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Juri01 » Lair » Yongrui
Level 10
Pearlcatcher Male
Feb 08, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCrimson Iridescent
SecondaryOrange Facet
TertiarySunshine Smoke
Eye TypeLight Uncommon
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• Y O N G R U I •

  • About the name: YONGRUI ( 永瑞 )
    meaning "forever lucky"; from 永 "eternal, everlasting, forever,..." and 瑞 "an auspicious omen" (A Mandarin-Romanized Dictionary of Chinese, MacGillivray, 1921).
  • Hatchday: Feb 08, 2016
  • Original clan: Light
  • Parents clans: Father - lightning Spiral // Mother - light Pearlcatcher
  • Came to clan: taken in Feb 08, 2016 - Chinese New Year Dragon - (DJaimon)
  • Internal politics and foreign affairs: Fiendark - strategist / Étaín - diplomat
    43337096.png // 40566755.png

  • Takes part in Étaín Ambassador Training Camp

Born to the Spiral Raeghen and the Pearlcatcher Nemea of Sunbeam Ruins, Yongrui's formative years were simple and happy, for the most part. Doted on and growing up alongside his best friend and companion Huang, who was of the same age and his soulmate, the young dragon was never lacking in the abundance of love and other pleasures of the live in this sunny flight.

However, the young Skydancer was soon disheartened by his everyday life, seeking the change to experience adventures and the most delicious food there is in whole Sornieth. As soon as this idea established itself, nothing could stop little Yongrui anymore for setting off.

From then on, he and Huang traveled quite the distance before setteling down in one of the freedom-loving clans of the Windswept Plateau. Yongrui could empathize with their mindset and lifestyle, asking Clan Àidhear to let him join the family.

On the surface, Yongrui comes off as a rather silly and lighthearted dragon, frequently displaying a comical behavior and retaining a lopsided grin even while making threats. He shows a childlike amusement for any new situations he gets in and is infmous for having a voracious appetite despite never carrying enough groceries to feed himself. The Pearlcatcher loves to invite himself over at the next best meal he comes by. Even with all these quirks, he is extremely sociable and his particularly flattering nature easily gains him the friendship and trust of those surrounding him.

Of course, these aspects belie the complex and determined young dragon underneath. On the reverse side of his seemingly ridiculous behaviour is his shrewdness, which makes him quite capable of reading other dragons and situations to manipulate them to his liking.

Being a crafty and capable tactician, able to and using his natural charm and intelligence to his advantage, made him a exceptional candidate for the Ambassador Training Camp.

The young dragon is particularly observant and takes into consideration even the smallest details in order to better understand and deal with challenges. Even after obtaining his lofty position as the clan's Light Ambassador, he is not above using cheap tricks or questionable tactics for the sake of his ultimate goal. Despite havin a considerable despite pride, he is also capable of shelving it if the situation requires it.

Yongrui has a surprisingly high sense of duty towards his new family in the Windswept Plateau and strongly believes, that his primary responsibility is the protection and advancement of his fellow clan members. He refusing to allow any harm to come to them and often considers their safety more important than his own personal ambitions and goals.

Whoever spends more time with this dragon soon notices, that Yongrui considers his loved ones as his greatest asset. The dragon has something against those individuals that would willingly or remorselessly cast aside their own comrades or family. He always becomes furious when observing such a disgraceful behaviorand refuses to waste his time on them.





One day, Yongrui decided to enlist in one of the Noble Orders of Sornieth. An Order is an organization that exists to assist or encourage dragons in the pursuit of their goals. As it's important to exchange views about all kind of matters, the gatherings of the 'Diplomats' branch are very important to the young ambassador. lbdVrYc.png

The Familiar Huang ( 煌*)
3Z9d4pU.png Yongrui's best friend and companion is the Shining Goblin Huang. Both of them carry around a large, lustrous sphere at all times and are notorious 'binge eaters'; but of course, they prefer the title of 'gourmet'. They are never seen without the other as if glued together. They can still clearly remember the day of their first meeting; and it was actually their fascination for perls what brought them together.
The day Yongrui hatched, was actually also Huang's birthday. The little hatchling had just consumed its eggshell and started to wander around for its wings to have the chance of drying, when suddenly a Shining Goblin started to assemble itself out of a ray of light, condensing itself to a beautiful light sphere and then finally shaping the Spirit itself. Fascinated, Yongrui couldn't help himself but staring at the bright creature before him, as he started regurgitate a large, lustrous pearl.

Huang too closely observed the awakening of the little Pearlcatcher and was the first to lay eyes on Yongrui's most vital, important piece of the dragon's self. They started to approach each other, both interested in the item they were holding. One know how children are, in a minimum of time they were animatedly talking, admiring the others pearl while boasting with their own.

