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mega1omaniacal » Lair » Frill
Level 1
Gaoler Male
May 26, 2019 (3 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWine Phantom (Gaoler)
SecondaryFuchsia Striation (Gaoler)
TertiaryFire Ghost (Gaoler)
Eye TypeFire Faceted
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Warlock Cosmologist

{ fril }
Nickname: n/a
x. name origin: a natural fringe of feathers or hair on a bird or other animal

• was originally part of the seeker order, but eventually pursed cosmology and met jackal. however, soon after their friendship began to form, an unknown event forced them both and their fellow gaolers into hibernation. he has now recently awoken, confused and afraid to this new world he doesn’t understand.

by 憂鬱 (yu-utsu) ft hello meteor







48600778p.png JACKAL
Best (Boy)friend

Frill’s right hand man; sticks with him through thick and thin; Frill deeply loves him though Jackal’s extremely oblivious to it. Their relationship becomes closer after they awaken.
53889257p.png MEGALO
Omnipotent God

The herald of chaos and destruction Frill accidentally summoned; often comes to tell him about disastrous events that are going to happen yet Frill doesn’t care to hear.
54092833p.png ODA
Traveling Nomad

Met Frill after him, and Jackal, woke from their hundred years hibernation; helps them adjust to the new version of the world they once knew.

The Awakening
written by me, mega1omaniacal

The large, neon furred beast cracked its eyes open at the corner of the icy cave. At first his surroundings were foreign to him, but he realized that he was surrounded by his fellow clanmates. They were all hibernating, unmoving except for the faint rising and falling of breath. He decided he might as well get up, as he did not know how long it had been since he had last fallen asleep. His legs cracked with tiredness as he stood, a large yawn escaping his mouth as he shook some ice off of his hide. Thoughts began to reenter his head, why were they hibernating again? How long had it been? Hopefully not long...Frill had things to do.

Frill thought about waking up his fellow clanmates, especially the one with the brighty colored mane nearby, but he believed that they would be better off resting. He began to move, his bones continuing to creak, and tried to remember his way around the caves. It took him awhile, but eventually did and continued his trek. He walked past some living areas that included a cave painting of a mysterious shadowed being, but thought nothing of it. Frill was more focused on getting out of this stuffy cave. As he got closer and closer to the entrance, he was bewildered about the sound of dragons outside. Were some of them already awake? It wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary, some of his clanmates didn’t like sleeping. He decided to go investigate further.

As Frill walked up the frosted slope to the outside world, which at the moment was blocked by some snow, the sounds got closer and closer. Fear and nervousness began to rise in his chest, none of the voices and sounds outside sounded familiar. He tried to calm those feelings by telling himself that he was sleeping, he was bound to forget things, but this didn’t help. Frill got to the snow blocking the exit, then clawed his way through it. As light broke through and the snow fell, he winced, not used to the light. It took a couple seconds to get used to the blinding light, and the world entered into his eyes.

Frill was surrounded by creatures, which he assumed were dragons, that he had never seen before in his entire life. Ones covered in feathers, some extremely large with flowing whiskers, and some that looked like his own kind. The fear overtook him and sent him scrambling back into the cave behind him, thankfully before any of the dragons had noticed him. As he ran, his mind screamed and panicked. This wasn’t the world he grew up in, this wasn’t the world he once knew...Tears began to form at his eyes, and a cry of sorrow split through the cave.
all glitter gifs made by Copierthief to help water dom!


frill got featured in the secondary gene: gaoler edition spotlight for striation! i’m so proud!

Coding and stat bars made by Disillusionist. Vista BGs are from Hazeledpoppy's FR blog.
"Theme" music graphics made by Diamondsuits.

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