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Juri01 » Den » Krashos
Level 10
Pearlcatcher Male
Jan 10, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCoal Tiger
SecondaryObsidian Shimmer
TertiaryAqua Basic
Eye TypeWind Uncommon
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• K R A S H O S •
  • Hatchday: Jan 10, 2015
  • Original clan: Wind
  • Parents clans: Father - shadow Pearlcatcher // Mother - lightning Pearlcatcher
  • Came to clan: was born into Juri01's-lair
  • Familiars: Main - Wildwood Owl (awakened)
    trained: Amaranth Moth (A), Luna Mith (W-...)
  • Treasure-Hunter-Team: Was the former leader.
    New-Treasure-Hunter-Team: leader - Mishka // Midhir, Gahiji, Méabh and xxx

    42948128.png -//- 42041260.png // 27598338.png // 32836591.png // xxxx.png
    (Have a look! It could be nice hearing them talk about their good friend ;3 )


Owners I've had during my time as a traveler:

111431, Juri01 - HOME LAIR
213804 Eeyorelvr
85999 Sussuri
10228 Yako
19670 Nocturnesan


"The wind of change is blowing, my friends, and we are standing right in its centre. You all know that there will always be a new attitude, a new thought pattern, a new mental outlook that is demanded from a new situation.

"So tell me, my dear friends, how come our words won’t be heard? Why are we being tied down by rules, that aren’t ours to believe in? I decline to accept those ideals imposed upon us! Where is the meaning in blindly following the words of others without thinking them over by yourself?

"We have before us a battle to fight, a shared aim to accomplish. We have before us a high wall still to batter down. But for the present, my friends, it’s enough to affirm those with equal dreams. Look around you, look at the dragon standing by your side.

"You ask, what do we have as policy? It is to go where ever we want to go, with all our might and with all our strength. We will leave the boundries behind us. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in just one word: freedom! A freedom to go where you want to, search where you will, roam through places you encounter, travel and take what you desire.

"My friends, this is our aim! Stand for it and don’t let your voices being silenced! Freedom is our goal."







Krashos is a haughty, independent creature who considers himself somehow apart from the rest of the clan. He is quite the rebel and likes to stir up commotions wherever he can.

The Pearlcatcher has a love for gossip, choice tidbits and collecting the secrets of other dragons. Using the obtained information to his advantage, Krashos is always able to cause trouble. At times it really seems as if he lives off of the frustration of others.

He is quite bold, loud and self-centered, but will be extremely passionate at something he has set his mind to. From the outside, his lack of responsibility often makes him seem childish, however he will take take things seriously that mean very much to him, like his “Treasure Hunters”.

A natural-born leader, able to capture others’ imaginations with his magnetic energy. Using his quite charismatic nature Krashos is excellent at making friends--or better said--at collecting dragons that are willing to follow his ideas.

At one point he founded the “Treasure Hunter Team” and is now its former leader. After being together for such a long period he had got to know and trust Mishka's wits and ideas to the point of gladly letting her act out on her own and then promoting his best friend Mishka to the leader position.
~ The Conflict ~

"Alone we can do so little,
but together we can do so much!"

Generally, one is aware that when dragons meet, there is bound to be differences in their ways of thinking and their position on matters. The moment they get involved with each other, two complex personalities encounter each other, sometimes they are very similar to each other, other times they could be the complete opposite. Also, everyone is very ready to "take sides" based upon current perceptions of the issues, past issues and relationships, role within the clan. Conflict is a normal part of life, it even provides numerous opportunities for growth through improved understanding and insight. But at the time it occurs, the daily grind gets shaken up very badly, causing great unrest in the formerly well-trodden order.

The same thing happened as Azure and Krashos noticed their difference in thoughts, ideas and feelings, for which direction the Clan should take in the future.

Krashos being quite the rebel--and with his love to stir up commotions--started questioning the way Azure leads the family. In the end he started to separate and to dissociate with her ideals and started to gather other dragons that would be of the same mind as him.

