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DemonKid » Lair » Marsh
Level 1
Fae Male
Mar 11, 2019 (4 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCrocodile Jaguar
SecondaryAzure Bee
TertiaryPhthalo Crackle
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 15 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Marsh was stolen from his fire clan as just an egg. It was during a raid on his clan. When they moved onto their land, they angered a beast clan that lived nearby. His parents fought to protect their nest but failed to keep him safe. The beast clan took all the eggs they stole and dumped them in the sea of a thousand currents. It was a death sentence for any fire dragon, so eggs stood no chance of surviving. Marsh's egg did though, halfway. It floated down the ocean and made its way into a swamp. There, he hatched. He was mostly dead when he was born, lungs full of water. His bright orange eyes dull. if not for the slime that lived nearby he'd have perished. They took him and brought him to shore. He woke up to them entering his body and exiting with the water from his body. It was painful but kept him alive. Because of some slime and water remaining in his body, his scales started to excrete mucus.

He started to look less like a dragon and more like a slime mimicking a dragon. The slime raised him. They weren't smart creatures though. Their intelligence was similar to that of an animal. The slimes treated him well though, but they didn't know everything he needed. He began to starve since he couldn't absorb things as they could. Thankfully his instincts saved him, and he scarfed down any bug that came near him. It helped that he smelled a little like a rotting corpse. He was kind of that though, his body looking like a slime's. Soon dragons began to settle on the place he called home, and his family started to get more violent. Marsh joined the slimes on attacks, dragons often confused and scared of him. They assumed he was the alpha, and slimes had jumped in intelligence. Marsh was given his name, the Marsh Lurker. They labeled him as a new kind of beast, not hat he cared or knew, and some tried to capture him. His family didn't stand idly by, keeping him safe and attacking any who came near him. Marsh, with the help of his slime family, managed to scare the invaders away.

What changed is when a lone dragon came. Marsh went to attack them, but they stopped him with ease. At this point he really had become his name, looking like he had become one with the swamp. Unknowingly he had been cursed, to do just that. The dragon was a kind one and lifted the curse. While he still looked like a being from the swamp, he was no longer made of water, plants, and slime. He was confused at first but fell over. The dragon took him, the slimes outraged. One followed Marsh, determined to bring him back. Marsh woke in a hut, the smell of food wafting from outside. Since his curse had gotten stronger in the past month or so he stopped feeling hungry. Now that he was free, his stomach roared. Marsh wiggled out of the hut, not used to his returned limbs. The dragon who had helped him chuckled. Marsh hissed at this, not liking being mocked. They bent down, and set a bowl of freshly cooked and seasoned bugs in front of Marsh.

Marsh stared at the bowl, glaring at the dragon. The dragon chuckled again, turning away and tending to their own food. Marsh slowly took a bite, before scarfing it down ravenously. He used his front claws to bring the bowl closer. The dragon watched him, Marsh recoiling and hiding. This trespasser clearly was curious about Marsh. After a week, the dragon began teaching Marsh things. Marsh's slime had been watching the whole time, and finally struck at night. The slime carried Marsh back to the swamp and woke him. Marsh at this time had learned to speak, and move. Marsh hissed at the slime, explaining how he wanted to learn more. He scalded the slime and made his way back. The slime pulled at his leg, whimpering. Marsh sighed and looked at the slime.

Marsh returned to the camp with the slime and told the dragon he'd make the beast his familiar. The slime purred at this, and the dragon agreed. After a month of learning magic, advanced speech, and other things the dragon told Marsh sad news. The dragon explained to Marsh that he needed to explore, leave the swamp. Marsh refused at first until the dragon told him if he didn't he'd regret it. Marsh didn't like what regret meant and finally chose to leave. Marsh told his slime family goodbye and left with supplies and his familiar he learned to call Slug. They were not at all sure where to go and ended up just flying around the elements. Earth was too dry, Wind was too intense, and Ice was far too cold. Finally, they settled in a swamp in shadow territory. It was perfect, except the fact a clan lived nearby. They consistently had to hide them the patrols, not strong enough to fight them. That was until just one imperial came to drink

Marsh attacked him with Slug, using strong water magic. It did nothing to the imperial, except anger him. He easily beat the large fae and odd slime. He asked them what in the world they were doing. Marsh grumbled and explained. The imperial laughed loudly at this. He said his name was Nickolas, and that his tiny clan was living near here. He apologized and said they'd leave the swamp be. Marsh glared, saying that wasn't enough. Marsh swore he'd beat Nickolas, and win the land in a wager. Nickolas blinked and asked what he'd get if he won again. Marsh blinked and said he'd join Nickolas's clan. Nickolas grinned, and the two fought again. It ended even faster, Nickolas smug. Marsh grumpily joined his clan but found he loved it. Sure, he was a pure oddball, but no one minded. While he's still bitter about losing, Marsh is happy to be here.

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