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lunarpunch » Lair » Altena
Level 25
Wildclaw Female
Oct 20, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryPhthalo Jaguar
SecondaryAbyss Bee
TertiaryCerulean Runes
Eye TypeLightning Uncommon
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
ALTENA To death, we sing our praises.

xxx A girl of sharp grins and claws rivaling those of even the most sharpened swords in the land, Altena, better known by the more casual 'Allie', finds herself often at the scene of the crime, in the center of a murder case, dragging away the corpse of a dragon unfortunate enough to be targeted by her employers. She takes no pride in this dirty work, but ever since childhood, she's been the stronger dragon, the taller, more intimidating girl who strikes fear into those who she's up against. During the daytime, she works at a small store with a friend of hers, who has his own criminal business to attend to much of the time. Luckily, the shop is perfectly legitimate, selling snacks and trinkets to travelers under storms and stars alike.

At night, though, everything changes.

Sharpened claws are quick to slice those she's targeted and paid to injure, lethally or no, with mercy allotted for those she has no description of; for the terrible dragons plaguing Sornieth, however, she makes those deaths a bit more painful, with the sword at her side or the magic running through her. Precious belongings are taken without notice and replaced with replicas, insults to the families who see themselves as so much better than the many! A shimmering blue dragon appears on the stage, teeth bared in a friendly grin towards the audience, putting on an entertaining show, of drama, of music; and of murder, if one is unlucky enough to have her called on them. However, she is much more interesting than she lets herself be seen as; she is not of this world, and has fabricated a story with everybody but her partner. He understands.

Now, she runs a small mercenary company in frozen land with Senji, and while it's not the biggest, the dragons she leads are some of the toughest in all of Sornieth! She's bold, she's brash, she belongs in the trash- just kidding, she's just a common user of self-deprecating jokes-
but she's got her friends behind her, even if they're not exactly doing morally sound work.


Altena Hezul
17 (human)
Priority Ranger
chaotic n.

x | x | x | x

STORY Everyone has one to tell.


If anyone asked her for a story, she would state that ever since she was a child, Allie loved to fight- she would always rough herself up in playfights with other hatchlings, while they would be much worse off. Her dear mother never quite appreciated this, for reasons unknown to her; and she may never know, now that said mother has left her, and she is away on her own. It always seemed like it was a fear of the dirty, the unclean, the imperfect. How unfortunate- the daughter she raised is now buried in all that is imperfect and horrible!

Now, her intention was never to become this criminal she is today, on the run, hiding scars and deeper mental wounds with a loud, boldened personality and a cheerful disposition. In fact, she was a studious scholar, with full intentions of becoming a hero, like in the faerie tales her parents often read to her...but, alas, rough times fell on her lair, and the materials they used to teach soon became scarce, then left altogether. Nothing's ever fun when what makes it fun and interesting is gone.

And where fun's absence lays, Allie refuses to be present.

The Wildclaw soon fell into obscurity within the lair, only heading out at nighttime, where nobody else was walking around for fear of the wilderness and, Stormcatcher forbid, criminals. But where does one make money when the lair's dying and bleeding what little treasure you have? Well, the criminal underworld, of course! Fighting rings are a common thing where she once lived, and to make just that bit of extra cash for her father and herself, she joined one, proving herself a worthy fighter against even the toughest of Ridgebacks and Imperials. One day, however, a bit of a shady sort made himself clear to her, beckoning her to join with the promise of fame, fortune, and security; joining a mafia in all but name, she never looked back, taking assignments seriously.

Meticulous planning goes into it, even if it guilts her so to stain her claws with the crimson liquid of those she didn't get to know- but darling Altena carries out her tasks with precision, and though she's never been caught for either petty or serious crime, she knows she won't be able to keep up her facade of innocence forever. Especially when the officer after her is slowly, slowly growing on her as both a friend and a crush...oh, dear. Yeah, she's dated people in the past, lovely femme fatales and tough guys alike, but they all left her broken in many ways. The officer is different. The officer...is home, to her, now.

Now, her true story somewhat follows this general pattern, but with few crucial differences; for one thing, she was not a dragon on her homeworld, but just a lonely human, a gas station worker whose strength and agility was found out when she fought someone for money and another person saw that skill. However, the way she met her partner...it is complicated, to say the least. Say you're working for a television show, and you're an actor slated to star in a horror murder-mystery kind of show. You naturally think it'll all be done with special effects, and you'd be logically sound. However...Allie knew that this was not correct, but then again, she didn't know she was going to be on the show. She didn't even know she was on the show- her memories had been tampered with far too much to tell.

Stuck inside an invisible dome with several other teens, who she didn't know, the first person she met on her way to meet everyone was a quiet, bitter cop named Senji Nogahara- the very same Senji she hangs out with and fights alongside today. The two, though from different occupations (hers criminal, his meant to lock her kind away), became close friends in their time, even with the pressure on them to kill one another in an attempt to escape. Some gave in to the need to leave- and were punished accordingly- but the duo never did, instead being two of the people who would solve murders to single out the horrible culprits. Death reeks, but hey. If you cause it, you know how to figure out how it happened, and the two of them did just that. As soon as the few survivors finally figured out what happened and tried to leave, though, a portal opened up beneath their feet, and they were dropped into another world- as draconic entities, fangs and claws replacing teeth and nails. So weird.

Both she and Senji got up, noticing their vague similarities to one another in color and body type, though she was still much taller, pleasing her immensely. However, before they could get away to figure things out more, both were knocked out suddenly and dragged off to a lab of some sort. There, the otherworldly dragons were studied and treated as test subjects to a maniacal power-hungry scientist named Viore, but with the help of some friends, they turned the tables and made their escape to the Southern Icefield, where they are today.

Now, she's become the leader of a small band of mercenaries, who fight for money and fame in the harsh, icy expanse and across Sornieth. She keeps her allegiance to the mafia who pays her the most, of course, and would never betray them- but to help out others in a fight is one of her favorite things to do, and as long as her friend and partner is by her side, she's got no reason at all to worry about what might happen in their line of work. That's what friends are for, and that's the path she's made for herself until she can get back to her own realm.

art by Chuchuana


art by SpaceGemi!
art by Tunesmith

art by twinanthidium!!

art by UrsaTattoo



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