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Asra9 » Lair » Siren
Level 5
Skydancer Female
Apr 23, 2019 (5 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOvercast Python
SecondaryAbyss Morph
TertiarySky Ghost
Eye TypeWater Uncommon
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
|| Ghost Ship Captain ||
United we stand, United we conquer.


Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me?
Hear my voice, sing with the tide
My love will never die
Over waves and deep in the blue
I will give up my heart for you
Ten long years, I’ll wait to go by
My love will never die

Come, my love be one with the sea
Rule with me for eternity
Drown all dreams so mercilessly
And leave their souls to me
Play the song you sang long ago
And wherever the storm may blow
You will find the key to my heart
We’ll never be apart
Wild and strong you can’t be contained
Never bound nor ever chained
Wounds you caused will never mend
And you will never end

Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
Our love will never die


Sirens; creatures borne from the fears of ancient minds, from long-dead tongues. Though it is unknown if these maidens of the depths exist to this day, or even if they ever existed at all, dragons can say with certainty that there are those among them that possess those fearfully-whispered traits.

And, as her name states, Siren is one of them.

From birth, she has taken to the seas like, quite literally, a fish to water. Pushed on by her mother's lineage, by her grandfather Ragnar's legacy, Siren grew to love those ever-changing tides, and grew to fear them as well.

The life of an aspiring captain, specifically a Viking captain, seems to be a lonely one so far for Siren, having only the drifting clouds, the guiding stars, and the swarming marine life for company. She prefers it that way anyways. Other dragons are too troublesome, too meddlesome to deal with anyways. The rumbling expanse of water Siren has grown used to is much more comforting. However, it certainly isn't predictable.

It certainly was a surprise for Siren when, during her many dives to scope out the closest seabeds to the surface, she came across a sunken ship. And it was beautiful. Siren was certain that the memory of seeing it in the dimly lit water, faint sunbeams caressing the barnacle-ridden mast in loving, wavy strokes, would stay in her mind for as long as she lives.

Like a hatchling finding a new trinket to play with, Siren practically ran across the water's surface to return to shore. Not to ask for help to lift up that behemoth of a longship. No, it was to find ways to do it herself. No matter how much those around her gawked at her rummaging and gathering, no matter how much they begged her to find help ('You could get stuck! You could drown!'), she carried on.

Siren would do it herself, others be damned. She was prepared to rebuild the ship all on her own, but that is when her brother stepped in, for he loved the see as much as his sister.

After many a night on land, always searching for the necessary materials, Siren had found everything she needed, with the help of her brother. Running not on sleep, but on adrenaline alone. Dragging a cart, with detachable wheels so it could become a raft, creaking under insane amounts of weight, behind her, Siren got to work, determined to do this herself she told her brother to go and do something for himself.

It took her quite the while to reach the sunken ship again, but luckily it was fairly close to the surface. And thus, she got to work.

... the time to collect materials paled in comparison to the work she had to do to just get the longship off its rocky perch, and it took even more time to make sure it was stable enough to move. Again, luck seemed to be on her side, as the ship wasn't old enough for the wood to have begun decomposing too much. It was possible. Siren would laugh at those doubting dragons' faces when her ship rises above the waves, proud and sturdy against the sea's forces.

... it took longer, after all holes and gaps in the wood were patched up, to empty the longship of water. It had been under for long enough to also have quite the bit of marine life living in there, so Siren had to 'escort' them out as well.

But finally, after so, so long, that barely-intact mast rose out of the water, dragged and pushed by contraptions, whose plans Siren bartered for on land. It was like the time she first saw it, that fading but still strong beauty.

However the ship was still too deep in the water to fully sail, this is when Siren realized that she needed help, so she went to her brother for help. As a fully trained Ocean Master he would be able to grant her and her ship with the blessing they needed to sail. But of course every dragon has a price, especially when it comes down to siblings, just when Siren was embracing herself with what her brother's ridiculous price was, he gave her the blessing of the tides, meaning her boat could gracefully dance with the waves once again. All he wanted was place on the ship, as he would never want to live alone without Siren's stubbornness and determination.

The ship rose from the seabed with the wind on her side and the keel and dragonhead breaking through the sea's surface, like a ghost returning for vengeance, Siren was certain that the ocean was truly, truly where she belonged. With no island or other dragons around for miles, she had found comfort in the place others wouldn't dare go.

Some sailors whisper tales of a ghostly Skydancer, whose ship rises and falls with the waves. They say she's a siren. They say she's a monster. But what is she truly?

Well, Siren is as proud and mysterious as her name; but one thing's for certain; in becoming one with the sea, she has found peace; Siren has found happiness with her ship and her brother

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