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Juri01 » Den » Kryles
Level 6
Spiral Male
Apr 17, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAzure Tiger
SecondaryCaribbean Seraph
TertiaryLeaf Smoke
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
wind_rune_20.png • K R Y L E S • wind_rune_20.png

  • Hatchday: Apr 17, 2015
  • Original clan: Windclan - Juri01
  • Parents: Father - wind Imperial // Mother - wind Spiral
  • Familiars: Scrapmetal Tracker (awakened) / currently training Steelhound

Owners I've had during my time as traveler:

111431, Juri01
151492, ValaiSymouri
181049, Relgen
84025, Tangelojack
194714, Naeroilyanke
54000, Cryanth
127059, Kattheslayer
Lairs that helped with my search of my fathers past:

207031, Syzeki
213804, Eeyorelvr
66110, DigitalElf
196717, DarkPuffin
225822, jurobii
210672, CatkinStarchild

Looking far and wide,
Memories of his father,
Scattered, to be found.

Where has he gone to?
Long travels gone forgotten,
As a new wind blows
Haiku by jurobii




To be more interconnected, Kryles decided to enlist in one of the Noble Orders of Sornieth. An Order is an organization that exists to assist or encourage dragons in the pursuit of their goals. As it's important to exchange views about all kind of matters, the gatherings of the 'Adventurers' branch are very important for dragons who are driven out into the world by curiosity, wanderlust, and a thirst for excitement.


My Journal:

All packed and ready to depart! (Dec 29, 2015)
I think: Today is the day!
Everything is packed and I’m about to leave the Windies to explore the world.
It wasn’t an easy decision. I love my clan and I have a nice home here. But…
Who am I really? What does the world has to offer for me? There should be so much more to discover, so much I haven’t seen yet – that I couldn’t even dream about.
And so I decided to try my luck.
I want to wander. I want to encounter different dragons and different flights. Learning about everything and anything I can.
I’ll be okay – definitely! I can’t keep sitting in our lair forever and if I don’t take the opportunity now… when would I?
Wherever the wind will take me, I’m ready!

I arrived at my first landing!
I seem to have ended up in the Tangled Woods, not too scary with the first Clan I've met. The Symouri Clan seem used to having dragons stay a while.
I even met a rather motley crew, there is a Tundra and used to be an Imperial and a Fae who used to be a Guardian! I wonder how it would feel to be so big then become so small.
ShadowBinder and Roseweaver were great hosts, their resident noodle even gave me a scarf to keep me warm while I travel. I hope to meet them again.

Touched down in the second clan!
It was only a short trip to the Sunbeam Ruins after my previous stop, and everyone there was really friendly! I was treated to a nice meal and got to sleep in a warm bed for the night, which was a welcome break from constant flying.
The clan had only ever had spirals briefly passing through before, so I was quite the subject of interest! I think those pearlcatchers might of been talking about me? But then again, they could of been talking about anything; it's pretty hard to hear their whispers.
I can't wait to see where I'll go next, I hope it's as lively as the Runic Dust clan was-- I had a lot of fun here!

Another Shadow clan! Although, this clan is drastically different from the first clan I visited when I last landed here. For one thing, it's HUGE! I've never seen so many different dragons in one place! There's even a few places for travelers to stay while they're visiting here, and so many different shops! I've even heard there's a little area for caravans here, and I'm hoping one of them are willing to take me to my next destination.

Wish me luck!

I seem to have found myself in another Wind clan! I haven't been here very long, just long enough to get some food and find out that there should be a caravan passing through here soon. Ah, this place reminds me of my own home... Heh, I really miss it... Maybe I should stop by next chance I get... Just for a little while at least.

Ah! Here's the caravan now! Time for me to be off!
I'll write more next chance I get.

The caravan didn't go very far. I'm still in the wind area, so I'll be leaving by wing soon. I met some nice dragons, some of every kind (despite it being a smallish clan). I really like TreeFall, a cute green noodle like me. (I think she likes me too!) I have yet to tell her that I will be leaving soon.

I have said my goodbyes. TreeFall is sad to see me go, but she is hiding it well. She actually kissed me! I can't believe she likes me so much, even though we just met. Part of me would like to stay here and maybe have kids with her, but, more of me wants to keep going, go as far as I can before my last days.
Well, anyway, I'm off now. I will write more at my next stop.

