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LostSoal » Lair » Scissortail
Level 1
Guardian Female
Mar 31, 2019 (6 months)
Stats Growth
PrimarySilver Pinstripe
SecondaryPearl Noxtide
TertiaryPhthalo Stained
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 38 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Please don't exalt this dragon! If you no longer want them, please feel free to send them back to themewtwolady's exalt rescue lair!


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"Your choices will come to haunt you one day, Lynde. Remember this."

"Please, I beg of you, give me my beautiful body back!" she pleaded desperately as the tears that rolled down her snout kept landing on her ruined body covered in the sign of corruption. But all she got in return was a scowl, one produced by her own tear-filled face.
"Denied. It's my turn to enjoy this world, for I never had the chance to," replied a deeper, more masculine voice; one so much more different than the one that pleaded. The fearsome grimace turned to that of sadness and regret, but only for a fleeting moment. already it was back to that of a pleading, perhaps even scared, Guardian. The tears that momentarily stopped continued rolling down.
"Please. I never knew there would be consequences for my actions. You cannot punish someone who is completely innocent!" But there was no reply, and all she could do was keep on weeping and crying. Seeking comfort, but unable to get any, not even from herself, she curled down on the ground and fell asleep, exhausted by the events of the past weeks. As soon as her breathing steadied in a state of deep sleep, her eyes opened once again; bright green lights in the night. The dragon got up as if she hadn't just fell asleep and looked around. The voice once again changed to that of a male.
"You can sleep if you want, but this body cannot. I may have little time, and so many things to do yet. It's time to go, my host."
Lore by Strukla


Young dragons watched as Lynde passed through the field, were the hatchlings played. Many snickered or pointed, laughing. Lynde kept her head down, wishing she would be at the other side of the field by now. One young Skydancer female, Linny, who constantly bullied Lynde, purposefully bumped into her.
"Oops. Sorry, freak," she spat, sneering, then walked off, laughing. Finally Lynde reached the other side, where no other dragons played. There was a large boulder field here, and Lynde dashed across it, away from the other dragons. Soon she disappeared among the boulders, wiggling into a hole between them that lead into a cave she had found. This was were she hid while the other dragons played in the field.
She sat there, alone, for many minutes, whimpering. Then, she saw a long, Platinum tail appear down the hole. Then two Platinum Tapir back legs appeared, then a whole dragon. She knew exactly who it was. Quickly wiping away her tears, she tried to smile friendly-ish as the dragon turned to her. He smiled back.
"Hiding out here again, I see," he joked as they rubbed noses in greeting.
"Hello to you too, Rose," she answered. Rose was her friend's nickname, short for DyingRose. He was the only one who knew about her spot, and they often sat there together and talked while recess continued. He was the only one who didn't make fun of the way she looked.
Rose looked at his friend's tear-stained face with concern.
"Don't listen to them, Ly," he soothed, wiping the tears off her face. "You know they're wrong. Those... scoundrels, are just plain mean. You're perfect just the way you are." Rose often said that, and Lynde thought he had more meaning than he implied. His encouragement was the only thing keeping her from pleading to the gods to change the way she looked. She was sick and tired of being bullied, and she'd heard legends of dragons traveling to the gods to change themselves, and coming back just as they wished.
They heard the call of their teacher, which meant recess was over. Rose scurried out of the hole, helping Lynde out next. Then they raced back to the school.

12 weeks later...

Lynde was crying completely openly, though only Rose could hear. She had buried her face into Rose's shoulder, and he hugged her tight. Slowly she stopped crying, and stared at Rose through tear-stained eyes.
"You can't go..." she murmured, her voice full of sadness.
"I'm sorry, Ly. I don't have a choice. My clan is moving on, and I can't stay here alone," he whispered, his voice cracked.
"But, you won't be alone. I'll be here!"
"You know what I mean, Ly. I can't stay here while my clan moves on. But I'll always be with you. And remember; don't let anyone tell you what do. You decide your future, not anyone else. Not mean dragons like Linny, not nice dragons like..."
"You," Lynde interrupted, so quiet that she barely even heard herself. Rose smiled.
"That's right. I, nor anyone else, decides your fate. Only you." Rose hugged her one last time, then flew up to where his clan was waiting for him. Lynde watched as they disappeared among the night sky.

Not many days after, Lynde found herself in an argument with Linny. She was teasing Lynde about the way she looked again.
"Aren't you too old for this, Linny?" Lynde scolded. Linny only smirked.
"Aren't you? Face it, you're a freak and you know it. Stop listening to what that stupid boyfriend of yours says!" Linny knew mentioning Rose would make Lynde mad, and it did. Lynde was about ready to tackle Linny, and make her pay for her words. "I know you've wanted to travel up to the gods and change the way you look forever. It would do you, and everyone around you, good." With that, Linny walked off, leaving Lynde with her anger and thoughts. Rose's words and Linny's words were swirling in her mind.
I know you've wanted to travel up to the gods and change the way you look forever.
I, nor anyone else, decides your fate.
Stop listening to what that stupid boyfriend of yours says!
You decide your future, not anyone else. Not mean dragons like Linny, not nice dragons like...

