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Juri01 » Lair » Haven
Level 6
Snapper Female
Jan 31, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Poison
SecondaryMaize Toxin
TertiaryIce Gembond
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• H A V E N •

  • Hatchday: Jan 31, 2016
  • Original clan: Lightning
  • Parents clans: Father - nature Snapper // Mother - nature Mirror
  • Came to clan: taken in on Feb 06, 2016 (Hopeisme12)

"How does the world looks like from above? How does the wind feels like under the wings? How do the clouds taste like flying through them?

"I always had these questions burning on my lips. Dreamed what it would be like flying up there, being free from the earth! Not bounded to it, unable to set myself free.

"Why was I never able to fly like the others are? Why am I the only one not able to feel, see, taste the winds?

"There is no answer to all my questions.

"But I was able to find something else I love to do too! My passion is to measure, analyze, and interpret geographical information, scouting the world we live in--to create maps.

"Maps of the terrain, describing where and how other clans are living. Observing the Beastclans and their movements marking everything down for the travelers. Reworking old, existing maps--seeing how much has changed from the past until now.

"And thanks to my best friend Rym, sometimes, even I am able to see the world from above! Treasured moments I hold very dear.

"I'm happy to be a wind dragon... even if I am not able to enjoy the currents up there...."

The Earth-Bound Cartographer

Haven was never good at flying. Whenever she’d try she would barely be able to get an inch or so off the ground at most. Being unable to fly meant she was left out of many things as a youngster so she ended up spending her days drawing. She would draw the places the other dragons describe flying to, as well as rough sketches of their paths. This was how she discovered how to draw maps.

Having other dragons describe the scenery wasn’t enough for her though. She wanted to be up there, in the sky, to be able to see the trails and terrain herself. Haven began a desperate search for a way to fly and ran into a harpy, Rym. Rym volunteered to carry her up into the clouds so she could see for herself. But was a big, heavy dragon, so it did not work out well. Not giving up, Haven started practiceing flying with Rym as a support. It was hard, but eventually she was able to stay up there for a little longer. Being able to be up there herself improved her skills as a cartographer drastically.

One day, the clan elected her as the official mapmaker. Now Haven and Rym are spending as much time walking around scouting the lands, as they do in the library. There she began working closely with the librarian Voriksha and knowledge keeper and Izarre. The young Snapper really enjoyed her time with these two dragons as they were a lively pair and interesting to hang out with. Constantly chattering away about the most amazing things while she drew and reworked her maps.

Haven may not be able to fly without Ryms' support but that didn’t stop her from drawing her wonderful maps.

'The Earth-Bound Cartographer' - by Rizuki /I added a litte to it/




Haven one day decided to enlist in one of the Noble Orders of Sornieth. An Order is an organization that exists to assist or encourage dragons in the pursuit of their goals. As it's important to exchange views about all kind of matters, the gatherings of the 'Mapmakers' branch are very important for the members to draw accurate maps of unknown and potentially dangerous locations.

Sornieth - A Map of the World


Meeting with Ibn the Cartographer
It’s funny, how well innkeepers are connected with one another. But maybe the visiting arcane ambassador Althea had noticed the traveling cartographer and brought back word about him to her family; or it might have been a certain flying courier and informat that had talked about Ibn and his mission... Whatever the case may be, soon after Ibn departed from the Overlook Inn he was intercepted by a feisty Spiral, landing right in front of the surprised cartographer. The new arrival looked somehow windswept and dusty from a long-distance flight, carrying a shoulder bag filled with a hodgepodge of letters and packages. Before Ibn even knew what was happening, the Spiral thrusted a letter into his talons—blathering something about it being a ‘Delivery from Wind’ and ‘Clan Àidhear sending its best wishes’—and off he went. Ibn wasn’t even able to utter a single word and was left standing with a letter from unknown origin in his talons.
The letter contained an invitation from a wind clan, situated near the Twisting Crescendo. A dragon named Ètaín mentioned a certain member of her family, that—like Ibn himself—was very versed into map-making/cartography and that would love to make his acquaintance. The Pearlcatcher then decided, meeting with Haven from Clan Àidhear certainly would have some benefits for each of them and set off in direction of his home land once more.