At one point, Huang accidentally touched Yongrui's pearl and to everyone's amazement, a bright-glittering layer was added to it. Both of them were stunned by the occurrence and the strange sensation that followed; they were suddenly more aware of the presence of their opposite. They believed, they would be able to point each other out with closed eyes or even with hundreds of miles between them.

Each layer added to the pearl of a Pearlcatcher was said to be the essence of what that dragon had recently experienced, a memory made tangible and added to the whole of who the one was. That a creature other than the dragon itself was able to add a layer to the dragon's' pearl was an odd and unheard happening.

Since that day, they were affiliated with each other, closer even than blood relatives. Once a dragon of the family tried to describe them, calling them "one being in two different shapes". But the Pearlcatcher and the Shining Goblin still remained as two individual existences, each with its own will, thoughts and dreams. Due to their similarly stubborn personalities keeping them at odds with one another, they are seen bickering quite often, despite their powerful bond--although it seems to be more like a playful pastime then a hateful argument.

* 煌 (huáng) meaning "bright, shining, luminous"

Art by Anayre

The First Nest
Evensong was going out to visit an allied clan near the Twisting Crescendo. She just got to know the light Ambassador from Clan Àidhear better as he visited her family a couple of times to discuss certain things related to interrelationship matters. Not that that interested her, the Ambassador himself was her 'object of interest'. So when Evensong's clan got the invitation to attend a birthday party over at Yongrui's home lair, the young Skydancer female was eager to come along. 24449418.png
Having heard stories of her gourmet host--Yongrui enthused/reaved about all kind of food they apparently offered back at his place-- Evensong brought a bouquet of edible orchids along with her; the butterflies following her in were later added as flavour to the cake Evensong and Kaida made as Yongrui pilfered the first birthday cake.

During the little baking session a certain someone was already eyeing the lady attentively, now quite interested to get to know the young Skydancer from the other clan better. Pretty soon they were getting familiar with each other, to the big dislike of Yongrui's best friend and companion Huang. The Shining Goblin was grumpily watching the two dragons fuzzing over each other, feeling as if he was being left out too much. Yongrui could only hope, his friend would come around soon and be happy for him finding such a nice mate to have his very first nest with.

For both of the dragons, this was the first time awaiting hatchlings. At a more remote area of Clan Àidhear they built a lovely nest and were now looking after two green-swirled eggs. Huang kept zooming in and out, 'fluttering' around the soon to be parents and seemed more excited as the two dragons themselfs.

A few days before the little ones hatch, the Wind Chime Maker Tharkay was invited over to pay parents and nest a visit. His task was to create the personal tune for each of their little ones.

While meeting the little family Tharkay took in the feelings that surrounded them, their dreams and wishes for each hatchling. Then he took each egg in his talons and "listened" to the soon to be born souls within.

Evensong was quite nervous watching the unfamiliar dragon holding her eggs and even Yongrui wasn't as calm as he would have one believe. It was after all a clan's tradition he never experienced before. Something to find the hatchlings personal tune for its very own wind chime.

They both wanted to learn more about it, pressing Tharkay for an explanation about his magic. But he could only tell them something about "intertwining the parents deepest wishes for their children" with his "experiences about the soon to be born life". It really sounded quite strange to the both of them, but they decided to trust Tharkay and his knowledge about the craft.

Then finally, the hatching day came. Tharkay brought over the two chimes and gave Evensong and Yongrui a last introduction before leaving them alone. Soon the first cracks appeared on the eggs. Excitement filled the air, made it thick with the thrill of anticipation. When the hatchlings broke through its shell, the first they heared was the gentile tone of their very one chime and then, the joyful voices of their parents.

The hatchlings--a boy named Xiang ( 翔 - "flying, soaring") as the firstborn by seconds, followed by his sister Ehuang ( 娥皇 - "beauty-august")--were nearly identical twins and the only difference between them was the color of their wings and mane. They came after his father, both being little Pearlcatchers; but in colors and genes they took after her mother. Little girl Ehuang was identical with Evensong, while Xiang's wing color was that of his fathers.

  • Étaín's Ambassador Trainees:

Wind - Niyol / Shadow - Kalki / Light - Yongrui / Water- Llŷr / Earth- Mahkah / Nature - Ctirad

Ice- Crevan / Arcane- Althea / Fire- Cináed / Lightning- Ishkur / Plague - Clot

37013623.png - 28463426.png
Associate Amb. - Amina / Beastclan Amb. - Ronan



Art by mine

Art by Anayre


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Original Code by Chronicle (46437), edited by me



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