"You," Lynde said allowed, finishing her thoughts. With more determination, she said, "Rose is right. And so is Linny. Linny doesn't decide my future, but I've wanted to change the way I look my whole life. And after all, Rose doesn't decide my future, either. I can do what I want. And what I want to do, is pay the gods a long rain-checked visit."
Lynde had to speak with many dragons before she discovered the way up to the gods. And it wasn't as she expected: she had to meditate. Lynde had never been good with patience, so this took many, many months. Finally, on a soggy March morning, Lynde was on the brink of falling asleep. Her pleas to enter the god's world were slowly drifting away into her dreams. She was cold and sore from sitting in the wet field of grass for hours, and she hadn't slept all night. Gods, hear my... plea... I need to... speak... to y-... her eyelids closed, and she began drifting into her dreams. Then, a bright light illuminated the field, blinding any who looked upon it. By the time Lynde opened her eyes, she was... somewhere else. Somewhere she'd never seen.
Lynde stood up and looked around, rubbing her eyes. She was in a vast, hill-full land that went on and on, and Lynde couldn't find the end. A white light drifted like fog across the land, and the whole sky was illuminated with a bright light, like the sky was the sun. A constant breeze blew across the hills. She wanted to call out, but was afraid of who might answer, so she walked across the strange land silently, listening for any sign of other life.
After many miles of trekking over the hills, Lynde grew tired and thirsty. She was about to lie down when she heard something - not far off to her left. It was a voice. Cautiously, she crept closer. When she was only a hill away, she realized that it was a dragon's voice - a great, powerful dragon. Up on the hill, she pressed as low as she could to the ground and looked down into a small clearing. Two dragons were talking, one a male Pearlcatcher, and the other the Windsinger. She listened intently, just making out what they said.
"It isn't fair!" the Pearlcatcher cried, stamping his foot.
"I've told you time and time again, Scissortail. You had your time in pitiful Sornieth, and you spent it fighting in a war," the Windsinger replied calmly.
"It wasn't my choice! Those filthy wing-draggers attacked my clan! I had only just reached adult-hood! I didn't even get a chance to see beyond the little area around my stupid Arcane territory!" Scissortail argued.
"Everything you do is your choice. No one can force you to do anything. You died protecting your clan, and we all respect you for that. But I cannot send you back. I am sorry." Lynde watched as the Pearlcatcher mumbled something to himself. She could see the pain in his eyes. Suddenly, the Windsinger looked her way. She ducked down, but not in time.
"Come here, Lynde. I've been expecting you." Lynde walked cautiously towards the two dragons and bowed to the Windsinger. Scissortail looked at her curiously.
"I've never seen you before!" Scissortail retorted.
"That's because I am still alive," she said sternly. Something about this dragon bothered her, but she didn't know why.
"But - how?! That's not - " but the Windsinger interrupted him.
"You seek me, Lynde, and if I am correct, you wish to change the way you look?"
"Yes, your majesty," Lynde replied. The Windsinger stood silent for a while, thinking. He looked from Lynde to Scissortail. Then he smiled.
"Dear Lynde, I am sure you heard, but Scissortail here wants to reenter Sornieth again, travel the world. If you want to change the way you look, all I ask is that you do a simple favor for me."
"Anything," replied Lynde, however she had a feeling that it was going to be something challenging.
"Good, good. All I ask is that you take Scissortail back to Sornieth with you." Scissortail looked from the Windsinger to Lynde, excitement flooding him. Lynde was shocked. That was all?! She had expected so much more!
"Of course, Windsinger! Thank you!" Lynde replied happily. A sly smile spread across the Windsinger's face.
"Then..." he began mumbling something to himself, a spell of some sort. The wind picked up and began swirling around Lynde and Scissortail. The bright lands grew dark, and the sun-filled day sky changed to a dark, moonless night. This must just be how he gets people back, Lynde thought hopefully, yet something told her she was wrong. She looked towards Scissortail, who was sneering widely. Lynde's eyes filled with fear as the wind grew stronger.
"What's happening?" she cried, but the wind whipped her words away, and only she heard them faintly. The Windsinger yelled over all the raucous,
"May their paths be ever intertwined
And their souls be forever combined
Their only dividers the moon and sun
Let them be forever one!"

