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Juri01 » Lair » Urho
Level 12
Imperial Male
Feb 19, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Crystal
SecondaryObsidian Toxin
TertiaryObsidian Underbelly
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
wind_rune_20.png • U R H O • wind_rune_20.png


  • Name pronunciation: < Uh-r-ho >
    Meaning: "brave" in Finnish
  • Hatchday: Feb 19, 2016
  • Original clan: Light
  • Parents clans: Father - ice Imperial // Mother - water Nocturne
  • Came to clan: taken in on Feb 19, 2016 (Ammymimi)
  • Familiar: Winter Wolf (Awakened)
    trained - Ophiotaurus (...)
  • Genealogical table-paternal line and Genealogical table-maternal line
    made by Ealasaid - genealogist

  • Member of the Warrior Squad


"The negative, strong barbarian with no hope."

"When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

tumblr_nqvxvuEQJ31tcuk4xo1_75sq.png tumblr_nqvxvuEQJ31tcuk4xo5_75sq.png

"They all believe I survived the battle by hiding, but that's a lie--I ran.

"In that frozen second between stand off and fighting I saw their eyes focusing on me, piercing right into my very soul. Their gaze froze me on the spot; I couldn't even dream of joining the others to the battle.

"My father noticed me standing there. His face was unreadable, no fear, no invitational smirk. Only eagerness to engage the enemy, to gain another victory, to immerse himself in the fight.

"I think, he believed that I would follow him, that I would stand next to him; father and son united against the foe. But how could I? This was nothing like the tales of glory and fame I loved listening to; as if the glorious dream had suddenly turned into the worst nightmare.

"The instant one of the Beastclan flew at me, ignoring my father's calls, I turned on the spot and fled. I didn't stop to hide myself somewhere safe, I kept running until I could no longer hear the screams of the battlefield, but even then I didn't stop.

"That experience changed everything, especially the way my father and the other members of my family looked at me. I could feel their eyes on me, the deep disappointment so plainly visible in their gaze.... Even I couldn't stand my cowardly self.

"I decided to change back then. To leave the little, frightened child behind me and to harden my heart. I had to become a warrior my father could be proud of. One that would be worthy of carrying the name I was given. The cowardly me had to become brave."






As a hatchling, Urho was cheerful and light-hearted, being surrounded by a caring and loving mother as well as a big family. The deep sea goddess always gave him the feeling of profound ease and unwavering calmness.

His father was a prideful character, who saw fight and battle as the greatest good. "There is no greater honor than to die in battle!", he used to tell his young son. Urho hung on every of his father's words, admiring this strong, honourable dragon and dreaming to follow in his footsteps one day.

Then, when a battle with the Beastclan broke out, Urho sneaked along with the warriors to experience everything first hand. But on the battlefield the youngster was overcome with fear, running away from it, only returning to his family the very next day.

From that day on, something changed inside the young dragon. He became much more gloomy and pessimistic, maintaining an air of sadness and remorse due to the shameful experience. He imagined everyone could see the stain to his honor as if it was a physical mark; he couldn't forgive himself for fleeing the scene at that time. This and his now sparse show of emotion often made him out to be cold.

Urho then decided to leave his family in order to prove himself out in the world, determined to become a great and strong warrior. One that would never run from its fear.

During his travels the young dragon realized that tears would not get him anywhere, so he stopped showing his emotions, shutting them away deep inside. Others he encountered on the way mistook his apathy for a feeling of superiority and this in turn lead to everyone keeping their distance.

Chance brought it about that during his fly over the Windswept Plateau he met up with Edval, a gruff and serious Guardian and the general of his own clan's Warrior Squad. He brought the young Imperial along and after staying with the Clan of Àidhear for some time, Urho decided to join them and also became part of Edval's young trainees. Urho planned to train and turn himself into the warrior he always dreamed of being.

For all his wariness around others, the Imperial was less guarded with those he liked, especially the bright Wildclaw Calla--who soon became his best friend--and Edval. For Despite Urho's aim to become a wild, strong and ruthless warrior, others soon noticed his kindness and compassion, hidden behind the big, cold wall surrounding his heart.

The training with the other members of the Squad revealed other abilities Urho possesses. One in particular is his high drive for success due to him feeling ashamed of his panic-stricken flight at his first battlefield and his striving to prove himself to others whatever the cost. Whenever he starts to feel weary, a simple thought of someone getting hurt because of him, or what had happened back then would usually boost his determination to continue on. Urho has shown to care deeply for, and is very loyal to, his friends.

After settling well into the Clan, Urho started to show a feisty and somewhat hot-tempered personality. He became more selfless, but at the same time more stubborn and often reluctant to ask for help when he needed it, as he didn't want to burden others with his problems. Urho started to feel as if the fear that once reigned over him was ebbing, not yet fully under control, but reducing little by little. His journey was far from over, it had only just begun.

  • Warrior Squad:

    9216493.png / 9449875.png / 21996779.png / 36874417.png

    General - Edval / Colonel - Tybal / Major - Avalanche / Captain - Sorey /

    22380307.png / 21228884.png / 29994391.png / 25228372.png

    Lieutenant - Sarka / SFC - Urho / Corporal - Calla / Private Tala




Avatar made by me (on recolor.me) - first design idea....

Art by TxTiger99


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