Well, this next clan was something else! They all live on boats atop the Sea of a Thousand Currents, and overall, they are all pretty cool. I met this gorgeous fae dragon during my stay there. Her name was Peony and we had three children together. Honestly, I never expected to be a father again. One of our daughters, Mere is going to travel with me. She wants to be a historian, and so, travelling and meeting other dragons and flights is perfect for her.

Mere and I have found our way to a lair in the tangled wood. The clan was welcoming, but most of the dragons were too busy with training and other duties to spend much time with us, though Mere did make friends with a group of young pearlcatchers. I'm sorry to make her leave them, but I think it's time for us to be on our way.



As we continued traveling, my lairs gran-curier Cyphus caught up with us. Bringing with him a letter, telling me that my father Vykos had gone missing.
There were rumores going around him serving the higher cause in the ranks of the Gladekeeper.
I, being his oldest, could not believe in these rumors!
Unsure in how to deal with everything so far away from my family, I bid my sweet Mere heavy-heartedly farewell, wishing her good winds and lots of adventures, many places to rest and peaceful days to come ...
... and returned home.
Clan wrote:

About Vykos

Vykos had spent his entire live in the Clan of Àidhear.
He was father of four - no, three children. The youngest of the nest was lost in big storm a long time ago. But Vykos could not forget about the little one that was lost without a name, not wanting to have a nest of his own again so soon. His only hope was, that the young dragon would serve the higher cause in the ranks of the Windsinger. Vykos himself loved and respected the Noodlepapa - seeing a kindred soul in him.

He was an energetic, charismatic dragon with an almost magnetic aura. Vykos's excellent at making friends. The green traveler had a kind and loyal character who is heavily devoted to the happiness of his friends and family.
He didn't give up easily and could be somewhat possessive over a task he felt the need to devote himself entirely to.
Oh, and he loved music and could spent hours and hours listening to it.
Vykos was the one keeping the clan in order: managing, administrate everything so nothing would descend into total chaos...

One day, he couldn't stand to keep idling in his comfortable home. He wanted to see, learn, collect everything what there could be out in the world. Curious about what he was going to experience and what kind of dragons he would be able to meet during his travels, he set out.
His well, neatly kept traveler-journal always by his site, to be able to put down in writing everything he came across during his 'voyage'.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Kryles,
It pains me to write this lines to inform you about your fathers disappearance.
We are currently looking into this matter, so I can only hope to bring you better news soon.
Please, stay save on your traveles!
Love and kisses from your mother

After stepping on familiar turf, my fathers familiar Cole came rushing towards me, from the look of his face, the rumors turned into reality...
Still... I could not believe father would turn his back to Windsinger, as he himself thought me to love and respect our deity.
Also, his well kept traveler-journal wasn't anywhere to be found.
So I decided to go looking for it!
This time I didn't set out to see the world - but to find ... no... to seek! the memories of my father....

Wish me luck everyone!
OY3P2op.png 379.png
The first hint about fathers lost Journal actually came from his best friend Cole:

The familiar loves to gather items, knick-knacks of all sorts, papers... everything that was laying around unattended. After talking with him for a bit, the little bat admited to have pilfered the very first Journal-entry... so Vykos had to write it all over again.
Happy to have found the first memory, I begged Cole to hand the paper over to me. Here also the first Entry...
Vykos wrote:
Entry #1 - Date: January 09, 2016

I've spent my entire live at the clan I was born into. Now I'm feeling like the walls would tumble down on me, as if I would suffocate any moment I keep idling in my comfortable home.
There should be so much more to see, learn, collect, out there in the world. What am I going to experiance during my travels?
Today I finally got everything ready to start my journey.
I bid my family and my good friend - a cursed bat named Cole - farewell and left.
I wonder what kind of clan and dragons I'm going to meet?!
Today a letter reached me as I was traveling near the Viridian Labyrinth!
Word about my search had spread, traveled with me and finally, finally it seems, someone had answered!
I can't wait to learn more about my father.
What was he up to so far in the north?
So I opened the letter and sat down, looking at the Shrieking Wilds close in the distance and started reading....
Kingdom wrote:
Dear Kryles,

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear about your fathers disappearance. His stay at our clan was short but he was very warming to us. He bought to us his tales of travel, but would not tell us about the artefact he seeked.

