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Juri01 » Lair » Midir
Level 10
Coatl Male
Aug 03, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryOrca Savannah
SecondaryOrca Safari
TertiaryOrca Glimmer
Eye TypePlague Swirl
Energy: 41 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• M I D I R •
  • Name: may come from the old Irish word for a judge, 'midithir'.
  • Hatchday: Aug 03, 2017
  • Original clan: Plague
  • Parents clans: Father - arcane Coatl // Mother - light Coatl
  • Came to clan: taken in on Aug 19, 2017 (ZestyyShats)


"They have always been there. When I was younger I used to see images and hear things. My siblings and the other dragons didn't belief me, calling me all kind of names: liar, cheat, fabulist, con, pretender...

"As I got older, I changed. I shut down, stopped talking about what I saw, heard and felt. Simultaneously, the young me withdraw itself from about everyone and everything. I just wanted to be left alone.

"Only much later, when I encountered others like me, I was able to accept myself for who I am. Today I'm helping those in need to talk to their lost loved ones and to guide the deceased to the Gates. Currently, I'm also working hard to learn the trade of enchanting weapons and other objects. I am a Soul Whisperer."

Soul Whisperer
Description: A Soul Whisperer has the ability to actually communicate with a soul. They can see and hear them, but also talk to them. Whisperers often guide souls to the Gate after Hunters and Collectors finished their jobs. They can also enchant a Hunter's weapon to be able to interact with a soul."
Task Description taken from the S.H.I.




While Midir has taken on the task to guide souls to a Gate after Hunters and Collectors finished their job—like all Whisperers do—, the young Coatl's main interest lies in the enchantment and inscription of weapons and other objects. Sometimes he’d get overly focused with a certain task at hand and brood over it for days. Still, what strikes one the most about Midir is his stubborn unique and selfless personality; he is always willing to listen and help every soul, be it benevolent or malevolent.
--“Being passionate about something is a talent itself.”--

Notes taken from Midir's current research

There are mainly three ways to enable a material from Sornieth to interact with a soul/another realm.

INSCRIPTIONS – most of the time carved in/placed on an already existing item or weapon.
  • Length and complexity of the Inscription vary. One might find long composited sentences, a few words or even Inscriptions consisting of just a single character.
  • Whisperers have to comprehend those Inscriptions first to recreate them by adding their own energy/spiritual energy to it during the process of carving.
  • Runes/Inscriptions are mostly learned by recreating the already existing knowledge about them. But only a tiny fragment was passed on, many techniques were lost in the passage of time. So it’s not uncommon for a diligent Whisperer to create new Inscriptions in the course of a lifetime.
  • Translating the Inscriptions verbatim is difficult as many still disagree over the right meaning, even if the effects of the Inscription is already known: Today it’s believed that the Whisperers inserted energy combined with an Inscription would correlate with one another, enabling a single Inscription of having different effects based on the dragon who had created it.
(ones individual) spiritual energy + Inscription = Effect

Possible implications of an Inscription:
weakening a malevolent spirit upon contact, binding any spirit temporarily, warding against them, attracting them …

(“The following part is still unconfirmed and only based on my speculations” - Midir)

BINDINGS –to provide a soul temporarily with an earthly counterpart, in the form of a lifeless object.
  • One distinguishes between a forced or a willingly entered binding. In its process, a malevolent or benevolent soul comes in contact with a—in advanced for it provided—object and sealed into it.
  • Each effect an object or weapon receives after the binding is provided from the soul and its most characteristic trait it had displayed during its lifetime.
  • Problem: A binding will weaken over time! While a soul that that willingly entered a contract isn’t a thread toward the Carrier, a forced soul will certainly be a danger to everyone around it.
  • A soul can only be bound once! After it has to be guided to a Gate and sent on its way to the Otherworld.

  • WARD – particular case where a soul would be bound to provide protection for a single Carrier.
    A benevolent soul has to enter the contract willingly and must have shared a previous connection with the dragon it’s going to protect. Like all bindings, it will weaken over time and one soul only be bound once. BUT, a ward is a much stronger and longer lasting than any other binding.

MATERIAL BASED WEAPONS - material itself provides a certain affect agains benevolent or malevolent souls.
- iron, silver, ...
Much weaker compared to Inscriptions or Bindings, but effective nonetheless.

Midir acts as an intermediary between the normal dragons and those living with the deities, or those already left this world. He's able to and relay messages from them, passing them over to their loved ones.


Art by VENNY

RESOURCES | x x x x
Original Code by Chronicle (46437), edited by me


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