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Pixelgon » Lair » Aelia
Level 5
Coatl Female
Oct 14, 2018 (9 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMoon Petals
SecondaryWhite Shimmer
TertiaryMaize Glimmer
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
♡ A e l i a ♡

An egg hatched in a sunny field on what was supposed to be the coldest day of quite some time.

Aelia’s egg, alone and small, slowly cracked open. She had immediately started to chirp for her parents but was met with silence. Crawling away from the bits of shell she had managed to break through, the newborn Coatl fell onto soft flowers. The buttercups and daisies practically made the yellow and white dragon invisible. The strong floral scent would mask her presence from any of the Beastclan either, even with a strong wind blowing Aelia’s scent in their direction.

The newborn hatchling looked around, trying to spot her parents. Instead, she was met with a vastly empty field save for the assortment of flowers. With only her instincts to guide her, Aelia wandered about the field, in search of both food and water and her family.

Butterflies flitted around her head as she walked, strangely attracted to the Coatl’s presence. Or perhaps it was just because she had been rolling around in the flowers?

After some time, Aelia finally found something different. The flower field seemed strangely infinite, though nothing has no end. A Skydancer, wandering around in such a manner as Aelia, stumbled across the Coatl. The Skydancer wasn’t much older than the Coatl, which made it even easier for the two to talk. As they both discussed how exactly they had gotten into the field --the Skydancer claimed that there were rumors of the most beautiful flowers deep within the flower field, and she intended to pick them-- they eventually settled on the topic of Aelia’s isolation.

The Skydancer, who introduced herself as Layena, had no intention of leaving behind her new friend. She invited Aelia to come with her to her clan, to which she happily agreed. They both traveled back to the clan, where the Coatl was easily accepted and taken in by Layena’s family as the adoptive sister of the Skydancer that had found her in the field.

Even while they grew up, they always cherished how they met. Layena and Aelia, once a month, would return to the same flower field they had met in. One day, Layena braided a flower crown for her sister, to which Aelia wears every day, enchanted to never wilt or die.

It was years after Aelia had first arrived in the clan. The two sisters were completing their monthly ritual of visiting the flower field when tragedy struck. A rather deranged and scared looking dragon, staggering through the field, spotted the two and immediately charged them. The stranger was too quick for them to outrun, and Aelia and Layena were attacked. They quickly passed out while the deranged dragon sobbed and laughed at the same time.

Later, they would awake, only to be filled with horror.

The warm, comforting landscape of the flower field had been replaced by the jagged view of mountains and ice rising into the sky like pillars. Snow fell violently, beating against the two dragons as if with a personal vendetta. The two were so frightened by the sudden change that it would only be moments later when Aelia realized her crown had been lost.

It filled the Coatl with panic. She valued that flower crown more than anyone can imagine. It wasn’t because it was enchanted or pretty, no. It meant something to her. It was the physical manifestation of the close relationship between Aelia and Layena. Losing that flower crown was like, to Aelia, betraying the trust of her adoptive sister.

Fighting back her shock at being sent to a different environment, Aelia frantically searched through the snow for the flower crown. Layena watched numbly, too frozen by the past events --being attacked, waking up in a different place-- to help in the search. Plus, she would have simply shrugged it off and said she could always make a new flower crown. She didn’t understand the importance of it; not like Aelia did.

So, while Aelia continued her distressed search for the flower crown and Layena seemed to be completely out of it, another dragon spotted the two and approached slowly.

A Wildclaw, in heavy furs and the proper gear for such weather, found the two lost dragons. He quickly took them back to his cave despite Aelia’s resistance before she managed to finally find the flower crown.

After a warm fire to help their chilled bones and some time to reorganize their scrambled minds, they explained the circumstances of how exactly they got to the frozen wasteland they were now in. The Wildclaw, who introduced himself as Maleya, decided to help them through the tundra to the border to the desert lands, where he assured them another dragon would find them and lead them through that back home. In fact, at that very moment, Maleya tied a message to a little bird, which he sent in the direction of the desert.

It would take weeks, but eventually, Maleya would guide Layena and Aelia through the snow. The three had become close in that time, and they promised to find him again if they ever got the chance.

Credit: Neraida

Art by okn
Art by irlvenus
Art by uva
Art by cryptids
Art by mangollama
Art by huntingroxgirl1
Art by Sandeee
Art by Lichtdrache

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