On his first day here - he told us the story of how he met your mother, and how proud of all of his children he was. He spoke highly of you in particular, telling us how you had inherited his 'good looks' and his need to travel.

At first I didn't actually like him very much! He was too ambitious and left me feeling as though my life was dull. But I gave him a chance, and I got to know him - honestly, I couldn't have made a better friend. He would listen to the embarrassing troubles I had trying to impress my now beautiful partner; and actually taught me a few tricks on how to gather fish over by the Kelp Beds.

He was a true visionary. On his visit here - we spoke of the Scrying Workshop and even took a small trip there to try on some new looks~
I was aware he already had an idea of what he liked, but never-the-less we came up with another for him! Stripes seemed to very much suit him!

Please find attached a photo of him in the 'new look' we created.

His disappearance is a true loss to the world. I have clan duties to do so cannot leave in search for him - but in my spare hours I will help spread the word.

I hope this letter reached you in good speed.
Yours faithfully,

What is it this time?
I looked up as Flynn - yet another of my clans' couriers - touched down right in front of me. I was still looking for clues up in the north as another letter found its way into my hands...
It came from the Eeyore’s Correctional Facility in the Carrion Canyon - home to one of the largest prison’s in the world and a fully functional museum and library. I was quite surprised to get a letter from this place. Has my father really been there?
What kind of trouble had he gotten himself into?!!
Quite anxious and flustered I opened the letter - not without dropping it a couple of times - and started reading...
Pickles wrote:
Dear Kryles-

I was once a dear friend of your father’s and when I heard of his disappearance, it saddened me greatly. I heard you were looking for some stories about him and his travels and I knew I could pass his legacy on and honor his memories.

Your father entered our lair when we were first beginning to run our prison. He saw the hard work we were putting into its upkeep and he offered to help us get it going. He patrolled our corridors, ruling the prisoner’s with an iron fist.
Vykos was very well respected by staff and prisoners alike and we hated to see him leave, but like all travelers he had the urge to explore once more.
He promised that one day he would come back to us and check on our progress and here at the prison it would be a great honor if you could one day allow us to name the ward he worked on after him.

He ran the ward at the prison for the mentally insane and the prisoner’s loved him. He was charming but firm and he knew exactly what to do and say to keep things running smoothly.
The thing that most vividly stands out in my mind about his stays here, is his love of music. He always was playing music for the prisoners to calm them down or humming a tune as he patrolled the halls. Here in the Carrion Canyon Penitentiary for Criminally dangerous dragons, your father is a legend and a hero in our eyes.

My favorite story involving your father was the day Oskiira escaped and he chased her through the prison and only brought her back by promising to write a song about her beauty. That was a challenge in itself but she came running back to the prison and from that day forward she would only cooperate with your father.
Your father brought respect and honor to our prison and I only hope one day I can find a permanent mate as compassionate, respectable, and good as your father.

If you ever want to hear more stories about your father, I will be glad to tell them to you and good luck on your search for your father’s journal. Feel free to write back if you would like.


I was making my way westwards, to the Starfall Isles and the Observatory. The possibility that my father too wandered on this trail was very hight... he might have been inspired by Noodlepapa...
As I was resting and enjoying a meal, a colourful Coatl approached me suddenly. It seemed to be a Courier, since he dropped off a letter for me, bowed politely and then left quickly without much words. I'd have loved to invite him to have quick bite but Couriers always seems to be in such a hurry!
Remy wrote:
Dear Kryles

It saddens me to hear that one of our many visitors has gone missing... Oh but sorry I’m getting ahead of myself, I’m Remy; I greet all the travelers and show them around. I’ve had a little ask around the lair, when the others haven’t been busy and a few of them remember talking to your father.

From what I remember and what my clan mates have told me he was quite the presence while he was here... well at least a few of our female imperials won’t stop talking about how handsome he was >< and our bard even noted down a few tunes that your father taught him (I tried to steal said notes but little Zale is really fast T-T).
Your father was most remembered for his time in our training group and how he assisted our leader in running drills with some of our then new clan mates. I was among those that your father helped learn basic self defense, it seems like it was quite a while ago now but he told me stories of his adventures while we trained. Thanks to him I was able to become a guard (and keep my cape) your father was quite persuasive and if not for him I’d be far less colourful now ^^:

We uncovered some of your fathers notes in amongst the clan records:
-a bundle of unreadable papers is attached with seemingly glittering string-
I’m sorry they are not much to go on as they have aged badly and may have been accidentally drawn on... but you can still make out a few snippets of music or so I’m told... It was pointed out to me cause I have no idea.

