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Silverpelt60 » Den » Opal
Level 1
Fae Female
Apr 21, 2019 (4 months)
Stats Growth
PrimarySpruce Jaguar
SecondaryPistachio Stripes
TertiaryGreen Spines
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins


Opal is kind and caring, delicate in both words and physique. She likes to spend her days exploring with friends, checking out the places of the Scarred Wasteland that are meant as quarantine zones, although places where the infection has taken over also pique her interest. Opal is always one to offer a helping hand or reassuring words, and most dragons of the clan see her as an appreciated ally

Early Life
Opal was born in the lands of Arcane, and often chose to explore the glowing purple and blue forests to see their beauty up close. She often went with groups of other dragons her age, although never grew particularly attached to any of them. One day, however, Opal grew impatient of waiting for the others, and ventured into the forests alone. Before she knew it, nighttime had descended upon her.

Monsters which frequented the woods appeared from the gloom, soon circling the small Faein preparation to strike. Opal knew she had made a horrible mistake. However, before the monsters could strike, a blind Mirror came to her rescue. The dragon of Shadow expertly fought off the monsters, effectively saving Opal. The little Fae, in awe of her hero, begged to accompany the Mirror. The dragon was a wandering figure, looking for a new home, and reluctantly accepted Opal's company. Opal was ecstatic, and the two began to travel together.

Over time, the Mirror Specter and Opal became friends. The two traveled the lands in search of a place to stay, never sticking in one spot for long. Eventually, they stumbled upon a clan of Plague throughout their journeys, and decided to call it home. The dragons of the Clan of Scattered Bones, although wary at first, soon accepted the two dragons, for Specter was a fierce and humble warrior and Opal was kind and beautiful.

Opal is one of the most beautiful dragons residing at the Clan of Scattered Bones, and while most other dragons there have skills relating to combat, alchemy, magic, and other abilities to help with daily survival, Opal has found her expertise in the crafting of apparel. She weaves silks and fabrics to adorn her clanmates, her craft appreciated and definitely desired. The building of armor is, unfortunately, not in Opal's skillset however.

Opal is usually always accompanied by another dragon, most likely one of her friends. This is because none would want to see Opal hurt or injured during her stay at the Clan of Scattered Bones, since at times life within the Plague lands can be a bit dangerous. It is a flight based on survival and prospering despite the circumstances, after all. However, as all territories have their dangers, and Opal has traveled through many territories, she sometimes travels alone just to revel in the peace alone. Who knew that a walk through Plague could be so peaceful, just like a quiet stroll through any other flight?

Of course, life isn't always peaceful for Opal in the Clan of Scattered Bones. There are a few dragons which Opal doesn't always see eye to eye with. When she attempted to make acquaintances with another Arcane Fae, the likes of who was an outcast, the dragon snarled at Opal to leave her alone. This in an of itself wouldn't have been a problem, ifWinterdawnhadn't immediately tried to attack Opal afterwards. Luckily, Specter was having none of that. Other dragons Opal doesn't get alone with are a grumpy Nature Guardian Ahren, and an Arcane Skydancer Chivrey who doesn't like that he has competition with the crafting apparel, and finds it pitiful that Opal can't even make armor. However, those three are just the minority. Opal always has her warrior friend Specter to protect her, and is on good terms with most other dragons in the clan. A notable few are the Plague Skydancer Willow, who's nervous demeanor melts away in Opal's presence, the Ice Fae Praell, who does enjoy a small chat with a dragon who doesn't mind his grumpiness while he works, and the Plague Slydancer Rose who absolutely adores the apparel Opal makes. There's also the Water Coatl David, who offers a knowledgable ear and advice, as well as being great for conversation.


Opal is bisexual, and has had crushes on multiple dragons at the Clan of Scattered Bones throughout her stay there, especially on Specter. And of course, because of her flawless beauty, friendly disposition, and all around great reputation within the clan, she has also been courted by many a dragon. However, Opal has refused to take a mate thus far, for she has yet to meet the dragon that she will fall. in love with for all eternity. Secretly, she wishes to bring hatchlings into the world, knowing they will be strong as they are raised in a flight which centers around survival.

Opal's favorite color is, unsurprisingly, green. Her favorite apparels to make are laces and silks, however she is most talented at making both large and small pieces out of fabric. She is not a fighter, and despite her species' efficiency at the skill Opal hasn't really dabbled in magic either. When traveling with Specter, her main job was to scavenge and scout out for prey, but that didn't stop the Fae from collecting trinkets and creating small pieces of apparel to adorn her bestie with.


╭━━━━━━━━━╮ ╰━━━━━━━━━╯
Bio Layout: CityTurtle

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