Lynde watched Scissortail mouth, "thank you," with a smirk on his face. Then her vision became swirly, and she watched in horror as Scissortail began to disappear into dust. All the wind rushed upon her. She tried to run, to get away, but the wind was like chains, keeping her in place. Slowly her vision became dark, and she began to disappear into her mind. Right before she completely fainted, but her eyes were closed, the Windsinger said to her, into her mind, "Your choices will come to haunt you one day, Lynde. Remember this."
Lynde's eyes fluttered open, and she looked around. She was back in the field, except it was night, and what just happened seemed like a dream; but then a deep voice, the one of Scissortail, spoke from her own mouth.
"Ah, you're awake. Good." Lynde shrieked.
"What happened? Where are you?" she demanded. Then a smirk appeared on her face, created by Scissortail.
"Sweet Lynde, you offered to share your body with me! Yet your pitiful body won't be able to hold both of us for long before it decays completely, and I want to see as much as possible before your body fails us both," Scissor answered, speaking from her again. Lynde began to cry as she looked down upon her body - ruined and corrupted.

(time pass; see Strukla's lore part.)

Lynde fell into a worried sleep, afraid to open her eyes.
Lynde woke abruptly, and fear filled her eyes as she realized she wasn't in the field anymore. She was high upon a mountain in early morning, in a small clearing that she could see all of the Windswept Plateau from, it seemed.
"How did I get here?" she mumbled. Then she shrieked as Scissortail answered.
"I came here. This is only my first stop in seeing the world. You may try to run, but you cannot get rid of me. I will always be with you. No one can help you now, Lynde. You must accept your fate. Yet I will allow you the daytime to yourself, just for my amusement. However in the night, while you sleep, it will be my time."
"What? Wait - Scissortail! Scissortail, wait! Scissor!" but there was no answer, and Lynde was left alone on top of the mountain. Who can help me? she thought frantically. Who will be able to figure out how to rid my body of Scissor? she could only think of one dragon - Rose. He was the only one who would understand, and be able to figure out a way to help her. Yet he was somewhere far, far away. She tried to remember where Rose had said he and his clan were moving to. He said they were going back to his birth home... then it hit her. The Starfall Isles!
"He's the only one who can help," she said aloud. "I have to find Rose."
For many days Lynde struggled to head to the Starfall Isles, but after always ending back up in the Windswept Plateau after she slept, she realized that Scissor wasn't going to give in that easily. So she formed a plan, and let Scissor roam around the Windswept Plateau for a few more nights before trying to speak to him. She stayed up after sunset, though Scissor tried his hardest to make her fall asleep. Finally, a deep sigh was produced from her mouth, created by Scissor.
"Well this better be worth it," he growled. Lynde smiled, trying her best to hide her excitement.
"Hello to you too, Scissor. I only have a simple question," she began.
"Well, get on with it!"
"You've been almost all over the Windswept Plateau, and as you've probably realized, my body will soon be too decayed to be lived in anymore. I know you want to see every single region, but you won't have time. So I was thinking - shouldn't you go see how your family back in the Starfall Isles is doing? They must miss you dearly, and if they found out you came back, well I'm sure they'd be delighted!" she explained. It just happened that Scissor's clan lived in the same region as Rose. A confused scowl appeared upon her face.
"And why do you want to help me, Lynde?" he asked. Lynde shrugged.
"I know I can't fight you, Scissor. So I'd like to help you. I will travel there by day and you can by night. Agreed?" Scissor was quiet for a little, and the only expressions upon Lynde's face were her own. Finally Scissor spoke.
"Agreed. But if you break this promise, I will jump off the highest cliff and kill use both." Lynde knew he meant it, and nodded her head solemnly.
For the next many days, Lynde and Scissor worked together to reach the Starfall Isles, Lynde traveling by day, Scissor by night. When they finally entered the Arcane lands, Scissor began his search for his clan, and Lynde secretly began her's for Rose. One morning, Lynde awoke with the rising sun and found that Scissor was still awake. After being with him for so long, she could recognize what it felt like when he was awake and sleep.
"Hello Scissor. What has kept you up?" she asked as pleasantly as she could. Scissor scowled.
"What are you doing?" he asked sternly. Lynde felt his anger boiling up inside her body.
"What do you mean?"
"You keep wandering around the Starfall Isles, searching for something! Why are you really here?" he answered, and Lynde gulped. Could he hear her thoughts? Did he know?
"I am helping you search for your clan, of course," she replied calmly. Scissor scowled, but said no more. She felt his heavy burden of awakeness disappear as he drifted off to sleep, and she let out a relief-full sigh. She then began searching for Rose's clan again.
Not long after, she found herself standing in front of a clan entrance, and she had a feeling that this was Rose's home. She knocked politely by the cave entrance. Soon, a dragon emerged from the doorway and, seeing her, squinted with curiously. Lynde recognized the Skydancer immediately. It was Rose's mother!
"WinterRose!" she cried, smiling widely. WinterRose only looked more shocked.
"How do you know my name?" WinterRose asked sternly, and Lynde remembered that she looked nothing like the Lynde WinterRose had known. Lynde sighed.
"WinterRose, I need you to believe me. I know I look nothing like the Lynde you knew, but it's me. It's Lynde." Lynde waited for a response. Finally WinterRose answered.
"And how in the world do you expect me to believe you?" Lynde expected this, and decided to tell WinterRose the whole thing, with the exception of keeping secrect the fact that Scissortail now shared her body. After, WinterRose's face had softened, and she embraced Lynde in a welcoming hug.
"It's been so long, my dear Ly! I expected you to come here much sooner, actually. DyingRose did, too." Winter's eyes filled with sadness at the mention of Rose's name, and Lynde gulped. What had happened?
"Speaking of Rose, where is he? I'd like to speak to him," Lynde asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry dear, but Rose doesn't live here anymore. He stayed here far too long anyway. He was an adult before he gave up on the fact that you'd never try to find him. He lives with a different clan now in Dragonhome; the Sirions, I believe." Sadness rose inside Lynde. Rose had been waiting for Lynde all this time, and what had she been doing? Visiting the gods and changing herself!
"Oh, well, thank you for your time anyway, Winter, but it's nearing sunset and I'd better get going," Lynde said, beginning to walk away.
"Oh, but dear, shouldn't you rest? We have plenty of extra room," Winter offered.
"Thank you Winter, but I must get going now," Lynde answered, though she wanted to sleep in a bed so bad. Winter looked sad, but bid her off.
"Safe travels, Ly! May the gods grant you a safe path in life!" Anger filled up inside Lynde as she walked away. All the dragons in Sornieth believed the gods were amazing, but the Windsinger couldn't have cared less about Lynde.
Lynde kept her promise to Scissor, and helped him search for his clan for many days, putting her search for Rose to a rest. She had told Scissor that she had been asking Winter about the location of his clan, because he had awoken just after Lynde and Winter had finished talking. One morning, Lynde awoke and found yet again that Scissor was awake. Yet it wasn't because he wished to talk to her, she realized. He was crying. He must have felt Lynde awaken, however, because he quickly wiped away his tears.
"What's wrong, Scissor?" Lynde asked.
"The filthy wing-draggers that attacked my clan not only killed me, but my whole family. And since all of my clan were Arcane-born, they went to the Arcanist's land." Lynde could still hear the sadness in his voice. She figured that his parents had taken a trip to the Windswept Plateau when he was born.
"I'm so sorry, Scissor," she said quietly. She was actually sad for him, even after how cruel he'd been to her. They sat in silence for awhile, until Scissor's burden slowly disappeared as he drifted off into a troubled sleep. Lynde sat alone for awhile, staring around her. She was in the battlegrounds of Scissor's home. Dragon body's lay everywhere, and the ground was scorched and blood-stained. Lynde let out a sigh of sadness, but knew she must continue with getting rid of Scissortail. As much as she had grown to not mind him as much, he was decaying her body, and if she didn't get rid of him soon, they'd both be up with the Windsinger.
Lynde spent the rest of the day heading towards Dragonhome, and by sunset she stayed up to explain to Scissor why she was heading there so he wouldn't wander a different way. Scissor woke up at sunset, and though Lynde could still feel his sadness, he hid it well.
"Why are we here?" he asked sternly. Lynde had managed to just make it to the Dragonhome border.
"I thought I'd come here and get away from... you know what."
"Don't have sympathy for me, Lynde," he growled, and said nothing more.

