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Juri01 » Lair » Fuchur
Level 6
Spiral Male
Mar 02, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryBlack Poison
SecondaryBlack Butterfly
TertiaryWhite Smoke
Eye TypeNature Unusual
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• F U C H U R •

  • Hatchday: Mar 02, 2016
  • Original clan: Nature
  • Parents clans: Father - nature Pearlcatcher // Mother - ice Spiral
  • Came to clan: wandered in Feb 02, 2016 from CatkinStarchild 's lair
  • Familiars: Cumulus Seal (awakened) / currently training Squall Rasa
  • Trading company:
    Dalcenti - chief merchant / Kharis - treasurer / Fuchur - sales organizer / Cadoc- jeweller


Fuchur wandered in one day; coming the long way from Viridian Labyrinth in the north. The Spiral was welcomed in with open arms as a traveler and decided to stay as a member of the family.

At this point, none of the dragons had noticed Fuchur's eye-problems as he was blind; but he was able to hide this fact perfectly. When a hatchling noticed this milky eye-color and asked about them with a loud voice, Fuchur told them about being born nearly blind, only able to see blurry outlines and some colored dots. But he never felt restricted by it. His feeling of the winds and his sorroundings were great; and he also has a good imagination.

Soon, everyone noticed his quick, analytical and clever mind; he has a great memory and never forgets a word or fact he's ever heard. Fuchur also has large ambitions, and sometimes it's difficult for him to be tolerant and understanding with those who desire less in life or who are more slow by nature. Patience is not his forte.

He loves his freedom, and does not tolerate being possessed by others. Change and travels, the opportunity to meet and mix with others, and to influence them with his creative ideas--those are his favorite pastime.

Not long after joining the Clan, he started to spent a lot of time with Dalcenti, the chief merchant, and his treasurer Kharis. As Fuchur showed an ambitious and aspiring mindset, the three of them became best friends. The Spiral even started working as sales organizer and manager of the storehouse, where is excellent memory was of great use. Showing a great self-confidence he feels like being able to accomplish anything he set his mind to; working hard to reach his goals.




~Discovery of something new~
It was just a coincidence that the two friends had run into this clan. Just after setting off, Shea and Shep could feel the wind freshening up and the weather getting quite capricious. Trying to find somewhere safe they both got carried away north, way over to the Windswept Plateau. They had been here before once and Shep still carried the iron wing bangles with her she got from one of the wind dragons.

As the weather was getting treacherous by the minute, the two friends were glad when they encountered the merchant dragon Dalcenti of the Clan of Àidhear, who invited them in.

The Clan seemed to be used to host travelers and extended a very warm welcome to the two Mirrors. During a nicely prepared dinner they got to listen to stories told by an Imperial and watched a dance performed by a nice Skydancer. As some hatchlings noticed the knives carried by the two guests and asked them to perform for the clan. Shep and Shea gladly did so, proudly showing their skills in front of a interested publicum.

Later in the evening, Shea was approached by Fuchur, a young Spiral, who showed interest in her and her skills with the knives. They started talking to each other, about some trivial matters first, then about her live home at the Circus and her everyday training. At first Shea did not noticed anything wrong about Fuchur, only after Shep jealously chopped in their conversation Shea noticed the milky-colored eyes of her opposite.

That night the two friends got into quite the argument, resulting in Shea leaving the gathering-point together with Fuchur–talking until early in the morning. The Mirror could not quite understand her feelings towards the blind Spiral; his great self confidence despite his eye-problems bewildered her as Shea couldn't imagine not being able to see her beloved knives!

Shep at the other hand was irritated by her friends behaviour; that wasn't the knife thrower she knew so well! Feeling quite betrayed by her friend, Shep kept her distance to the both of them. Watching them having a nest with three eggs in it....

The day before the little ones hatched, Fuchur told Shea he first had noticed her golden colored wings and her passionate voice and felt attracted by them. On the other hand, Shea couldn’t tell him about her feelings; she liked him, it was her first nest and she was intrigued by his ability to give her contra during their quarrels–but that was it. She had no intentions to remain in the Clan as she had a place of her own with the Circus and her best friend. And she was glad to hear, that Fuchur was not trying to make her stay.

While watching over the eggs, Shea was telling them tales about her Clan, her knives and her beloved wrangles with Shep. The moment the three girls hatched, it was obvious one came exactly after her mother, as she soon showed interest in becoming part of a circus and to travel the world. That little one was quite close to Shep too and loved listening to her exciting stories. Sarka, the second daughter, at the other hand decided to stay in her father's clan, feeling the need to protect those weaker than her. She has got the same temper as her mother Shea and also inherited her father's wits; making Sarka into quite a remarkable warrior.

The planned departure was delayed quite often, as they enjoyed the regular performances and to watch the little ones growth. But then, one day the finally said their farewells. Rich in new tales, stories and acquaintances Shea and Shep set off again.
The travelers:




Art by Reisuke - large img
Avatar made by me (on recolor.me)

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