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Juri01 » Lair » Eiriol
Level 7
Spiral Male
Feb 20, 2019 (5 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryBlackberry Wasp
SecondaryBlackberry Bee
TertiaryMarigold Filigree
Eye TypeArcane Uncommon
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• E I R I O L •

  • Hatchday: Feb 20, 2019
  • Original clan: Arcane
  • Parents clans: Father - shadow Spiral // Mother - ice Nocturne
  • Came to clan: taken in Feb 21, 2019

...............Trust a trickster

Eiriol swiftly made his way through the dark halls of the guild, his cards floating around him. Spotting a line of dragons, he shifted backwards, making his way behind a table, adorned with a beautiful silk cloth. He smiled.

"Welcome one and all, to my humble abode! What brings you here today?"

A small fae zipped up to him, carrying a tiny thumb-sized child in her arms. "Please! Sir Eiriol! Is there some sort of magic to help him stay alive?"

"Of course, of course!" He replied.

A bright blue skydancer sidled up to him, smiling. "Do you happen to have any spells to stop lies?"

"Of course! Of course!" he replied.

He made his way through the line, curing ailments and giving trickster advice, before he came to the last dragon in the line.

It was a large, jet black male imperial dragon, his claws twitching as he tried to fit into the doorframe. "Why hello! What is it, friend?" He asked.

The huge, rumbling imperial replied, "I am in need of help, good sir! Have you any spells that could make a trickster go away? My scales itch from a horrible prank, my tail hurts from stomping, my head hurts from all the stress, I am practically dead walking!"

Smiling, Eiriol replied, "Why, I am a trickster myself! I am sure I could help!"

The imperial relaxed, and blew a sigh of relief. "Thank you, sir, I am in your debt sir!"

Nodding, Eiriol took his cards, looking through them. "I think I have an answer, friend! " He said, holding up a card. "Take the evidence from last time's prank, and prank him back! It's the perfect resolution!"

The imperial sighed. "Why do I think that would go horribly wrong?"

Eiriol had a mischievous grin on his face.

"Because it just might!"

-'Trust a trickster' written by AquaParrot

Eiriol is a very calm, soft-spoken dragon with a cool demeanor. He sometimes appears a bit boastful, but never arrogant or unthoughtful.

Although his personality might seem to be quite serious, he is quite the adventurous, mischievous one who just loves to play tricks on others.





Cursed Dice Dungeon Crawl

Travel Journal

Entry 1 - Arrival
Date: Feb 24, 2019
Location: The Tangled Woods ...or not?

As you all know I'm a little trickster who just loves to do his thing. So it should come with no surprise that the Trickmurk Circus is my favorite festival of the year! I was just on my way to meet up with some friends as I noticed something strange happening right above my head. First, there was this strange change in the shadows -- quite the unpleasant feeling I can assure you! Then I saw the Shadowbinder leap into that gigantic, strange shadowy ... well, thing in the air. Thinking back now it must have been a portal of some sort, 'cause just as I was turning away -- not to get in anyone's way -- that thing was actually starting to pull me in! I feared of losing some my Magic Cards if I resisted and so I just gave up, letting myself be blown away.

Once the flash from the portal cleared I was all alone somewhere, but at least none of my cards got missing. Still, it also meant I had to find some sort of return ticket to get home. But Shadowbinder was nowhere to be seen. When I started looking around I noticed all these amazing looking amethysts! The room I stranded in was filled with them and some were actually labeled! The one with 'holder's lair' written beneath it actually showed my place back home when I touched it! But it wasn't for long I found myself back in that small room again. It must have been too small to just transport me and my Cards back. I decided to take another look around when I noticed a closed door to my right and a very dark staircase winding down to the left.

Luckily, I remembered I was still carrying some candles. I had planned to use them in my next scheme expert consultation, but they had to serve their purpose earlier than planned. They did a great job lightning up the dark staircase. And down, and down, and down... I went.


Entry 2 - The door
Date: Feb 25, 2019
Location: The other world - Slime Dungeon

When I finally reached the bottom I had some problems finding my footing at the uneven floor. My head was still spinning in circles. And I blame it all on the winding stairs. The candles had helped me a lot while navigating down and while it was still painful to lose them, they did fulfill their purpose. So, I found myself at the beginning of a seemingly endless corridor. Dozens of doors, aligned side by side, stretched out before me. Curious noodle that I am I tried to open the nearest door. But a disheartening *click* let me know that whoever walked this place had some serious trust issues! All doors I tried where locked and none of my usual workmanship could open them. I indeed had lost some very lovely picklocks on that brown door -- right side, 5th in line, with the golden doorknob.