Ibn reached that clan right during the festivities of Mistral Jamboree. The dragon was welcomed with open arms and got swept up right into the merry activity. That first day was filled with nothing but good food, lovely company, teller of tales and singer of songs. Everything the heart could desire—cut the matter short: A big (windy) party.

During the next day Ibn finally met Haven, along with her companion Rym. The Snapper-lady has had her problems with flying ever since she’d been a hatchling and therefore developed an unique kind of system to create her maps: Rym was the one scouting from above, while Haven was drawing the maps—making use of the information she got from her friend and her own observations from the ground. Haven explained certain techniques, where she was using compass, measuring chains, and optical equipment for measuring altitudes and distances. Ibn was an attentive listener and therefore able to add the method of surveying and triangulation to his own skill list.

Another event worth mentioning, the library-expedition. Clan Àidhear’s home of knowledge was a giant maze of tunnels and caves, that still weren’t fully mapped. Ibn was invited along—not only to look over Haven’s shoulder, but so he himself could give it a try. The both of them got their map-making equipment out when we reached a certain part of the library, where the tunnels have yet to be added to the existing map. The equipment was just some sheet of grid-divided paper and a pencil. They had to pause every so often to add a tiny piece of line to the page, signifying the length of tunnel they’d traversed. While Haven was explaining the mode of practice, a rose-colored Coatl, named Gahiji joined up with the two cartographer.

“Is that all there is to map-making?” He asked after observing them for a little while. “It looks easy.”“Tunnels aren’t difficult to map,” Haven agreed. “It’s different if you're trying to map open land or a stretch of sea coast. Right, Ibn?”“Oh, don’t listen to her,” Rym suddenly tossed in. “Even tunnels are difficult. I tried it once and made a mess of it. You have to work to scale and make sure you mark the length exactly right. If you're out by even the tiniest fraction, it throws the rest of the map off.”— Haven shook her head. “It’s just a knack”, she said. “You’d pick it up quickly if you gave it a proper try.”“No thanks,” Gahiji wasn’t convinced. “I’ve no intention of spending my spare time trapped down a maze of tunnels, trying to map them out. I don’t know what the appeal is.”“It’s fascinating! It gives you a clearer understanding of your environment, not to mention a great sense of achievement when you’re finished. Apart from which, there’s a practical aspect.” Haven said, but Gahiji only snorted. “Yeah, practical aspect’! Sure.”“Yes,” the mapmaker corrected him. “Nobody’s interested in helping me make maps of these tunnels, but plenty are willing to make use of them! Even you a—“ “OK! I was wrong! Your maps DO have purpose. You still wouldn’t get me down here helping you make them though...”

The two friends(?) kept on bickering the whole trip long, and while Haven tryed to include Ibn in the conversation, Gahiji completely ignoring him. At one point Haven bent her head low over the sheet of paper, her nose almost touching it, carefully drawing, stumbling often because she wasn’t watching where she was going. Ibn was actually quite glad when they all proceeded in silence for the rest of the time. The low-hanging tunnels then started opening up as the group was heading back to the main-hall of the library where Gahiji finally left them. The Pearlcatcher was able to learn a lot about tunnel-mapping, but Haven was a lot easier to talk to without that grumpy dragon on their heels.

As the week progressed, the Pearlcatcher got used to Haven’s working place, the map room and the clan's territory; sketching and adding yet another portion of his own map while comparing it to the maps he found inside the mapmakers lair. He quite enjoyed the discussions with Haven and Rym and was able to leave Clan Àidhear with a set of new maps, new skills and new friendships.

You want to know more about Ibn? Follow the cartographer's journey here!


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