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Juri01 » Lair » Myst
Level 11
Guardian Female
Oct 12, 2016 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAbyss Iridescent
SecondaryDenim Facet
TertiaryAbyss Thylacine
Eye TypeNature Glowing
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins

  • Hatchday: Oct 12, 2016 ???
  • Original clan: Nature ???
  • Parents clans: Father - ice Guardian // Mother - ice Guardian ???
  • Came to clan: was adopted on Oct 19, 2016 (hannahbbug3) ???


Myst was first discovered by Seshat--the ever scared scribe of Clan Àidhear--while looking for a certain scroll in the depths of the library.

No one has ever talked to Myst before.
Nothing is known about how she ended up living in the library.

Some suspect she had been there even before the first dragon started using the caves to build the clan's huge library; others are profoundly convinced, she had been a traveler that sneaked in one day and decided to live out of the world.

The exalted
To prove the second assumption, some dragons of the clan decided to do everything they could to discover more about Myst; like her birth clan for example or her possible offspring. So they traveled to each flight of Sornieth trying to gather some intel. While doing so, they found out about her having eleven hatchlings in her life.

It was the first clue they might be able to follow to find out more about Myst. So they put together a searching party and set out to visit clans all over Sornieth...



Myst likes to hide facts aboutherself, so there might be disguised information in her lore. Try selecting empty spaces... maybe you are able to find something out.

If you want to follow the Researchers on their journey, just keep on reading/scrolling and come back to find out what Myst has hidden in the empty space just a bit later.

Let's jump back in time, to the moment Myst had her very first clutch.—

Alaric sleepily eyed the beautiful sunrise that was climbing the horizon while feeling the morning dew slowly drying on his body. But he couldn’t bring himself to admire the view as he kept wondering, what compelled his current mate Myst in the middle of the night to kick him out of their shared cave!

The Skydancer had met her some time ago, in the early morning chill while flying across the nearby stream to get to his hunting grounds. And there she was. A beautiful Guardian lady was about to set down at the riverside. Observing her, Alaric just had one thought crossing his mind: “Oh, she is so beautiful!” When he landed next to her, the females eyes widened, and he thought he saw the shadow of a smile touch her lips. Alaric started to fell in love with the dragoness just at that moment. They introduced themselves and after a couple of meetings at the river, Alaric confessed his love. Despite knowing so little about his new partner--Myst never liked talking about her past--they started living together. Everything was going perfectly; all was harmonic between them. Well, sometimes Alaric couldn’t help but tease her. Of course, when he pushed her too far, she’d find a way to get back at him. But, well… he just had no idea what she was punishing him for this time

Alaric propped himself up, stretched his wings a few time and turned his face to the sun, its warmth like a mother’s caress. So he rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck to one side and then the other, each giving a satisfying little pop. After, he started walking. The dragon intended to have a peek inside the cave and at his mate, but then stopped. He wasn’t going to give Myst the satisfaction of tiptoeing around his own cave! Hesitating for a little moment the Skydancer then pulled itself together and walked in

When he turned for his mate and looked at her, his throat suddenly clamped down and his heart skipped a beat. There she was. This mysterious dragon, smiling at him with the mischievous little twist to her lips he fell in love with. And next to her… eggs!! Four beautiful eggs! Alaric joined Myst, gently nuzzling her and then softly stroking each of their eggs, one by one. And so, they have become parents over night. It’s their first clutch and they are very excited about it. All that's left was to rest safely in their own nesting ground and to wait..

So, the time went by and one day, the little ones finally hatched! Four beautiful Guardian boys came into the world, being the pride and joy of their parents. But a single idea was endangering their happiness

After the little ones were able to fly on their own for a certain distance, Myst told them to gather up and together they left their home behind. “Myst!” Alaric called out after noticing what had happened, while also trying to catch up with her. She stopped in mid air and looked back, waited for him, the hatchlings by her side. The both of them had talked about this idea of hers, but Alaric never thought Myst would actually execute the plan: To have an offspring send to all the deities of Sornieth. And while Alaric still had this puzzled look on his face Myst turned toward the Southern Icefield, leaving her mate behind

Four children, four destinations.

