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NightRising » Lair » Lasca
Level 10
Skydancer Female
May 09, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryLapis Iridescent
SecondaryPearl Toxin
TertiaryTeal Runes
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins


And while I am away, nothing can hurt me; I'm just taking a break in my video games.
Lasca behaves very weirdly. She teases people for fun, says things to make people panic or worry about her for fun, and feels no regret for anything. She's messed up, and convinced nobody will truly love her because of this. Everyone who tries to get close to her is stung. She often says things that make no sense, and nobody gets. They laugh at themselves, and ignore you if you don't get it. They don't sugarcoat anything, and they're not afraid to tell you they don't care. Still, if you've spent time with her, you've roped yourself in with her, and you care about her.

The way she behaves is all because something in the past messed her up, badly. This made her so hurt she never reveals how she feels to anyone. She sees no point in life, and often wishes she could just die, or cease existing altogether. She's created a barrier to stop her from feeling guilty of all the mean things she does, and all the times she's ignored or toyed with someone on purpose. Deep inside, if she sits down and thinks about it, she can cry for hours realizing the destruction she's wrought on those who care about her. And yet, all of it stems from that one event. She only wishes for someone to love her, but the only one who ever expressed interest in her she cast away because she felt like it. Now she doesn't care about them (or about anything, for that matter), but at the same time, she doesn't know what she's doing anymore.

NAMESAKE/ETYM.— Lasca means splinter; i wanted her name to reflect something breakable as she's fragile.
HEADCANONS— she rarely sleeps, and is always tired. she likes everything to be clean, but is too lazy to set it that way. she's a lone wolf, nobody needs to help her. she's intelligent on a level far beyond everyone else, and seems to be smarter than you and know more than you on every subject. she does nothing more than scare you at your core, and make you want to hide.
Lasca doesn't want you to know.

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NightRising's Ramblings wrote:
Down this street I keep on walking
Let my other head do all the talking
I see you in the car, I feel like I’m stalking
But when you’re in the bar, everyone comes flocking

Have you heard about the crimson shades, the pouring fields of red?
I could tell you about the golden glades, the savage in my head.
I can’t speak about the words she holds, warm up to her chest
I can’t let you know the simplest thing: she thinks that you’re the best.

Your black, and your rain
Your silence, and your pain
Your life is like a movie
Like a novel she can drink

A needle in her heartstrings
A tail so shaped, as hers
Does it matter what you tell me
When I know that you’re the worst?

A river has caught me up in its flow
And I do not struggle; it will never let go
It throws and it thrashes
But for all of the gashes
I know
It won’t let go.
Kairo's Lair Reviews wrote:
*points to the door*
Take this stunning skydancer and geT OUT OF HERE BEFORE I STEAL HER AND NEVER GIVE HER BACK. The funniest thing about Lasca here? I really don’t even like blues. Or pinks, for that matter. And yet here she stands, all glorious and magnificent, in her perfect genes that bring out the potential of her beautiful colors. How do you do it? How did you manage to get a dragon this gorgeous, then gene her up perfectly? Toxin was a perfect choice–it adds some very lovely, dull pink hues to Lasca’s color scheme while at the same time sticking to the blue colors that she has. And you know what else I love about this dragon? Runes. It’s not the most visible on her, but it’s just visible enough to where it adds a very pretty touch without taking attention away from her outfit.

And while we’re on the topic of Lasca’s outfit, I think it’s time for me to tell you how much I love it. The combination of both blue and white apparel matches her colors wonderfully; it makes them stand out even more, in my opinion. However, there’s something that really bothers me about Lasca’s outfit. That m a s k. I normally despise those with all of my being–especially on skydancers–but it looks incredible on your skydancer. This just blows my mind. I think that the clawtips were a very nice addition. They really stand out and look rather beautiful. Oh, and the candles!! They look absolutely perfect, and really do give Lasca a mystical vibe.

I feel as if I can personally connect with this dragon and her personality. I too don’t quite see a purpose in life and have no idea what I’m doing or should be doing anymore, and it is because of that and more that I really understand who Lasca is as a character. She has a great personality. I truly feel that you did an excellent job describing Lasca, and you made her out to be very believable. As with so many of your other dragons, her lore is beautifully written. You did a wonderful job!


My heart ached for her beyond comprehension, but the withering soul lounging behind her dull eyes glowered at me silently. A shadow of something darker always flickered beneath the surface, but not strongly enough for me to sink my claws into. Peering at me from under her mask, it seemed as if she had far too many eyes. A mouth full of barbed teeth and a tongue likened to a bullwhip is the picture her words painted, but I would never get close enough to find out for myself.

“You see...” She drawled, her hands crawling rhythmically over the surface she was resting her arms on. “I don’t feel anything for you, like how you feel for me. I mean, yeah, you’re attractive, but, I’d rather appreciate the idea of you from afar. I’m not really into...” She gestured to the general area I was standing in. “This.”

I froze, not sure what to think. “...What do you mean?” I prodded, trying to get her to go on so I could drown myself more in her tar-like words. They were so easy to slip into, but once they started to deep into your every crevice and sicken you from the inside out, they were impossible to forget. I felt the water drawing itself over my head as she opened her mouth.

“Don’t get me wrong... I feel love, but I don’t experience it in the way you do. I only feel it in what people consider is the fleeting, selfish kind, if you know what I’m saying. And I cannot deny I’ve dreamed of this love with you, but nothing more...” Her lips curled, as if she was fondly sharing a childhood memory. “I plan on finding a mate, and starting a family... But for social status, no other reason. I don’t want children.”

Her eyes that were always slanted in an eerie gaze seemed even more chilling now. She’s peeling off my scales, tasting the flesh underneath. Savoring my organs, and then deciding that she doesn’t like my flavor.

I was deeply afraid of this emotionless monster. And yet, for two decades now, I’d been in love with her strangest parts.

How she not so subtly flirts with me but never intends to do anything. How one time I asked her to be my mate, and she tried it for a little while, before telling me to get away from her. How most of the time, she speaks in an encrypted way, or just plain nonsense that nobody understands.

One time, she pretended she was in serious danger with herself, and laughed when everybody worried. Said she was just studying how it would psychologically affect us. How she sings quite beautifully, despite never taking it seriously, but stopped singing for me long ago.

How I want nothing more than for us to be one, for her to come close and be part of my body, mind, and soul, but she had locked herself in a bomb shelter because of what had happened, and if she so much as stuck her head out the door she’d be shattered to pieces.

Inside, her hands are over her ears and her eyes are sealed in the dark, far away from my fists pounding on the door outside.

I’m not the one who can save you, Lasca. I’m terrified of you. You make my stomach hurt, and yet I want to kiss you. You’re the most toxic paradox that prowls my dreamscape.

But I have to say goodbye now, Lasca.

I hope when I see you again one day, you haven’t hurt yourself, or anyone else.

Your talons are hooked too deep into my gills, and I can no longer breathe in this ocean that is you.

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