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Blod » Lair » Tiberius
Level 25
Guardian Male
Oct 20, 2018 (11 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryChartreuse Pinstripe
SecondaryLeaf Bee
TertiarySand Filigree
Eye TypeArcane Dark Sclera
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Captain of The Ship- X3P0t5q.png
- - - - - 42701945p.png


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Clan Records

Clan Origins
From the beginning there were only two elders who were born from a beautiful lily. The two dragons looked at each other and fell instantly in love. They knew they would stay together forever and they knew they would start a clan together. Verdandi was born from the sun, and Urd was born from the moon. Together they created a balance that gave them the gift of the past and future. Verdandi saw their future with a clan, a homely fire, and love. And Urd saw everything in the past that would lead them to that moment, every decision that pawed the road to lead them there eventually. As they grew they had that goal in mind, but before they left the safety of the Gladeveins they learned to live, hunt, love and share everything between them. While the fights and struggles were many and sometimes hard, they managed. When the time came for them to leave they were more than ready. They knew where they had to go, but it would be a struggle none the less, because life seldom goes as you want it to.

First they ended up in the Scarred Wasteland, having drifted off course. Tired and hurt Verdandi and Urd made their way into a protected cave and laid down to rest. What they didn't know was that this was Gudvi's cave and they were scared awake by a soft laugh. Gudvi was standing over them with a big smile on her face, and greeted them with a small bow. They were soon introduced when Verdandi and Urd noticed Gudvi was anything but confrontational, and together the Three of them and Rurik (Gudvi's mate) started their clan in the Scarred Wasteland. The reputation they created in the unforgivable landscape of the Plague lands was of a clan that loved to help other and that had a pacifistic World view. This lured other dragons from all over the lands to seek them out and to join the clan and soon they were a big clan to be counted on.

They soon outgrew the Cave and with a unanimous decision they all gathered up their things and decided to move to the land of ice and snow. They knew they would have a completely different life in the Southern Icefield - they would have to become nomads and wanderers - but they didn't mind. They would have to move with the seasons, to follow the beastclan hoards and the food, and they looked forward to have a more free and less materialistic life. It filled their hearts with a warm glow and they knew they had found their way home.


clan sign art (not design) by #264391

The Voyageurs
The Seid of Blot clan arrived at the Southern Icefield at the Snowsquall Tundra. This part of the Icefield was covered in pockets of wildlife and flora, and the clan decided to reside there for a while. As the winter drew closer though, they noticed that the wildlife and flora soon dwindled and the Ting decided a vote was necessary -- should they stay on the tundra and hope they could survive the winter, or would they travel to a more habitable place to see if there were food and shelter elsewhere. The majority of the clan wanted them to move on, and a decision to become a nomadic clan was forged. The Ting had it written down, that "from this day hence the Seid pf Blot clan will travel the Southern Icefield with only what we can carry on our backs and live off the land in a balanced and harmonic way." They all signed this document with their name written in blood, and in just a couple of weeks they were on their way.

They wandered for many weeks until they reached the Frigid Floes, as Place where they could make camp for a month or two while they stocked provisions and materials for the next part of their nomadic trail. During this time Verdandi and Urd knew there was more in store for the clan, and they asked Tidfrid (the clan cosmologist) to keep a look out for signs in the sky and she did. For weeks, while her fellow clan members hunted and gathered, she looked up at the stars. But it wasn't until she turned her eyes to the Sun and Moon she saw it, their clan's new purpose. With a loud shout of happiness she asked the Ting to gather the clan, and they did. When all were gathered Tidfrid told the clan she had seen their purpose written in the sky by the Sun and Moon themselves, and the whole clan was amazed. The Sun and Moon seldom spoke to any clan directly, and they understood this purpose was important enough to accept without question.

Tidfrid told them about the life of being a Voyageur, and they all listened to her with big eyes and open hearts. They were to map and document the many areas of the Southern Icefield's flora, fauna and nature. To keep records of the many changed that happened during a year, and between years, as this information would be vital later on. They were to document everything, a task everyone in the clan had the task to do. But then the Curator Pyre would compile it into a book and with Vargas help they would fly all the material to a safe place at the Fortress of Ends. Here all the information they would gather would be kept until it one day would be used for good by someone the Seid of Blot clan would never meet, and wasn't supposed to meet. The Ting wrote down another creed for the clan to follow, and it went like this: "We now have a purpose, to become Voyageurs. It is our task to document everything we come across in the Southern Icefield, be it flora, fauna, areas or clans we meet, and save this in the Fortress of Ends for a goal we know is important. A goal we will never live to see, but a goal we know we will reach with hard work and diligence."