Her first child Aspen would be joining the ranks of the Icewarden.--
After a long flight over the sea, the(y) little family finally reached some ice floes marking outer borders of their destination. The[y] little ones were quite relieved to be able to rest on those floes before entering the harsh the harsh and icy peaks of the Fortress of Ends, to reach the clan of Northern Liights in the Cloudscrape Crages. Myst had led them through massive glacial spires, rocky peaks, and stone-cold trenches cracked into the ice. As they traveled, Aspen’s heart fluttered with anticipation. He couldn’t stop scanning the cold and cloudy horizons, hoping they hadn’t missed their destination. At one point, the mother stopped the party to rest and wait for their guide Frost to arrive. None of them knew when and where Myst met Frost before, but the Ice-colored Skydancer (seemd to) had promised to help the Guardian-lady prepare one hatchling for battle and its way to the Icewarden.


---Forst couldn't tell the visiting dragons much about Myst, but she were able to give them a lead about where hte mysterious dragon might have turned next: to...

Buz, the second son, would be prepared by the Clan of Death for his journey.--They were a powerful clan where dragons have dug out caves in the earth or created them out of bones and rotting trees to live in. The land was harsh, their territory stretching from the Wrymwound to the Driftwood Drag on the edges of Shadowbinder’s territory. Their goal was to become even more powerful and win the favor of Plaguebringer. But they were also willing to make allies in other flights. Myst had always been impressed by the Clan’s loyalty and commitment to their family and deity. After leaving the Southern Icefields behind, they traveled back to the main land to ask them for their assistance in [their seeking about the truth]her second child’s training so it could become a proud member of Plaguebringer’s entourage. As they approached a member of Death Clan, a member of it referred them to Priestess, a dragon with the ability to foresee the future and speak to the deities. She’d be able to decide, if the little one was worthy of receiving the greatest honor, serving the Plaguebringer. So Myst and her children went to meet this dragon to present their request. Priestress agreed to help them and even performed a ceremony before sending the little one off to fight for their deity.
--told them about the little Buz, his ceremony and sending off to their clan's deity. But Priestress as well couldn't tell the party much about the little ones mother. Only, that her next destination might be in the Viridian Labyrinth.


As the third son Craig loved nature so much, Myst tried to find the perfect in the Viridian Labyrinth. There, the little group reached TheTigersDen, a clan filled with dragons of all shapes and sizes, the territory shaped by their warriors to provide the best possible protection. Large trees were made into guard points and even dozens maybe even hundreds of tamed Tigerblood Foo and Mantled Foo familiars were rooming free at the borders as another line of defense. While the clan was an expert in taming and training these fierce beasts, [the party]Myst and her children were[was] quite unprepared to encounter them. Lucky for them, Lucian and other warriors of the clan were pounding the beat or the[y] Guardian family would have been in deep trouble. The clan leader invited them in and also promised to help train Craig so he’d be able to join their deity.--the party finding out more about their preceding guest. During her short stay, t[T]he gentile hatchling care taker Aine was a great help to Myst better understand the Tigerblood and Mantled Foo’s so they wouldn’t get in trouble again whenever they’d encounter one of these beasts.--in this regard, but couldn't tell them more than Myst's parents originated form the Southern Icefield, while the young Myst herself hatched in a clan of the Viridian Labyrinth. Other then pointing the searching party towards the lightning flight, Aine couldn't provide anymore information. So,they set off again...


The fourth and last child of this clutch, Donar would be joining a lightning clan. The place didn’t have a name yet as it was more of a begrudging community, but some of its members called it Astral Clan from time to time. It’s quite a diverse family that accepts basically anyone into it who’d be willing to contribute to its needs. The dry, rolling dunes of its territory are defense enough against any dragon or beast approaching their home. When [they]Myst and Donar arrived, covered in dust and tired from the long flight, Amour, one of the two founders, immediately invited the travelers in, so they would regain their strength. The sweet queen also agreed to look after Donar and prepare him so he’d be able to join Stormcatcher’s entourage as soon as possible.
--prepared a resting place for each member of the searching party. Other then the name of the hatchling Myst left with the clan, they weren't able to find out anything more about the Guardian lady.


“There you are! What, by the deities, were you thinking?!!”

On a sunny day--about three weeks after parting with young Donar--Myst was flying near the borders of fire, water and wind while feeling quite lonely. She just had set down near a lovely pond to drink and take a break as someone suddenly jumped her. Thank the Gods Above for paranoia. Mysts long time alone on the road had sharpened her senses—she herself classified it as a survival skill rather than a neurotic condition. So when Alaric appeared behind her, she just turned her head instead of turning into a whirlwind of claws and fangs, lashing out to protect herself. But Myst had recognized the voice of her mate instantly and kept calm on the outside. Inside, she was panicking. How was she to face Alaric after everything that happened? Myst could see the pain in the Skydancer’s eyes.

