small glare towards the Spiral male before turning around and leaving without a word.

Over the course of the next three years, Syphon and Despacito vied for the female’s affection and attention. And at every turn, things looked bleak for the Spiral. Despacito seemed to outdo him at every angle, dulling his usual pep. Eventually one day he just stopped trying to impress Bonedra and she took notice of his damper mood quickly, although she hadn’t said anything at first. After she managed to slip away from the Imperial, thinking she went unnoticed, she searched for and found her long time friend, intent on telling him something very important. The Spiral male had wrapped himself around a large tree, sulking and depressed.

He hadn’t even heard her fly up to him, nor did he react to her when she perched on a branch. She inquired about his unusual mood, and he blurted out his feelings and how futile it seemed to try and win her over from Despacito. He glared at first when she couldn’t help but laugh at his worry and nuzzled her muzzle against his affectionately. She told him of her own feelings, happy that they were reciprocated.

Another year passed, the two newly announced mates lived happily with each other. Despacito glowered in the background, rage and jealousy in every fiber of his being as he watched them laugh and cuddle. Despacito wasn’t below using dirty tactics to get what he wanted, so he concocted a plan to remove his rival from the equation, forever. After a bit of research and shifty deals, he procured himself a very potent poison that could put even the greatest Guardian out of commission. He payed a Fae under his influence to slip the poison into the male Spiral’s food, and Syphon was none the wiser. The poison acted quickly, not even a minute had passed before the Spiral male began to feel like he was suffocating and very vein in his body burned. He fell to the ground, spasming uncontrollably, foam seeping past his mouth as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His mate screamed and panicked, calling for their clan’s healer but it was far too late. The last thing he saw was his mate’s crying face, his heart reaching out to her as he slipped into darkness.

The next thing he knew, he was wrapped in a simple white cloth, which gently tugged him along a narrow path until he came out upon the Black Parade. Upon seeing the dilapidated area around him and quickly taking note of the change in his appearance, his spirit, once full of life and pep, dulled itno one of sorrow and remorse. He missed his mate dearly, even his familiar. He sought a secluded part of the Black Parade and there he remained for several years. His familiar somehow managed to find him in the afterlife, or whatever this place was and it filled the void inside him a bit…..but it wasn’t the same as having her by his side.

And then, by some twist of sick fate, he heard her in the Black Parade. At first thinking it a mirage, a trick his mind played on him. But her voice called out for him louder and more frantically, and his heart ushered him to his feet. Peering out of his makeshift home he felt energy spring back into him as he saw her, changed but he knew it was her! He responded to her calls with his own and the two reunited with each other in the Black Parade, content on staying there to raise the family they were denied in life.

Somehow, it had all worked out in the end for them...and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


"He calls him, Mr. Stabby Stab."

"Cuddle him."



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