They soon became known to most other dragon clans and beastclans in the Southern Icefield, because of their nomadic nature and their willingness to share and help. The knowledge they shared and gathered were important to everyone they came across, because to know for example where the best fishing waters were from one year to the next could be vital. Also sharing and documenting different stories and legends were enlightening as this opened up many doors to clans who loved to sit by the fire and listen to Gudvi's storytelling. And while the clan never would have thought this way of life would have been their Destiny, they accepted it without question. It was a comfortable and enjoyable life, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Organisation and Values
The clan is ruled by their Drottning Gudvi, but she has a Close relationship with the clan elders (Verdandi and Urd) and these three decide on most questions together. The Drottning then has her Ting; this is the advisors to her and the elders. The Ting has the task to gather all the clan members and vote on most questions that Gudvi and the elders had decided. If Gudvi's decision is overruled by the majority of the clan then Gudvi and the elders will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better solution to the questions they have. For this clan there is no point in making decisions unless the majority of the clan is okay with them. They want the approval of the clan so when they do put the decision into actions they know the clan will do their absolute best to make it happen.

The Ting, together with the Curator Pyre and Keeper Disa, makes sure the clan going ons gets documented and that the hoard and vault is kept in order. The ambassador of the clan (Blot) and the emissary (Vargas) has a Close working relationship since the emissary has the task to make sure that everything Blot wants to communicate to other clans, by Gudvi's orders, is carried out. The emissary is the fastest dragon in the clan, since he travels all over Sorneith to deliver messages, and they all depend on him to deliver and gather messages from all over the lands.

They have a pacifistic and democratic world view, and they love to share this with other clans and with the beastclans. They believe in sharing and taking care of their fellow dragon or creature, and they would rather talk and negotiate until they die than fight. But they do have three clan members (Freydis, Sweyn, and Jovar) they will rely on to protect the clan is they ever need to be able to run away. So far they have never been forced to stay and fight and their peaceful reputation has spread and many peace loving dragons have joined them. They believe in voting, to share what they have with everyone in the clan, they aren't very possessive of material things, and they only really have their hoard and vault because every dragon has a thing for things that glimmer and glows. They always have an extra bed or two open to travelers and they love to invite other clans to their home to share stories and experiences with.

Clan Creeds
"The Seid of Blot clan (for now on SoBc) will live in balance and harmony with nature. To always treat it with care and show the same care for its inhabitants. It's important to see us all and the nature as one, and to treat it with the respect it deserves."

"The SoBc will live with an open mind and an open heart, to always try to understand and forgive before we judge or deny. It is important to listen as well as talk. We will always be fair and just before anything. Honor means nothing without the will to be honorable."

"The SoBc will live with compassion and love in our hearts, to always help anyone in need and to love everyone without judgment. We will try to see the good in everything and always think before we act."

"The SoBc will do onto others what we want others to do to us. We will live like we learn, and never lower ourselves to the level where we retaliate. We will try to teach others our way, but we will be open to others rejecting our way of living."

"The SoBc will never strive to always have more and more. We will strive to be content, because this is the normal way to be. It is important not to reach for things we don't need, but if we do we will do so with moderation."

"The SoBc will always strive to develop ourselves both mentally and spiritually, and we will help each other to develop this part of ourselves. It is important to start to know yourself before we start to learn about others. This process is long and hard, but necessary."

"The SoBc will try to always solve problems without strife or grief. We will vote and the majority will be the deciding factor. We will listen to all the facts and arguments before a vote is cast, and then when the vote is done we will all follow it."

"The SoBc will always chose punishment, or even execution, rather than go to war. Because we all believe in a pacifistic world view where violence and needless death is wrong. We will not kill in vain, and we will always stand strong in this belief."

"The SoBc will travel the Southern Icefield with only what we can carry on our backs and live off the land in a balanced and harmonic way. We will have a nomadic lifestyle and travel with the seasons."

"The SoBc will follow their new purpose, to become Voyageurs. It is our task to document everything we come across in the Southern Icefield, be it flora, fauna, areas or clans we meet, and save this in the Fortress of Ends for a goal we know is important. A goal we will never live to see, but a goal we know we will reach with hard work and diligence."

Defence and Combat
The Seid of Blot clan believes that the idea that war and violence are unjustifiable, and that conflict should be settled in a peaceful way. It is more than just opposition to war though, as the clan promotes justice, honor, truth and rights. They don't support needless killing, and they'd much rather negotiate before engaging in any kind of conflict. They don't believe that self-defense is wrong, but they try to avoid it as much as possible anyway, because it's such a grey area. And if they do need to use self-defense they think that only violence to such a degree that you incapacitate your opponent is necessary. You should in no way kill another living being in self-defense.