“Out of curiosity, were you ever considering coming back to me? Or was it just a one-time-think for you?”

Trees and pond, sounds and everything else faded silently away, leaving behind only those sad, questioning eyes of her mate. But she couldn’t stand to look into them for long, so she lowered her eyes, still not able to offer any kind of explanation. “… I… My apologies.” Myst knew she’d done something awful to him. Something she wouldn’t be easily forgiven for. Guilt was eating and pestering her. A fire burned in her mind and throat. Remorse filled her heart. The longer she felt those eyes on her, the worse she knew everything must have been for him. There was nothing she could actually say to him.

Understanding began to dawn on Alaric’s face and he sighed. With a softened expression he grasped her chin in his talons. He kissed her and then pulled away with the same maddening smirk on his face, knowing the effect he had on her. “Trust in me a bit more, Myst. I’m right here. Don’t shut me out again.”

It might be that Alaric was just too forgiving; maybe he was able to sense his partner’s remorse. Even if there was still a lot they had to talk about and sort out, right now they were just glad to see each other again. Myst had to relate about their little ones adventures during their travels and their crossings to the different deities. The both of them had to reconnect again after all this time apart, but they were willing to work through it.

Myst and Alaric kept traveling, together this time. Their daughter Elfi literally hatched on the road. Being an only child, she was doted on by both her parents, trained and prepared so she would do everyone proud when she’d finally join one of the deities. But weren’t quite able to find out, which flight she would fit in the best.
Some months later, all of dragonkind came together to participate in the Mistral Jamboree. A festival celebrated in the wind flight and one, [everyone] --as well as the little family--was eager to participate in. Maybe talking to all this gathered clans and travelers might help find the right place and deity to send their daughter to…
--where Myst might have turned next to... It was time to go home for once.

Mistral Jamboree was busy as always, and it might have been sheer luck they encountered Loras, a Spiral originating from Wind who had moved to the terrain of Tidelord [many years ago.] They started talking, listending about how Loras had made a new alliance with a Wind-dwelling clan, creating trade routes [that existed to the day]. They exchaned words, telling the water-dragons about their task at hands.
Trust was build over the next few days and heavy-heartedly the parents left Elfi within the care of their newly made friends. Back on the streets, and many months later, they recived a ... (It was then, they got their hands on) a certain letter...
The letter wrote:
I hope this letter reaches you in good faith, Myst. Our couriers have not failed us thus far, although even they must falter to the festivities of Wind at times. Hopefully your clan has been enjoying themselves, it is your home holiday after all!
Cora is looking forward to seeing you, from our current correspondence. She insisted that I inform you how much she looks forward to hosting a child of yours to soon send to the Tidelord. How has your Elfi been? She seems to be growing quite quickly. I'm sure Cora would be ecstatic to welcome you all, and hopefully help Elfi 'click' with the currents of the Spiral Keep.

Write back soon,

[The letter the researcher where able to dig up--after many houres of looking through old documents--wasn't complete, but still hold more information about Myst then they would have hoped for!]
Dear Raven,

It has been quite some time since we met each other during Mistral Jamboree! Hopefully, you were able to enjoy the festivities. Did your friends and family back home love the goods and presents you brought home for them?

How did your alliance with that certain Wind-dwelling clan turn out? Were your ‘old-ones’ actually able to get used to all the new wonders flooding in?

Your couriers are quite capable. This one actually
found us as my love and I were about to get deeper in this maze like caves. It’s quite fascinating! Even after exploring for a whole week, we were still not able to fully comprehend the whole burrow system. It might be a nice idea to stay here longer and go even deeper. How knows what might be hiding down there…

Thank you so much again for looking after our young Elfi! We were so glad Cora agreed to look after her during her stay at your place. Oh, and I hope you were able to get the present we send along with Elfi! Did she comport herself well or did she cause a lot of trouble for you all?

By now, she must have already joined the ranks of your deity. Was little Elfi able to ‘click’ with the currents of the Spiral Keep before going off? Did everything go well?