I abandoned all hope to pick any locks and started walking. To one side, the corridors sloped ever so slightly down and as all interesting items, all worthwhile treasures would usually be kept deeper down I decided to follow down the path for now. Well, I did so until my candle illuminated a door with some strange letters graffiti onto it. It surely got my attention! My Mystic Cards trembled in excitement as I studied the phrase more thoroughly.

It took me all day to finally reveal the secret of this particular door and I actually had to sacrifice one of my beloved Cards in the progress! But, just for a moment, I was able to transform the letters into an image and… then the card crumbled into ashes. But I knew what to do! So the door opened and I stepped inside the arching darkness of the room behind.


Entry 3 - How to use jelly-fied jellyfish to open a chocked door
Date: Feb 26, 2019
Location: The other world - Slime Laboratory

Thinking back, I haven’t yet explained how I was able to open the door just now! Well, that poor Magic Card – who gave its life so I could precede my journey – did actually show me a picture of some Shimmering Pinecones. So, when I got that part of the code figured out, I also notice some rather odd shapes in the door I just hadn’t notice before. First, they looked like natural features of the wood, but when I inspected them more closely I was sure, they just had the right size to hold some of those pinecone I had stocked for Trickmurk Circus!

And here we are!~ In a rather squishy-floored, decently sized room. Everything felt a little wobbly and unsteady as I walked around. After inspecting the room for a bit, I had the option to use the spiral staircase on the furthest wall – but, I was already feeling seasick! Who would use some spirally coiled winding stairs in a moment like this?! – or the a rather OK-looking door on my left. It seemed to be jammed shut, but I luckily recalled having packed jar of Electric Stingers jam from back home. While those jellyfish had indeed a nasty and particularly painful sting to them, their jelly-fied jam form was very delicious; and made a perfect lubricate for that chocked door.


Entry 4 - Papers and mechanisms
Date: Feb 27, 2019
Location: The other world - Slime Laboratory II

As I was about to get everything ready and open up that door, a loud rumbling noise coming from my stomach remembered me that I still hadn’t had anything to eat all day. I decided to put the jellyfish jam down for a second to look, what else I had packed to have a little snack. Right then, I felt a light shift beneath my feet, but thought nothing about it. After finding some more delicious berries and some meat, it turned back to the jam… only to find it gone. Another vibration reverberates through the door and it was then I noticed: The floor was alive! But it seemed to have satisfied his craving for jam right now and after a little shift from it, the door popped right open.

I found myself in another room with an amazing looking, quite complex mechanism sitting in the farthest corner. There was paper everywhere on the floor. Forget the trust issues and strange floor monsters, the one running this place needed a cleaning crew, a.s.a.p. To help them out a little, I started gathering some of the papers and ‘by chance’ had a look at them. They were filled with some diagrams and as I kept staring at it, I noticed a repeating pattern to it. It actually matched that mechanical door right in front of me. Perhaps replacing a few of those gears would do the trick and get the mechanism working properly again? I’m not that bad with my hands either, so I decided to give it a try.

Entry 5 - Glittering Sphinxbands, or just fancy dressing material?
Date: Feb 28, 2019
Location: The other world - Slime Laboratory III

After the last gear clicked into place, all of them started to turn faster … and with a ‘click’-sound, the door swung open. I entered yet another room where I couldn’t miss that table standing in the middle of it. A single 12 sided die was sitting on top of it as well, utterly resembling those Shadowbinder was carrying around. I thought about picking it up, but when I reached toward it, the die just vanished. Well, it could have been my imagination playing tricks on me…

Right after that strange experience some bars suddenly lowered themselves and the door to the other side slowly swung open on its own. Creepy, but this place gave me the willies anyways. Going with the flow, I had a look inside, where I spotted a great tile mosaic of the Shadowbinder on the floor. Some impressive work – it still made me think about the one running this place once more: transporting dragons Gawd-knows-where, having obvious trust issues along with some strange floor monsters, not to forget that absent cleaning crew, and now an art piece of the shadow deity. It’s getting stranger by the minute. That’s when I noticed all of Shadowbinder’s dice scattered on top of of! And as those things might be potentially dangerous to whoever coming by, I decided to take them in until the original owner would put a claim them. Somewhat remembering the other dice disappearing after trying to touch it with my bear hands, I decided to use some Glittering Sphinxbands to cover each finger with before trying to gather them all.

