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Lundlaeva » Lair » Askr
Level 3
Fae Male
Jun 28, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySoil Ripple
SecondaryPurple Daub
TertiarySilver Basic
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 45 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Cautious
Askr is the eldest of Loki and Angrboda's hatchlings. Although both he and his clutch-sister Hela inherited Loki's magic, he has little interest in using it in battle. Instead, he uses his Breath to entertain the clan's hatchlings with magic tricks, and to create less frivolous illusions.

However, for all that he may be a master of it now, magic once twisted Askr's fate as much as it has any of Loki and Angrboda's children. Although he appeared completely unremarkable when hatched, as he grew older his scales started to fuse together instead of shedding and regrowing. As a result, they have now taken on the appearance of thick and rugged bark.

Askr tries to cover them as much as possible with wraps similar to his father's, but he cannot completely hide the strangeness of his appearance. He has therefore taken to wearing his distinctively pointed hat, so that he can easily tip down the brim to avoid seeing the curious and disgusted stares of any who pass the Lair.

Over time, as a result of the negative attention, Askr has withdrawn into himself. He is a notably quiet presence in the Lair, despite all attempts to bring him out of his shell.

Strangers often take him to be a stoic and unfriendly dragon, the epitome of Fae indifference; and his quivering frills and twitching tail often betray his nervousness to other Fae. Yet among the small group of dragons he is truly comfortable with, they are just as likely to be shivering with mirth. Askr is in the bad habit of making himself the butt of jokes - for which his friends chastise him - but otherwise is a good and kind friend. He is unfailingly loyal with the dragons he is close to and will stand by them no matter the cost to himself.

In a wider social setting, however, Askr is anxious to please and constantly concerned that he will fail. He often starts to stammer if his thoughts or actions are questioned, and will always back down to avoid confrontation. If she is around, Hela will often stand and fight on his behalf - physically if needs be. Askr secretly wishes he could be more assertive so that he would not need to rely so much upon his clutch-sister - and indeed, Hela tells Askr time and again to stand up for himself.

If the Clan receives visitors, Asrk usually hides or contrives to be out. He avoids contact with other dragons, outside of his family and the Clan, and rarely leaves the Lair. If he is required to venture beyond the Lundlaevungar’s lands, he habitually weaves illusions around himself to alter - and normalise - his appearance, despite discouragement from his parents and his clutch-sister, Hela. He is shy and nervous around strangers, especially when wearing a skin of magic: constantly wary that the Breath he wears as a cloak will fail, and they will see what is beneath.

Despite his neuroses, Askr does have dreams, each of them held so tightly to his chest that not even Hela knows of them.

He hopes one day to visit the Viridian Labyrinth and see the Gladekeeper’s realm with his own eyes - a desire partly fuelled by selfishness. Although it was the Arcanist’s magics that turned his scales to a bark-like growth, he hopes that the Gladekeeper’s kindness might cure him of his disfigurement if he pays homage to the goddess in her homeland. He is determined to one day overcome his fears and make the journey himself.

Askr also fantasises that perhaps one day he might find a mate - not to boost his confidence, as many in the Clan believe it would, but to accept him as he is without wanting him to change. However, like his mother, he does not believe that any dragon would find his strange looks (or his personality, for that matter) attractive.

In the meantime, he tends the patch of earth atop the Spire with care to ensure that the grasses and wildflowers that grow there are always lush and verdant. He keeps the area as untamed as he can manage while removing any prickly plants or the seedlings of trees and shrubs, making it a wild meadow were the Spire's residents - and particularly hatchlings - can relax and play.









Please note that this dragon is NOT available for sale, for trade, or to breed with your dragon.

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