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SSakuras » Lair » Susanoo
Level 5
Pearlcatcher Male
Sep 05, 2013 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryDenim Wasp
SecondaryTeal Bee
TertiaryMulberry Opal
Eye TypeLightning Unusual
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Golem Gauntlet
Summer Swelter
Aqua Deepsea Bulb
Learned Sage Lantern
Supercharged Alchemist Tools
Brass Steampunk Vest
Brass Steampunk Spats
Brass Steampunk Gloves
Brass Steampunk Wings
Brass Steampunk Tail Bauble
Polished Trident

Accent: Spellbound Golem
Familiar: Lightning Sprite

The Storm God

Art by: Neptunite

Character made by: TheDragonEmperor

"It is heavily based on Thunder by Imagine Dragons
and birds of paradise.

- can fly or "levitate" despite lack of wings
- eyes are blindingly bright
- plumage shimmers under light
- can summon colored balls of energy (color is decided by owner)
- horns, hooves, and keratin plating on nose are extremely hard and smooth"

*** Information supplied by TheDragonEmporer on the character ***

Susanoo caught a glimpse of some shimmering in the distance between the trees in a forest he came across during one of his many travels and decided to walk towards it and investigate; he could always use more treasure to help fund all of these expeditions he loved to take. However, instead of treasure he realized he had found a most interesting creature. A wingless animal was floating around in a small clearing, and the shimmering was the sunlight reflecting off of its feathers. Was it some type of bird? It was flying around after all, but there were no wings! How odd Susanoo thought. Then, suddenly, a few glimmering teal colored balls appeared and started flying around this... thing. Never a shy one, Susanoo walked forward confidently to approach the newly discovered animal.

The creature looked at him warily, having never accounted anyone quite like Susanoo. All her life [INSERT NAME HERE] had been alone. She was the only one that looked like her in the whole forest, and while she had made friends of the other animals, she did not truly feel like she belonged. This dragon that now stood before her was new, something she had never seen out in these parts of the woods before. Was it a danger to her?

"Hello there little thing. What are you? I have never seen anything quite like you before. What are all these little balls around you? Can you even understand anything I say?" Suddenly a couple of the blue balls whammed right into his side. "Ooooomph!" He called out as he was knocked over. That stung! Apparently those little floating balls could be used to attack. It probably would have hurt him worse, but he was lucky that the balls were made from a form of electricity, and Susanoo was the storm god so the effects of the electricity were lessened on him. Good thing too, or he might have been knocked unconscious and then who knows what could have happened to him?

[INSERT NAME HERE] wondered why this dragon didn't stay down after getting hit directly by her electrical energy balls. Everything else up until this point couldn't get anywhere close to them besides her because of the way the energy effected the air around her when she summoned them. The other animals in the forest had learned very fast that they would get zapped if they tried to get close, and thus they avoided going near her when they knew she was going to go play with what they considered "those weird colored balls". Were all dragons able to be around her, or just this one? He hadn't retaliated yet at any rate, so he probably wasn't going to hurt her at least. She decided to fly closer to him and check him out better. Though just to be safe she summoned a few more of her teal electric balls, and made sure he saw them shimmering off to the side in case he got any funny ideas.

Susanoo was quite pleased to see this animal approach him so willingly. Here he was afraid it would be too timid and scared, especially after attacking him in self defense. He thought it would flee immediately after the attack, so the fact that it approached him was rather surprising. It certainly wasn't acting like most wild animals who would run or hide to stay safe. He put one of his front legs out to see if it would come even closer and let him touch it.

to be continued further later

Art by catcatamelia

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