Entry 6 - The Golem
Date: Mar 01, 2019
Location: The other world - Attic

While I was about to gather all the dice lying around a long-haired grey cat suddenly appeared! Don’t take me wrong, I love these feline creatures. They're curious about EVERYTHING –even if the whole thing ends up not quite as they imagined, they still KNOW what they want and just go for it. This grey one in front of me, well, it decided it wanted one of the dices and just grabbed it right out of my claws! I was still trying to figure out how to react as all dice and even the cat’s eyes (!) began to glow, and soon, I was blinded by a very bright light, completely robbing me of all sense of direction.

I somewhat realized, I was drawn into yet another sort of portal and hoped, that I was finally about to get home, but then I was just dropped into another strange room. The dice had disappeared as well – or so I thought. One single 8-sided die was lying in the middle of the empty room. My hands where still well wrapped up in Glittering Sphinxbands, so I just picked that one up. Doing so, a set of very large double doors caught my attention. Heavy and creaky – those words described them perfectly as I was opening them, the die tucked away safely. Just as I was about to give up and just squeeze myself through the small door gap, they were yanked open from the other side and I came face to face with a pair of very large, very smelly feet! Slowly looking upwards, I saw a pair of armored knees connecting to the very large, very smelly feet, came to a heavy armored torso and finally a – quite ugly – head with glowing blue eyes staring at me behind an armored helmet. The only thing running through my head was: “GREAT, another monster! Who the hell would let a golem loose in their own house?!” Whoever did, they usually didn’t get a quite lot of visitors – remember the thing about trust, monster-y floors and all the other stuff from before? The golem fit in amazingly well in that list… But, how to get away from that monstrous thing without getting turned into mush?

I decided to try and relieve it from some of its armor first. The helmet, although located quite the way up – seemed like the easiest part to get off right now. I also remembered that I read about Golems in the bestiary once… didn’t it say something about defeating them when one robs them of their helmet? I wasn’t able to finish my thoughts. The golem was charging at me and I had no time to come up with another plan. I hoped, those Shimmering Pinecones could distract it long enough to grab the helmet and get away from it safely…

Entry 7 - Crawling Creepers
Date: Mar 02, 2019
Location: The other world - Cages

As the golem lunged at me, I brought out the Shimmering Pinecones and threw one of them right in its face. The second after, I used some battle tactics I got hammered into my body from the hatchling-trainer back home: “Just get you’re backside out of harms way!” I took a few very big steps to the right and watched the golem closely. Whatever I was hoping it would do, I wasn’t expecting what happened next. The golem was actually enjoying my improvised missile so much it just gulped the Pinecone down in a few splits seconds! I saw my change, scattered the rest of the Pinecones on the ground, got airborne and snatched up the golems helmet while it was munching up all the ‘lovely food’.

Right when I was about to step on it and get the hell out of harms reach, everything went dark again. Another portal enveloped me and I found myself being dropped in yet another room. What was it with all the portal-jumps in this place?! To my surprise, I was holding an 8-sided die in my claws as well. Tucking it away with the other, I started to look around.

The room extended to your right, with a lever at the end and on it, something quite small was hovering above it. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a 4 sided die and with my wrapped claws, I reached out to pluck it from the air. Right at that second, my other claw developed a will on its own and pulled the lever as well! Whatever was going on right now, it wasn’t good… a trickster hates it the most, when it seems like they got tricked themselves. I felt uncomfortable in my skin, but hadn’t time to think about it longer as another pair of massive doors gave way to a truly gigantic cage! In it, something closely resembling Shadowbinder herself could be seen. After being confronted with so many illusions during this journey, I didn’t want to get my hopes up it could actually be the shadow deity. Her cage was congregated with shadows though; despite the room being so bright it actually hurt the eyes being in it. Now, figure inside the cage gestured towards a nice, big, red button to my left and though I ought to have known better, I pressed it. That same second, the cage swung open, who might actually be Shadowbinder emerged; and so did dozens of tiny little skittering creatures! I like cats and just about everything that walks or crawls, but those crawling creatures gave me the creeps! I didn’t want to get near them and as the Golem let itself being distracted by food so easily, I decided to throw some snacks at the creatures to slow them down. Fingers crossed they’ll go for it!

Art by brit


Art by Silence

Art by Fletcher

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