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Foxe » Lair » Onyx
Level 15
Wildclaw Female
Jul 21, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Iridescent
SecondaryObsidian Shimmer
TertiaryCrimson Crackle
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins



Strong, angry, sad, kind, and bitter.
"Scars may fade, but the memory of that pain will forever remain."

She will never forget what the scarred wasteland did to her. Once a carefree wind dragon, travelling from place to place without a care in the world, she enjoyed visiting her friends in all of Sornieth. Although she would try to avoid the plague domain, she still went every once in a while to give gifts to her friends and visit with them. It was during one such visit that her life was forever changed.
She curses the plaguebringer for what her disease did to her, though it was her own fault for stumbling into it. She took a walk by herself after visiting with an old friend- a fae dragon who made excellent tea from the roots of deadly plants- through the wandering contagion. Having been there many times before with no incident, she thought she'd be fine. She wasn't looking when she walked past the creeping contagion that reached for unwary travelers when their backs were turned. It lunged for her as she passed, wrapping around her neck and face and suffocating her before travelling on, hungry, greedy, reaching for her eyes.
The pain was unbearable. Her screams echoed through the wastes as the tendrils spread across her face, grasping for her wings, consuming her flesh as they burned through her skin and the muscles beneath. She flailed, and then threw herself on the ground, wiping at it with her claws and pulling it away with a feral desperation, lacerating her own skin as she blindly clawed at it. She couldn't seem to stop screaming as the contagion continued to spread, but after a struggle she pulled it off, panting and gasping as she backed away from the remaining tendrils that still grasped for her with unsated hunger.
She groaned, and tears spilled from her eyes as she looked down at her mangled arm. She was terrified to see the damage it had done to her face. Her vision was strange, she couldn't see from one eye, and she stumbled as she looked around, panic causing her to grow dizzy and fear overwhelming her. She heard a voice, but it was muffled, and she lashed out as she fell, snarling and hissing to keep whoever it was away from her, away from her contagion. She continued to slash at the air and felt her claws connect with something, but her movements grew weak and she slumped to the ground, her overwhelming pain causing everything to fade to black.
She woke up many hours later. It was dark outside, and she could hear a low voice humming as someone moved around her. A groan escaped her throat, and the humming stopped abruptly. "You're awake." A low voice murmured, their tone neutral but curious. "I was wondering if you were going to make it after the damage you sustained." She opened her eyes, but only one of them seemed to respond, and she had to crane her neck to see who was speaking to her.
A handsome coatl stood over her- his eyes were kind but deeply intelligent, and despite the friendly look he was giving her he emanated a dangerous aura, like a snake coiled to strike. She felt a shiver run down her spine when he spoke again. "I'm not here to harm you. I found you dying, so I chose to save you. You seemed... confused." He raised a claw and traced a long cut that ran down his eye, blood still congealed around the edges of it. "I don't blame you for it," he clarified, misunderstanding her scared expression. "I'm glad you're doing better now." He smiled at her, exposing his teeth, and Onyx gasped. His fangs were twice as long as a normal coatl's, and they were curved like that of a snake.
"What... are you?" She breathlessly asked, her voice raw with pain. He blinked at her. "I'm a healer, of course. Who else could patch you up so well? Though I'm afraid your face is going to take a bit more work. Your left side was mostly spared, but your right..." He trailed off with a frown. "I think you should stay here for a while longer. You need time to heal, and I know just what herbs can help." Onyx nodded wordlessly, too tired to protest. Before she knew it, she had slipped back into sleep, and the distant humming of the coatl filled her dreams as she slept, driving away the fevered dreams that plagued her mind.
She stayed with him for weeks, and though her face had healed as much as it could, there was a part of her that refused to. She was lethargic, irritable, and miserable. She refused to look into a mirror to see what she looked like now- one half of her face felt numb, her eye was blind, and she couldn't feel her skin anymore. She didn't want to know the truth. Just seeing her arm was enough- the skin he'd managed to save was pale and strange, and her arm was disfigured. She hated the sight of it. Marcus, as she'd learned he was called, checked on her frequently and often insisted she come outside with him, but she refused, knowing that anyone who saw her face would be horrified and disgusted. From the way the air blew through her tattered wings, she feared she wouldn't even be able to fly anymore, and the thought only made her more miserable as she remembered her old home, a roost high in the clouds.