I wish you luck in your search for more of his notes and If you ever feel like dropping by please ask for me, we’ll have a blast :D
From Remy.
I was still looking through the bundle of unreadable papers I received from Remy - have to say, the hatchlings of the clan did a very good job with their drawings! - as I was approached by yet another dragon.
His scales had quite interesting colores and we spent some time together, talking... The Ridgeback told me about his live in the Wispwillow Grove and gave me little note as we parted:
'That could be rather helpful for my search...', he said and left.
Nenomito wrote:
Dear Kryles,
I remember your father, he was nice enough.
We welcomed him to our home, and kept him away from the spirals, they're bad news. •*
He talked with Flourence, who unfortunately convinced him to leave.
- (Florence had warned him about the dangers of the clan, and that they weren't above kidnapping people they liked if they tried to leave. Florence proceeded to help him escape without being caught) -
It's a shame, we were never going tO LeT HiM LeAvE!
But he did, and we never saw him again after that...
Perhaps you will visit someday?
Sincearly, Nenomito
Today I got another letter from my friend Kingdom... He had found something that was quite of interest for me: One of my father's Journal pages!
I couldn't wait to open the letter and therefore landed at the next possible opportunity to study it.
In his previous note, the Imperial told me about a certain artifact my father was looking for. I have no idea what my father was up to or what story hides behind his search!
Now I'm thinking about making a return to revisit the Viridian Labyrinth and meet Kingdom for the first time... I have so many questions to ask ...

Kingdom wrote:
Dear Kryles,

Apologies for another letter so soon, but I found an old page of your fathers journal in our spare sleeping space. It must have fallen out of his satchel on the morning he left. I've included it in this envelope -

May you be brought good news soon!
Yours faithfully,

-A piece of paper fell out of the envelope-
(found Journal page) Vykos wrote:
11th February 2016

I have been travelling some time now but am no closer to the artefact I seek. I am beginning to fear its existence. My search will continue as I feel it would be of great value to our Deity. With this item we may finally be able to defend our land, and look to end the warring of the flights all together.

I hope tomorrow to venture into Natures territory - as fast as my wings can carry me! I am missing my family an awful lot, but this is for the good of the clan. Our flights survival may depend on this.
- Vykos
A small sunlight-coloured fae appears in a puff of glittering gold smoke, a tightly bound scroll clutched effortfully in tiny claws.
"I didn't read it!" She squeaks indignantly, as Kryles blinks in surprise and not a little confusion. "See, the seal's still there. I didn't open it. There never was anything shiny inside it, honest, not that I checked or anything. I mean- oh, nevermind, you're Kryles right? Good. Delivery delivered!" The scroll fell into his outstretched talons, ready by luck to catch it. Edges of it was frayed and a corner seemed even to be slightly smoking! "Why was it on fire?!" He blurted out-
"I sneezed, okay? I've been a bit green lately. Bad mushrooms."
The paper was ancient- he couldn't think where it might have come from originally- he looked up to see the fae now holding an enormous slice of the cake his mother Voriksha had so kindly given him for the journey. The impudent Fae grinned, face full of icing, and with a small pop she was gone-apart from the golden glitter of magic settling, it was about as unceremoniously as she'd arrived.

