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Taarnfalk: Dragon Lair » Dazzle
Level 7
Imperial Female
Aug 31, 2013 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCrimson Jaguar
SecondarySpring Butterfly
TertiaryStone Runes
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Dazzle shadow_rune_20.png

| Old dragon - 6 digit|
♡ Never for Trade or Sale ♡

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After being cast away by her clan Dazzle lived in the forest, never coming into contact with another dragon. She soon discovered what potent powers the herbas and plants in the swamp had, and she learned the way of the forest. She found out which plants were okay to eat, and which ones were dangerous. Dazzle named herself after the sun's rays of brilliance that meant so much to her. Even her mate today is confused about how she knew that draconic word even though she had never heard the language. She simply shrugs, and shakes her head. Even she does not know. It is as if the forest itself named her.

Her heart was dedicated to treating abandoned or lost animals within the bramble. She nursed them back to health, and released them, though they would revisit her often. Her life was lived simply for most of her years, separated from all of dragonkind. She wasn't even aware that there were more creatures like her out there.

That was when Dazzle met her first mate: Whitewing. He was far from his clan, exploring deep into the bramble when he discovered the dragon tending to the creatures there. The two fell in love, and traveled to the Wind domain. After their first clutch of eggs, Dazzle was already feeling uncomfortable with the dragon. The two agreed to split up, and never saw each other again.

This happened multiple times, each one ending with the two parting as friends. She sadly also had the "ability" to get herself into sticky situations, was also constantly putting her and her mate in peril, and she often left them for this as well. She avoided fights with her mates, and that eventually got her in trouble, with her mate before her current one: Ember.

Ember was a quiet Imperial that was almost her exact size, weight, and wingspan. She truly loved him, loved him so much that she was blind to the fact that he did not return her affections. The two had three children, all boys. Dazzle was in a pit of absolute joy. She wanted to be with this dragon for the rest of her life.

Ember became aware of these affections pretty fast, and formed a plan. He didn't have to do any work, just give a smile and Dazzle would be as malleable as clay. He pushed her around, making her do all the work, and cater to his every need. She was overworked, but she used her love to keep her moving forwards.

Two of her sons left her with their father. They knew full well what he was doing, manipulating her, and did nothing to stop it. The third son, a large Imperial, knew as well, but stayed with her. He tried to tell his mother that his father was using her, but she did not believe him. Day by day, though, he won her over. Soon, she left.

She traveled listlessly to the Plague domain, where she settled in a clan with her son. She spent her days in her cave, depressed and still surprised that the wool had been pulled over her eyes so easily. She didn't talk to a single dragon, besides her son, who provided for the two of them.

Then he fell ill. Deadly ill. On a hunting patrol one day, he was seized by a fit of coughing, and was taken back to his mother. She was horrified to see him in such a state, and couldn't recall her medical expertise that had been in her mind's grasp years ago. She had been hearing of a dragon that dwelled within her old home: the Shadow territories. She sent her Nature Sprite to ask him to come and heal her son. She was not expecting this to work, so you can imagine her surprise as it did.
The dragon that came to her aid was named Razzle. He was a kind, old Imperial who helped her son through his illness. He told her that his sister had been taken from him by the same disease, but he was determined to not let this happen to her son. Dazzle grew to love him, despite her mind warning her not to. She could tell the other dragon was falling for her too. After her son recovered, he saw that his mother had someone to finally, truly love, and left her in peace with her new mate.

Dazzle is a dragon that means well, though she doesn't always accomplish that. Even though it seamed that her bad luck has left her, it gave her quite the cynical sense towards the world. She always expects the worse to come her way.

After her many years flitting from mate to mate, she had lost her potion and herbal skills. Razzle retaught her the botany skills, but she had to relearn her brewing abilities on her own, but she picked them up quickly enough.

Dazzle is a botanist, just like her husband, though she specializes in more of the throat and stomach, rather than her husband's knowledge in just about everything. She can cure almost anything from those areas with ease.

Tentative to make friends, Dazzle is not acquainted with most. She is still slightly traumatized by her mate before Razzle, and how he used her. She doesn't like knowing that she was so foolish as to let her love blind her. Now, she is too scared to love anyone other than her mate.

Dazzle has barely any filter. If she wants someone to know something, they will end up knowing. She has no patience for passive-aggressive or shady dragons. She would honestly prefer a straight up aggressive dragon to one who makes snide and easy to miss insults.

Though she has an overall hostile attitude, she is actually quite forgiving. She finds it easy to forgive a dragon, but it has to be one she believes is worthy of it. She forgives where needed, and hardens where required.

Her loyalty is boundless. Once you have somehow become her friend, she will follow you to the moon and back, without question. One will find that her few friends are closer than most dragons will ever be to another. Her heart is full of love for those willing to take the time to get to it.

;-Bio text by AwkwardAngel
Bio layout by Sumatra. Dragon Skull with roses by Mibella. Animated colisium sidebars by Nirwana. Plague flag by Osiem Dividers by Voratte. Rose headers by DogiCrimson


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