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RedWind: Dragon Lair » Jadus
Level 1
Coatl Male
May 01, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCrimson Petals
SecondaryCrimson Alloy
TertiaryBrick Glimmer
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Spiritual Beliefs

Sith Lord








Jadus was always destined to be Force Sensitive, he could sense it since birth. But, he had a choice. Both the Light and the Dark pulled at his heart, and, in the end, he chose the Dark. It suited him well, as he was always deceiving at heart, and loved to belittle those below him,
even his siblings. Jadus embraces the path of a Sith Lord fullheartedly, merging the talents he already has as a baby from the Plaguebringer, and the skills he picked up as he became what he chose to be. As a Sith Lord, his entire being revolves around emotions, and using those emotions to their fullest potential. Anger, lust, greed, those are just the few things that can fuel a Sith Lord, and Jadus has honed them to be a weapon to destroy. He kills without mercy, and those who have lived an attack from him wish they didn't. His profession isn't perfect though. The path of the Dark leaves little room for earthly pleasures; things like the occasional fling do not effect him, even though it would effect any normal dragon. And, the path of the Light shall always be inherently stronger than the path of the Dark. All in all, the path of the Dark takes more than it gives.

Jadus is somewhere between full on psycopath, and tender loving dragon. It seems to those around him that he might have a case of split personality disorder, a worrying case to have in a dragon this powerful. On one side, he's affectionate to his Partner, and actually cares for the well being of the Clan, willing to help out with the most tedious of tasks. However, on the other, he's unpredictable and impudent, lacking manners and is quite the vulgar dragon. Some wonder why is Partner sticks with him. Though, she seems to calm his coarse interior, and is shown that she is the leading dragon in this relationship. For some reason, it works!

Jadus was the youngest out of his litter of siblings, but he was the strongest. However, he wasn't at first. While his siblings loved him, they ended up being his cause for turning to the Dark side. They picked on him, teased him, normal sibling abusing behavior, but they never apologized. In the end, Jadus left them, and pursued the goal of knowledge. He honed his mind, trained for battles of wits along with feats of combat. And, during this pursuit of knowledge, he met his soon to be Partner, Dimaus. At first, the relationship was purely based on mutual attraction and lust for each other, but, it was clear that Dimaus was not looking for a mere fling, and neither was Jadus. Flings were just nothing to Sith Lords, but, love, love was a powerful emotion. But it was also a crack in the armor. A weakness for those to exploit. It was the fear, the worry, that drove them together. It started as just a mutual need to be near each other, and soon enough, it changed into something more. Fear, worry, it changed into lust and love. Both Jadus and Dimaus realized they loved each other, and couldn't bear to be apart. Soon, they just decided, they were Partners. Both started to have adventures together, rather then apart. It was a needed change for Jadus.

Jadus entered Fjord's life when the Sith Lord and his Partner decided to end a war between Fjord's Clan, and a rival Fire clan. The two decimated the opposing front(but it wasn't a strong war party to begin with, it was just really big), and, at the end of the massacre, Jadus decided Fjord's scout, IceShadow, needed to die. He charged at the poor Spiral, who was rooted to the sandy ground, a Shadow Ambassador scared with fear.

Before Jadus could get a swipe at IceShadow, Astarot plucked him from the air and barreled him into the ocean, dragging him into the depths below the surface. Despite the odds stacked against him, it was a fair fight. Jadus was able to escape the larger dragon's grasp and flew to the surface with hurried wingbeats. The coatl sprang out of the water, just hovering over the now disturbed ocean surface. He could not fly away, as his clothes were heavy, dragging him down with every breath. But, he at least wanted to finish this fight. Jadus closed his eyes, feeling the area for his opponent, and, at that moment, reared back and opened his claws, bracing for Astarot's attack at the Guardian as he materialized out of the water. The defense proved successful as his claws were able to connect to the unguarded neck of Astarot. But, Astarot, with his superior weight and size, grasped Jadus by the neck and, as both landed in the sand from the force of the jump, was able to pin the Coatl down.

Dimaus was being restrained by Nike and Eclipse, unable to help her Partner. The Force could not help Jadus in the moment, he was too distracted. Fjord watched from afar, observing the battle with curious eyes. Then, with the click of her tongue, Astarot let go. Jadus scrambled to his feet, ducking his head and avoiding eye contact with both Astarot and Fjord. Nike had let go of Dimaus, but Eclipse had not. The Imperial did not trust the female Force User. Fjord stepped around the gathered dragons and grasped Jadus's head with a claw, bringing his head up to face her. "You have shown tremendous strength, young one. While you could not beat my Partner, you have potential, and its potential that my Clan needs," she paused and gave him a toothy grin, and Jadus took note of the blood that stained those very teeth. It was a known fact that Guardians, especially older ones, had a connection to magic, and Fjord, though not old, was in tune with this magic. She was right, this Clan held potential years of knowledge and training could not bring. When Jadus did not give her an answer, Fjord dropped his head and with a disdainful flick of her tail, left the battle ground, her clan following behind her.

Dimaus rushed to her Partner with concern radiating off her. Though she was blind, she sensed so much more than he, and therefore made her more in tune with his feelings. "You were scared the Guardians were going to kill you. I was scared the Guardians were going to kill you," she voiced, taking his claws with her own. Jadus cast a glance at the direction the war party went. "Dimaus, my dear, we have much to learn from them. Unlike the Clans we have passed, this one.. this one is special. We should stay. Start a family like you always wanted, like I wanted. This is an adventure we cannot pass up." Dimaus helped her Partner off the sand, her claws never leaving his. Knowing this was a battle she could not win, the blind Coatl let him lead her to the edge of Fjord's territory. That is where history catches up to Jadus. The two did start a family together, and while their children could not stay with them, the two trained harder, and eventually found themselves part of the same War Party that Fjord found them with. He is still the loving Partner to Dimaus, and the dark Sith Lord that is so devoted to the ways of the Plaguebringer. Oh, and he still hates IceShadow with all his soul, but fears the wraith and strength of Astarot. Never change Jadus, never change.






Bio Format by: CityTurtle

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