Kryles coiled into a thoughtful huddle in the cave's opening, to catch the best of the evening light- and broke the seal with a careful claw, noting the unusual oak-tree emblem pressed into the tree sap. There was a new-looking note wrapped around the ancient one, and it read in familiar spidery handwriting-
A Journal Entry - Vykos wrote:
Between. The elusive magic of folding time and space around oneself as easily as a shawl, the art of stepping across limitless distance with little more effort than taking flight from floating in the sea; a little tug as you break free from the place and time you are supposed to be in, then the chill soaring sensation of the uttermost freedom as you've broken the boundaries of the time you were limited to. Today I tested the theory, and imagined the Great Oak of the Oakheart clan bathed in moonlight, with the feast-fire beneath it as it had been last night, judging by the revelry. With a twist of magic and keen focus, I arrived in the midst of it- to general surprise, of course. I made a mistake- by arriving before myself, I was now in a paradox- but at least that explained why their Tundra chief Bard had had the perfect song composed to greet me with the following morning. When I first arrived. Oh, this is such twisty thinking- I might leave time for another- ha, time. I was careful to keep out of my own way that day. I don't know what might happen, were I to cross my own timeline.
At least I'm secure for now, back in the right time. This clan has welcomed me with open arms, and showered me with more food than I could carry when I decided to move on- Bard, their minstrel (and I suspect, the unofficial leader) sung an ancient tale from an old tome they'd unearthed just the last morning I was there; it included a cryptic map as well, and between that and my trusty compass from my beloved son, I'm sure to find what I seek. I do miss home, though I rarely admit it to myself; on the last night, a kind-hearted pearlcatcher lady named Mephala somehow drew it out of me- watching the hatchlings go to sleep in their nests, it brought it all back. I told her everything, of my hopes for the future, for my clan, for my children- especially my son Kryles, who is growing to be so much like me, and so much more. I don't know why I talked to her, when she said not a word in reply- I gather she is mute. But there was comfort in her eyes and in her music, which eased my worries and I slept better than I had in months. Today though, I will leave behind these instructions and the enclosed evidence of my travel between times, to be followed in case other scholars want to rediscover my steps. I wish you fair winds, dear reader.

The ancient paper Kryles unrolled next, with slightly trembling hands- turned out to be a verse. He couldn't read most of it, as it was in an ancient script- he must return it to his mother to pour over later, she was far more experienced with forgotten languages than he- but from what he could make out, it was talking about The Elusive Traveller; a green-striped Imperial searching for The Artefact.
But this- this had to be over half a century old! And yet here his father was writing about the event as if it had happened a week ago! How was this possible?

The last sheet held a complicated map, drawn on what appeared to be a piece of snakeskin. He was just squinting at it to read the runes scratched on, when there was a pop by his ear, as of matter being compressed very quickly, like a sneeze only backwards. A much-put-upon Fae appeared, chagrin twisting the habitual grin off her face. Her fists were clenched around something that glittered almost as bright as her wings. She looked recalcitrant for a moment, glaring at him, as if daring him to take it- then sighed, and held out the object. "Okay, fine," The Fae admitted sulkily. "There is this, too. But whatever. I didn't really want it anyway."

He took the antique compass combined fob watch, and turned it over- then he smiled, remembering giving this to his father on his eighth-month-birthday. 'With love from your son, Kryles' was still inscribed faintly on the inside of the silver lid. He glared at the tiny floating pest that even now craned her neck to spy amongst his meagre belongings- "Who- or what- Are you?!" He demanded.
"Goldentop, though that's none of yours, snake-boy- and from the Oakheart Clan, I suppose, if you wanna get technical."
"They sent you?" He tried to get the story straight, but that was like trying to cut straight with a corkscrew.
"Yeah. Dunno. Maybe. Got any more cake?" She was flippant, and clearly either hyperactive or a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but he had to keep her attention.
"Maybe," He countered; "If you tell me where you found this! Father had it with him when he left to seek the artefact! Where did he go next?"
She sniffed. "Nicked it, didn't I? Well, if you're going to throw something into a magic power infusion circle in an underground lake, and just leave afterwards, what do you expect? Not like he'd need it, compasses don't work there."
"Where?!" He fished out the last of the cake and held it alluringly just out of reach- the fae swiped at it, then frowned at him- "There. Here. Anywhere. He'd found the secret, of travelling between. Times, places, wherever."
Travel… by magic? Without even moving a wingbeat, going through the mysterious cold blackness called Between?
The legend was true!
Kryle's mind was reeling with possibilities.
"Sure, that thing. Who knows where he'll crop up next, looking for this fancy Artefact of his. Don't like his chances, but then he is one fine specimen of an Imperial, if you're into that sort of thing. Not that I am. Not even if he were into fae. It's just, those, well-"
"How does one little fae know all this? Even about the Artefact?"
"I was the one who lost it." She rolled her eyes. "Look, as I said, there were these really, really tasty glowing mushrooms, and I thought if those bugs were eating them, then surely…"
She lost concentration, and snatched the cake slice out of his hands. "Ta muchly," She managed through a full mouth of cake- "And Nature's blessing on following your father's claw prints. And all that." She shrugged as if in farewell, and before he had a chance to answer, she'd vanished again.


Art my me

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