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Juri01 » Lair » Nuada
Level 10
Imperial Male
Mar 22, 2019 (6 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMetals Python
SecondaryMetals Morph
TertiaryMetals Glimmer
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 44 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• N U A D A •

  • Name pronunciation: < NOO-a-da > x (oo --> like in 'too')
    Meaning: Celtic stem *noudont- or *noudent-, suggested to be related to a Germanic root meaning "acquire, have the use of", earlier "to catch, entrap (as a hunter)"
  • Hatchday: Mar 22, 2019
  • Original clan: Arcane
  • Parents clans: Father - earth Imperial // Mother - ice Coatl
  • Came to clan: was taken in Apr 02, 2019 (ghostesez)

Caretakers be warned:
Keep an eye on the little lad whenever he's around open treasure boxes!!
His colors just go too well with the coins. It'd be a disaster if he got shipped off somewhere while under our care! That habbit of his--sleeping in open boxes--is really a troublesome one!

~ First Shipment ~

Nuada had been sitting in a box of treasure when the lid closed with a thunk. There was a click as the trunk was locked, and some part of Nuada told him that he was in tremendous trouble. He was, however, a young hatchling just out of the egg, sitting in a pile of shiny gold coins that made a delightful clinking sound when he tapped them with his claw.

Nuada did the sensible thing–at least, sensible to him—he continued to happily play with the coins despite being locked in a heavy wooden box about to be shipped off to another part of the world.

He didn't hear the panicked screeching of his mother at the docks, searching for her lost son. Neither did he hear the creaking of oars as the ship set sail. What Nuada did hear was his stomach growling in protest to the two long hours he had been on the ship.

A sailor came down to investigate the horrible noise of something wailing in the cargo hold. He had thought that maybe it was a ghost or a wraith, something ready to drag him into hell. It had turned out to be a baby dragon, covered in gold scales and bawling his eyes out because he was hungry. Somehow, it was infinitely worse.

By then, they were already too far from land to turn back. The sailors resigned themselves to taking care of a maybe-orphan-probably-kidnapped hatchling.

That was how Nuada came to find himself in a new land, and maybe if you take a moment to talk to him, he'll tell you a little more.

~First Shipment ~, written by Sylvpix




~ Treasure Box ~

Kharis had a fairly bad day. It wasn't terrible, nothing absolutely drastic happened, but there were so many little annoyances.

First, she overslept and missed her favorite breakfast. In the rush to get breakfast, she ran outside without taking attention to where she was going, and stepped right into a small puddle. Gross. And third, there's been an itch in Kharis' throat all day, and she could't stop thinking about her tongue placement, causing it to flop weirdly in her mouth as she tryed to figure out where it goes when ones not aware of it.

All in all, it just happend to be a bad day--one better spend lying in bed, rather then going out doing business. She was great at calculating! But today not only Kharis had broken her favourite abacus, the account balance just wouldn't balance itself out despite the everything the clan's treasurer was doing.

It was growing darker now, and on her way back to bed Kharis decided to stop by the hatchery, because seeing all those cute hatchlings always made her feel better. She was almost there when -DEAR ARCANIST NOT AGAIN- she tripped. Glaring at the source of her throbbing toe, she saw a wooden tox box. At least, she assume that it is wood, as it had been absolutely coated in paint of every color. Lines vaguely reminiscent of none of the hatchling caretakers or any other dragon of the clan, with features dramatically exaggerated, were drawn in the squiggles of a young drake's claw.

Kharis had to scratch away some of the paint sealing the box shut, but then she managed to open it eventually. At first, it appeared to contain a collection of coins and she wondered, what on Sornieth it was doing here. Who had actually taken it out from the clan's treasure chamber?

After she poke through the coins for a bit, they suddenly started moving. Scratch that-- it was a hatchling!

After poking its head out of he box, he started explaining how he got shut in the box after taking a nap. It happened twice actually! The first time one of the caretakers closed the box, mistaking his scales for coins and then again a second time, when the sailors who found him during their trip accidentally locked once again in a different box. He just liked taking a nap inside those treasure boxes a little too much for his own good! The little Imperial was very cheerful and talkative, even when it had no idea where he'd ended up to now.

Kharis started to feel a little better listening to the little one. When he asked, if he could stay the night with her before he had to settle down at the hatchery with all the unknown hatchlings. As it was getting rather late--and Kharis didn't want to wake the others and throw the clan into turmoil--she decided to take the hatchling along with her.

It seemed like, she acutally made a new friend!

~Treasure Box~ was inspired by AlduinALaMode x ,
edited/written by me



Art by JinxTrash


RESOURCES | x x x x x x
Code original by Chronicle (46437), edited by me


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