If you then want to protect someone the same rule applies. You can only incapacitate someone to a degree that they can't fight back, but you shouldn't kill this attacker. The attacker and the incident should instead be brought in front of the Ting, and then the Ting will chose what happens to this attacker. If the offence is serious enough death will only ever be the alternative if there is no other way to deal with it. Death shouldn't be the obvious solution to anything.

This clan don't believe in the saying "fight fire with fire" but much rather abides to the saying "kill them with kindness". They believe that if you take a life needlessly in any way you forfeit your right to remain unreachable by the higher powers of the universe, and you might now get to experience war, death, hurt and suffering as is your due. You have now invited powers into your life that you will have to work hard to get rid of, and only acts of none-killing will make it better. It is the trial of someone who has used death as a solution, to face it yourself in every level of your life, until you have realised your mistake and made it better.

This doesn't mean that the clan is unprepared for outside attacks, but they have different strategies than most when it comes to dealing with troublemakers. Moda (the clan strategist) grew up in the Southern Icefield and she knows it like the back of her hand, and she loves to come up with awesome ways to incapacitate enemies without killing them. Her ideas range anywhere between rope and traps to snow and water when it comes to defense strategies. Even potions and the like aren’t off limits, as long as they know how to use it. It is somewhat of a game for this clan to come up with the most creative ways to incapacitate other creatures, and once a year on the day of the Solsticeblot they have a competition of who comes up with the best idea and then puts it into practice. This is both a way to practice fighting and to give Moda more ways to develop and expand her strategic ways.

The Peacekeeper is the only one who is allowed to put the Ting's decisions into action, when it comes to sentences, and she does it with dignity and grace to everyone involved. The Wardens help keep watch over the nesting and mating area, and only they are allowed to be in this area at all times. The Wardens are also the fighters of the clan, and even though they don't kill, they still know all about it. Their task is to make sure that the clan is safe at all times, and they have the authority to incapacitate and capture anyone that threatens the clan. Vanguards are the watchers and scouts of the clan; their task is to bring back any and all information to the clan about movements of potential enemies and so on. The Witcher is the spirit leader of the clan, and her task is to communicate with the spirits in all matters.

Allies and enemies
None registered at this moment in time.

Beastclans Relations
They want to live in peace and harmony with nature, other dragon clans, and the beastclans. They don't see the beastclans as enemies, and never have, and they try to work together with them as much as possible. Every dragon in the Seid of Blot clan actually have a beastclan bond with a beast each, that they either grow up with or were chosen to share their new life in the Seid of Blot clan with. They get to share their respective customs, thoughts, feelings and experiences together and this inspires everyone to keep an open mind towards dragon and beasts alike.

Clan Customs
Yearday - every year the whole clan together celebrates everyone’s birthday on a decided day. This special day can be the birthday of a clan member, or the joining day of a pair of mates. They decided to celebrate everyone's birthday at the same day since then they would never have to be afraid to forget anyone since they move around a lot.

Drakainablot - is celebrated in the winter. It is performed at the full moon and is focused on the female powers in the world. To celebrate the sleeping powers under the snow, and that the winter is turning to warmer times.

Vernalblot - this is the time where the night and day is just as long as the other, and they celebrate the lights win over the darkness. This blot is for every good and light power in the world, to bring it back to life.

Valborgblot - to celebrate the spring and the time to sow. It's at this time the sap rise in the trees and decorates the world in green and colors. This is the time to light the fires and sing and dance together. There usually is a tournament between the Winterlord and the Maylord, that the Maylord win and the winter is defeated.

Solsticeblot - a celebration of the earth's power to create and give life. It's the time of the year when the light and the good powers are the strongest. It's highly connected to food and eating. This celebrating is often held at night time and the raising of the solstice pole (dressed in birch and flowers) is a central Point in this blot. They also have the yearly competition of wit and cunning on this day.

Reapingblot - the time of harvest is a time to celebrate the earth and what it gives to us all. This is a time to thank the earth for the food it gives, and to give back so the Earth will give back even next year.

Autumnblot - it a time to celebrate the last of the harvest, when it's all done. And this is the time where the half year of light will slowly change to the half year of darkness. This is the time when the colors of summer will change into the many colors of autumn. This is a time to thank for the gifts from the light and to welcome the gifts from the darkness.

Spiritblot - is a celebration that is aimed at ancestors, the unborn, the dead and the spirits. It's a time to remember them and to celebrate them. It's a time to welcome the winter and its powers.

Turningblot - this is the celebration of the turning of the year, and to count down the long weeks of autumn into winter. This is the darkest time of the year, and many candles and fires are lit during this time. It's a celebration to gather friends and family and to remember that the darkness soon will be over, and that the turning towards lighter times has begun.

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