Best wishes to you and your family
Myst and Alaric
The water clan only remembered sending one last letter to Myst and her family [and Raven was so kind as to write everything down...]

Last letter to Myst wrote:
I'm glad our Couriers were able to reach you so efficiently! I hope that continues to reign true as you continue to travel within such a place. Be careful, however! Those maze-like systems can weaken each other and cause cave-ins, not to mention any other secret dwellers that reside within the depths. I hope you find more positive things than any of that, of course.

Elfi was a delight to have around! The Water-dragons took their time acclimating her to what her life was now leading to, and while it clearly was a new and possibly difficult transition, she eventually took to it quite well. She learned the methods of the Water-Dragons, Cora personally taught her how to gain a connection to the Tidelord and obtain revelations. Elfi was able to obtain the Intermediate Oracle level, capable of standing her own if that was her assigned role once arriving in the Tidelord's presence. Onasi and Lunira, two Skydancers gifted at using magic, helped to teach Elfi in battle. As she is not water-born, they were not capable of teaching her water-specific movesets. However, they gave the ability of restoration, so she could be a healer as well if she is on the battle-front. This seemed to suit her best, and I'm sure she will be amongst the ranks to protect the territories of the Tidelord from the BeastClans and any encroaching Flights. She is a very intelligent and strong-willed dragon, and I'm sure she embodies our element well with her level-headed tranquility, yet determined ferocity--just like the waves of the ocean.
Cora is certainly proud of Elfi when she went off to join the ranks of the Tidelord, and I'm certain that you both can be as well. She was strong as she came to us, and strong as she left to follow her destiny.

Wishing you well in your endeavors,
It’s been a while since either Myst or Alaric had left their new home in the caves. Those tunnels actually stretched for miles and miles and gave off a feeling as if they had been there since ancient times, a relic of the First Age. Still, they were able to find a wind clan willing to look after their daughter.

Little Fiona was born inside the labyrinth and had never actually seen the open sky before. So, when it was time for her to leave and join the ranks of the Windsinger—as their parents told her to—the whole idea of wideness scared the young dragon. The clan, that was supposed to prepare the young one, was called The Birdskulls, probably because of the apparel each member of it was wearing. Each colored skull was assigned a rank in the clan’s hierarchy and had the purpose of a patriotic uniform. It was a system designed by their acting leader Icy, a strict and forward leader. Young Fione struggled quite a bit as she worked hard to fit into the strict system of this wind clan which helped her prepare for her journey towards becoming part of the wind deity’s entourage. In the end, the dragon succeeded and left for the open skies in good spirits.
After researching and carefully looking through all those letters, the Researchers where excited to find about about that labyrinth like structure that might, actually, be a part of the same tunnels their own clan was currently using as their library! The same place, Myst was first discovered by a member of the clan!

At the same time, it still didn’t reveal much about Myst’s past, so their task wasn’t finished just yet. There had to be still about six more stories they could discover—if their theory about the Guardian lady leaving one child with each flight around Sornieth was indeed true.

But after many, many visits at all kind of wind clans in the Windswept Plateau they weren’t able to locate a matching that might fit the description they gave out. No young Guardian with a certain type of features had been sent to Windsinger, and no dragon remembered the little family coming through either.

It was possible that Myst and Alaric had send off one of their little ones by themselves; the only other explanation included the clan that had prepared the hatchling was now no longer located within wind territory. The researcher heavy-heartedly started to expand their radius one more time. It was near impossible to find said clan, but they wanted to try at least.

So they were looking for former wind clans that moved to a different location at a certain time. It was sheer luck the Researcher were actually able to locate the Birdskull Clan! They learned, that after their leader Icy disappeared, the whole family had decided to relocate to the Southern Icefields, where they gradually turned from a monarchic to a democratic clan structure. The Researcher didn’t even mind the cold climate as they were absorbing all the information given to them. Actually, the clan was able to provide them with an amazing possibility!

As the where about to leave Ice, an elder dragon approached the Researchers and told them about a lone dragon that was roaming the continent. The elderly dragon was sure that a meeting with said dragon would only benefit the search and pointed the wind dragons towards the location of the lone wanderer.
The Skydancer, they were able to find after many days of searching each subregion of the Southern Icefield, was covered in ice and snow. He gave off the same cold feeling as the surroundings, as if his heart had been frozen at some point. Icicle chains covered his whole body, adding to that impression. 2ytpdmp.png


Art by Starset

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