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DemonKid » Lair » Samantha
Level 1
Mirror Female
Dec 22, 2018 (7 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryNavy Falcon
SecondaryPeriwinkle Noxtide
TertiaryPhthalo Okapi
Eye TypeNature Rare
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Samantha, the loner

Main Theme:Right Now
(Female parts)

When Sam was born, her mother and father gave no care what happened to her. Her father was a scheming dragon who wanted power. Her mother was a dragon whose soul was corrupted. Needless to say, her life was better without being raised by such vile dragons. Though her upbringing in Gencentric wasn't too much better. Freakshow enjoyed teasing her, picking on her because of who her mother was. Her mother was another victim of his, one he wanted to get back. Sam had no powers her mother had, her only strength being fighting. He would do anything to make the hatchling unhappy. He wasn't the only one though, demons no longer in the clan joining in on his fun.

The oracle predicted she would one day meet a dragon of Freakshow's blood. Sam hated the idea, choosing to leave gencentric for a while. She trained, living on the outskirts of the clan. Besides the hatchling caretaker, Sam didn't really miss anyone. Most dragons let Freakshow do as he pleased, fearing what would happen if they spoke out. The ones who didn't know were dragons who could make him stop, but Sam never knew. She thought every dragon thought it was easier for her to be Freakshow's plaything. When she returned, her heart had hardened. She was a cold dragon, her glare enough to make most shake. Freakshow still messed with her, but even he knew to mess with her now may get him in trouble. She had no friends and didn't mind. Some worried for her future though, Mara trying to lure her to her clan of villains and ruffians. She didn't bite though, hating dragons like that. She didn't fit into any place. She was too rude and mean for Fredrick's clan, but too soft for Mara's clan even though she didn't seem it.

Out of nowhere, the future the oracle foresaw for Sam began. Freakshow, a dragon who mostly kept to himself began trying to sway females to have hatchlings with him. Sam found it weird, soon going to the oracle. Apparently, the child he'd have would be a powerhouse. Sam snorted in annoyance, thinking another Freak would be bad news. The first child he kept was an odd one. He went by Jackson and was a child of Mara herself. While he was a strong demon, he wasn't the promised child. Jackson made Sam feel odd since he kept staring at her while he was a child. When he grew up, however, he finally seemed to leave her alone. He was half demon and half Freak. She wanted nothing to do with him. Then came Liem. He was a small, weak runt. Yet he was the dragon Freakshow was promised. It turns out the oracle had lied about the child being strong attacking wise. Instead, Liem had the power to hear one's thoughts. Freakshow was furious. Liem was powerful, but he wasn't what Freakshow wanted. Freakshow took it all out on the child, beating him and abusing him verbally. Sam, after a while, couldn't stand it. She became friends with Liem, the little hatchling was so different than his father. He used his power to forge a link with Sam, letting both hear one another's thoughts to prove how much he wanted to be her friend. Leim's thoughts soothed most of the rage she felt inside, almost everything he said to her in his mind was sweet. Nothing he ever thought held malice, even his love for his father. The only painful thing he ever thought was how he was a disappointment.

After a while, Sam had enough. She was going to slay Freakshow. Leim felt horrified, the two people he loved going to fight was his true nightmare. He but his connection to her, trying to make her stop in any way. He knew his father would hurt her, maybe even kill her if she tried such a stunt as to defend him. Sam grew outraged, thinking he had betrayed her. The two fought for a long time, but Leim never actually attacked her. In her rage, she killed him. Liem reconnected their thoughts, snapping Sam out of her rage. When she came to, Leim had died. She cried for a long time, cursing herself for acting as she did. The only thing to shake her out of it was Jackson. With Jackson's help, Liem was revived, but she had to pay a price. She gave up her magic. While she never knew she had it, it had been triggered upon Liem's death. It was powerful magic, the kind Freakshow had sought out. One minute she had almost unlimited magic, then it was gone. Sam didn't care though, Leim back. Since then Sam and Jackson have both sworn to protect Leim and each other, an odd family.

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