Azure at first tolerated the different opinion, but still got into regular discussions with the Pearlcatcher. She did not even mind as he founded his “Treasure Hunter Team” as she herself wanted her clan to have the freedom of opinion. Still, it was hard on her. But as Krashos tried to persuade more and more clan members of his ideas, converting them to his side, Azure could feel the situation get out of hand.

That was the beginning of their famously heated arguments. Krashos loved the clan, even if his ideals differed from Azure’s sometimes. He certainly took pleasure in their arguments, and if Azure was being honest, even she enjoyed the wordy debates.

More than once a day the Spiral Mishka had to act as a buffer between the clan leader and the hothead so the situation wouldn’t end up in a bloodbath. Mishka was getting used to always calming down the two squabblers. But then the arguments were getting to the point, where Azure's former right-hand dragon Kaida, the clans strategist Fiendark and the diplomat Étaín decided it was time for them to interfere. It seemed like Krashos lived off of the Azure’s frustration and for the whole matter to have the chance to settle down, they tactfully suggested in a talk that Krashos should take a brief journey outside the clan.

For the everything to calm down a bit, Krashos decided to take the advice. He appointed his best friend and first follower Mishka as the new leader of the team and set out to travel the world. But he always has his place and home over at his clan.





My travel log

Entry 1 (Juri01)
I've spent my entire life at the clan I was born into.
Yes, I traveled... even formed a team, but there is still so much I haven't experienced yet.
So I left the team in the hands of my good friend Mishka. She will do a good job leading everyone the way we agree upon so long ago.
Part of me will miss them dearly... Part of me can't stop shaking for excitement.
What will I see? Who encounter?
It's all up to the wind now...

Entry 2 (213804 Eeyorelvr)
I entered this new land cautiously surveying my surroundings. As far as the eye could see, there were snappers of every color, pattern, and size. These would be my companions for the next few days. I made friends with some of them. One, I even fell in love with. Her name was Swampmoon and she became my mate. She laid 2 eggs and when they hatched, they were the prettiest offspring I had ever seen. One was a black-colored snapper who had inherited my tiger stripes. The other was a pearlcatcher like me who was also black in color. I loved them dearly but as Swampmoon knew, I would have to leave sometime soon. At least she would have the kids to remember me by. While in this new land, I was imprisoned for fighting with the snappers. I am a pearlcatcher after all. A large snapper named Talaat ran the prison but he was kind. He helped me realize that my actions were wrong and soon I was able to leave the prison after serving my short term and receiving parole. I was to serve my parole in the next clan I entered. This was my chance to move on and change my ways of making a living by thievery and fighting.

Entry 3 (10228 Yako)
Parole was pretty boring, to be honest. I was glad to get out of there. Since then I ended up in the Shifting Expanse, where I met a small but friendly group of dragons. Though they all live in the same lair, they seem fragmented-- the group I ended up staying with were a motley crew calling themselves the Moonlight Ramblers. They were explorers and adventurers, just like me! One of them invited me to go on a hunting trip with her. They showed me how to fight in ways I never did before-- it was intense! That's not really my thing, but I appreciate their help. I'm setting out tomorrow, before any of 'em wake up. Saying goodbye is always too hard.

Entry 4(19670 Nocturnesan)
Back to the lands of my birth again, but higher, so high! Somewhere below me lay the lair I was born in and the family and friends I left behind. I was tempted to stop by and greet them, but I turned my head upwards and left the notion behind me. The crescendo is like flying in nothing I've ever experienced before! I actually..maybe..got a bit caught up, but I was helped out by a friendly little group of fae dragons(I don't get them, but they are nice enough). And I eventually found myself on a small island where a decent size clan has made its lair. They are headed by the smallest full grown guardian I've ever met in my life. But she is clearly strong and wise. I was told I would be welcome staying as long as I wished and I could go gathering with the few others who did until then. Apparently the strange thing that draws all these dragons together is looking for eggs, hope I can help find one! I'll stay until I do..


Art by me - larger image

Art by FalconRex121

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