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AngelFire335 » Lair » Anessia
Level 25
Imperial Female
Sep 01, 2014 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOrange Iridescent
SecondaryTomato Shimmer
TertiaryTangerine Gembond
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

~B I O~

Often clad entirely in armour, Anessia is an alarming sight at first, but there are no doubts about her loyalty to her clan and the Shadowbinder. Suspicious of strangers, she is critiqued by fellow clan members for being too quick to judge. But what appears to be a cold, unfriendly disposition is fierce protectiveness—anyone and anything that could possibly threaten her loved ones will immediately get on her bad side.

Her role as Head Guard has granted her with an immense feeling of responsibility. She usually undertakes tasks alone, desperate to be independent and ignoring offers of help. Due to her solitary nature, the only dragon she looks up to Legend, her now-retired mentor. She also has an intense need to know what is happening around her at all times; it borders on manic the way she likes keeps track of every detail in a situation.

Anessia's friends know she means well. They've learnt to tolerate her complex and somewhat unpredictable personality; the same personality which drew Legend to her all those years ago. But on the outside, she’s a fighting machine. The only one in the clan who can match her pure skill is Contagion. Though his constant need to be near her is unsettling, she respects him as a fellow Plague-aligned creature.

Born into a rough and tumble clan, somewhere in the Scarred Wasteland, she learnt that you were either strong or you were left to starve. Luckily, or maybe to due some divine interference, she made her way to the Tangled Wood at a young age where she encountered Legend. Her ferocity intrigued him, and his calm manner helped balance her fighting spirit and the compassion she was capable of showing

~A Lesson Learned~

An anxious, almost birdlike trilling sound snapped Anessia out of her reverie. Rain-soaked leaves muffled her footsteps, she slowed to a halt. Swinging her tail around slowly, teeth slightly bared, her narrowed eyes drifted across tangled clusters of branches.
Scarlet scales flashed briefly. As she approached, leaving the well-worn path behind, four wings unfurled: two young hatchlings, from her own clan. She softened her tone, though uneasiness lurked at the back of her mind.
"How'd you get out here?”
Their bright scales, not yet dulled by age, made them strangely vulnerable-looking. One shook its head, the other's dark eyes widened.
Out of nowhere, a scrawny wildclaw appeared. He was barely half Anessia's size. She prepared to bat him away with a single swipe when—
Someone slammed into her side. She slid across the slick leaves, digging claws into the mud to slow down. This dragon was massive, even for a ridgeback; she noted the sharp horn alarmingly close to her face.
The bushes rustled. Still reeling from the blow, panic began to set in; the ridgeback was stalking towards her, while the wildclaw snuck around the side and something else was likely preparing to leap onto her back.
Anessia crouched, ready to put up a fight for the hatchlings' sake. The ridgeback had done more damage than she first thought. Head pounding, vision faltering, she watched as her opponent flared his wings.
Just as she felt herself falling, three mirrors burst from the shrubbery and threw themselves on the ridgeback.
Vicious snarling was the last thing she heard.

Anessia squinted at Legend, silhouetted against the soft glow of blue fungi. He was pacing in front of her. She lay exactly where she'd fallen; her rescuers clearly hadn't been able to move her.
"What happened?"
"The hatchlings were a distraction. To steal food. A ragtag band of starving dragons, nothing more. The hatchlings are safe. And the thieves are gone."
"I've learnt my lesson, at least."
Legend flicked his tail. "And what lesson would that be?
Anessia dragged herself into a sitting position. "I need to train more. Be more alert. I wasn't prepared.”
Legend let out a heavy sigh. "What you need is to let people help you. Stop trying to prove you can do things alone."
"That's not why I do it!" Anessia protested, feeling like a scolded hatchling again. Legend tilted his head. In silence, he turned back towards the clan’s lair. Anessia followed slowly, his words circling in her mind.[

~Bio and story written by s0leil



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