Lore idea:
  • corrupted being of two souls in one body; one of an (exalted?) male dragon, other of the original Scissortail (previously known as Lynde)
  • past unknown, future unknown (an encounter with one of the dragon gods/exaltation? ancient ritual in which other's soul got shoved into her living body? is it all just her mind slipping away? ...)
  • Corrupted looking accent?
  • Body eventually can't handle having two souls inside of it and is decaying
  • Scissor is awake at night while Lynde is asleep (vice versa), eventually Lynde manages to take control and push Scissor out of her body
  • Scissortail has made the body look corrupted
  • Went to the gods to change how she looked dragon?age=1&body=5&bodygene=8&breed=2&element=3&eyetype=0&gender=1&tert=151&tertgene=6&winggene=9&wings=85&auth=23bdd5c17ed6aeba2a7d10d2a7a95980b4682b31&dummyext=prev.png (Lynde), and the gods answered her plea by sending Scissortail's soul into her body, which changed her genes.
  • Scissortail died way to young, and wanted to see so much more of the world. dragon?age=1&body=118&bodygene=22&breed=4&element=3&eyetype=0&gender=0&tert=10&tertgene=12&winggene=24&wings=170&auth=a8ed8ff72c77d4f4a2eac0c5409c28a3f622bd08&dummyext=prev.png


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