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dragonpals » Lair » Eleos
Level 25
Guardian Male
Jan 13, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryPurple Ripple
SecondaryBlue Current
TertiarySky Basic
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins

"Look, I've found a holo Salamence! How shiny!"


He's the kind of guy who collects Pokemon cards-- not
even to play with them, just to show off the pretty
art! He's a calm, peaceful dude

The illness hadn't dampened his spirits, in spite of the way his body wasted away.

Koros had looked over him as best she could, but she knew he would be bedridden for the next few weeks. And that was only if he made a complete recovery. Koros didn't want to admit the chances to herself.

It had been an unfortunate time for illness to strike, as it was only a few days from a special clan party. Proioxis and Palioxis were still just children, and Chalcedony had just found an "utterly spectacular" ensemble. It wasn't so much an anniversary as it was a celebration of the clan's success and love for each other.

"Go on without me, dear," Eleos rasped. "I cannot bar you from the celebrations. After all, it was you who worked so hard to bring it all to life."

"I have to keep you in life as well, you know." Koros drew one of the many heavy blankets over Eleos carefully as he shivered.
He must have chills now, Koros thought. After that dreadful fever...

Eleos rumbled, shifting to get comfortable. "Join your family, my dearest."

"Well now, I think I shall do just that. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't, either." As if on cue, Gelato's chocolatey-white feathers poked through the door. Koros nodded to Gelato, whose crest perked up. He stuck his head back outside, whispering, and then padded through the door.

Behind him was an entourage- the glittering Frostknight, leading Proioxis and Palioxis; Rubyheart and Valdis, each holding bundles of Eleos's favorite flower, the Winterbelle; Violet, who seemed to be holding some sort of plush puppet; Rei and Vir, manipulating some magical lights (Rexley stuck his head through the ceiling); lovely Chalcedony parading about in his ensemble; and even sullen Mokara was milling about in the corner.

Koros smiled, and gestured to the whole crowd. "This, my dear, is just as much your party as it is mine."

Eleos lifted his head, slowly, ever so slowly. He blinked, his mouth slowly opening. A raspy sound came out of his mouth, akin to a quiet, breathy laugh. His laughter grew and grew, until it echoed about the cavernous room. "My children... My friends! My friends..."

Tears ran down Eleos's face. Koros didn't know whether to smile or not, as she wasn't sure if the tears were from pain or not. But- ah, no, it was laughter, as Eleos raised his head to the sky and laughed. His tears ran down his face, his body.

Koros stopped smiling. There was... something happening to him.

Where the tears ran, they left lightened rivulets on his deep purple scales. Most of the other partygoers had noticed as well. Palioxis and Proioxis shared a befuddled glance. Frostknight and Chalcedony didn't know how to react. The rest of the room looked on in a strange awe.

Slowly, slowly, his laughter still echoing about the room, Eleos stood, the (seemingly healthy...?) muscles in his legs flexing under his weight. The blanket slipped off of him as he stood, and-

Traced over Eleos's scales were mesmerizing, beautiful ripples. They extended to his wings, where like tiny rivers they ran together, and the dark scales coalesced.

"Thank you, my friends."

And a wonderful time was had by all.


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