It had been almost six months when Marcus finally lost his patience. He pulled her up off the couch while she hissed and fought, and unceremoniously dumped her onto the ground outside. "We're going on a walk." He said, his voice cold and serious. Once again, Onyx felt a shiver run down her spine at the predatory glint in his eyes. She knew logically that if he wanted to hurt her, he'd have done it already, but the way he looked at her, and the way his long fangs glinted in the dim light when he spoke, she still wondered what his plan was. She rose to her feet and followed behind him as he led her into the forest, and she realized with concern that the sun was sinking below the horizon, plunging the forest into darkness. She clung closer to him, shying away from the creeping shadows.
After a while they reached a river, and he stood over it, looking down at his reflection. Onyx hesitated, but when he beckoned her over, she crept forward and looked down at her own face, though she hardly recognized it. She hissed at the sight- her eye, clouded and blind, and her teeth exposed, the flesh melted around them. Her skin around her eye was puckered and pale, and she felt tears brimming from her other eye as she looked at it. However, before she could speak, Marcus placed a claw under her chin, turning her gaze to his own face. "Look at me." He whispered. She did. His features were sharp, and his teeth were long- even longer, it seemed, than they were before. His eyes were bright, but tired, and a long scar- caused by her own claws- ran over one of them. He looked at her own face with a sad smile. "You know what I am. You knew when we first met. You also know, then, that I am feared by many for what I am- even you." Guilt twisted her stomach, but he continued. "You do not need to be afraid of me. Although my appearance might be alarming, it's what within that counts, isn't it? The same goes for you. Your face may be injured, but that doesn't change your worth, or who you are."
She couldn't hold her sadness back anymore, and she collapsed forward onto his shoulder, sobbing heavily. She didn't know what she was going to do. She felt broken, empty. She'd spent months just hoping it would all go away, or that she'd die and it would be over, but he'd been there for here, tending to her, caring for her. Where the contagion had touched her her flesh still burned, and every moment was filled with pain. Marcus held her in silence, waiting for her tears to subside. When she finally pulled back from him, his gaze was filled with kindness and care. He looked so gentle, too gentle for what she would have expected from a vampire. "It also doesn't change the fact that I love you."
The revelation was both shocking and expected. She loved him too, and she told him as much. He'd been there for her, caring for her, a gentle touch even though she had been irritable and cold to him despite all he had done for her. They were both broken, both of them conflicted and confused and afraid. She realized then that he was right - what she looked like on the outside shouldn't matter compared to who you are as an individual. Although Onyx still struggles with feelings of bitterness and anger about what happened to her, she has to admit that she loves Marcus tremendously and feels incredibly lucky to have met him despite the circumstances. She can come off as aggressive and bitter when meeting new dragons but it mostly stems from fear, and if a dragon proves themselves to be trustworthy she'll show them the same kindness she would an old friend.


Healer's Assistant
Emerald eyes
Ash, Lucian, Nibo, and Nyx
Although she thought she'd never fly again, Marcus gave her a carapace arm to cover her scars and a banner for her wing which helps her to soar once again.


She likes peaceful evenings, feathers, flying, helping Marcus fix up any dragons that need healing, and sitting by a fire with her familiar, Mia, in her lap.
She dislikes mirrors, streams, and anything else that shows her her reflection. She also destests dragons who judge others for their appearance.
She spends most evenings flying with either Marcus or Ash. They help her to see things on her right side, and help support her when her wings are hurting or having difficulty supporting her.


coding by orru
'The idea of the two supporting each other touched me, as well as her 'aggressiveness...' see, unprovoked anger often comes from fear and deep, deep, unaddressed pain. For Onyx, I gave her a dull look, basically her eye saying: "help me. It hurts." and a broken mirror background, which extends into her right side- the contamination ruined her life!'
Art and description by Blazexfyre!

Art by cephres

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Dragon review: (By SorrowsSparrow)
Onyx is a level 10 wildclaw female, she's a year old. She has a combination of stunning colors and seems to love dressing up. Her companion is very fitting for her, a small, yet mischievous Plague Sprite. She might very well be perfect, if it weren't for a few pieces she could go without.
She has some interesting art of her, is she trying to show off her pearly whites?
This gorgeous girl could do without the armband, but, she still pulls it off with the rest of her outfit.
Under layers of clothing and accessories this girl has a nice feel to her, almost as if you could just rest under her torn wings.

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