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lunarpunch: Dragon Lair » Senji
Level 25
Wildclaw Male
Oct 31, 2017 (11 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAbyss Skink
SecondaryAbyss Alloy
TertiaryAbyss Glimmer
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 37 / 50
Apparel & Skins
SENJI To death, we raise our flag.

xxx Nobody ever said that cops were the greatest people alive. Hell, nobody said cops were ever alive in the first place. To a human soul with vague memory of a past they no longer know, occupations that are practically impossible to have in one world are almost certainly impossible in the original. Senji, the calm dragon he is, seems to accept this at face value, though he can't help but have the feeling that his appearance in Sornieth is...well...not quite intentional. And, you know what?

He would be correct in that statement.

It's evident that Senji is still getting used to the chaos of Sornieth, how there's hardly any law to protect and how fighting is a common thing that's used for entertainment here- and not in a completely non-lethal way, either- but he doesn't completely mind it. After all, the people who he was stuck with before were...not the greatest, in his eyes. There were things about them that made him see hidden depths, the horrible parts of humanity that people would hide. Hell, he may be bad himself, but he thinks that it's obvious to some that he is. He's quiet, he's bitter, he would often not respond to people asking personal questions...a stereotypical 'bad cop', if you will.

But here, many are honest about themselves, and it's actually rather refreshing. One of the dragons he works with in his team is a former prisoner who broke out of jail, which first put him on edge and made him rather hostile, but then they explained why they were in there in the first place...a bad case of stolen identity and being framed for the murder of their own mate. Then there's the glitch, who has to struggle to keep a solid presence in this world as well, but is genuinely kind and has the need to help him and his partner out in maintaining the camp, despite the fact that she often ends up making things worse. Senji may not appreciate being a paid fighter very much, but it works. Something he's good at, that he's getting paid for...

At least his partner and best friend- and maybe more, if one looks deeper into things- is here alongside him, as leader of the crew of mercenaries inhabiting the icy fields. He's not very good with the cold, as he often wore a jacket even in the summertime back in the milder lands of his own world, but he can't exactly leave Allie alone. After all, she's the only thing he's got now; he'd rather die than lose her, and not just because of how he feels about her. There's...more to the two of them than meets the eyes.


Senji N.
18 (human)
Priority Ranger
lawful neutral

STORY Everyone has one to tell.


In a mythical world resembling Sornieth's Second Age society, there once was a human, exceptionally talented at his job, named Senji Nogahara. He was merely a young adult, but already, he rose through the ranks of detectives and officers effortlessly, as he solved crimes that stumped older generations for years with only bits of evidence. No, really, he was a prodigy- the ultimate cop, some would say.

They didn't know about what else he did to keep crime out of the streets. They didn't need to know. Corruption runs deep in the system, so why shouldn't he take it into his own hands?

But, alas, if the others didn't find evidence of his less legal arrests and 'accidental' murders of suspects, then someone else would. After all, he was taken and tossed into a sealed-off dome with several other teenagers, each with their own quirks that made them...unique. Their own special talents. They were immensely varied, the 'prisoners' of that hellhole; a medic, a psychologist, a horror writer, an actress, and many more. However, the two protagonists of this tale were opposites in their professions. One, Senji, a corrupt cop. The other...

Altena Marie Hezul. Better known to the many here as Allie, the little shop worker by day and mercenary by night. Masqueraded as the world's best street fighter, then as a top-level criminal (much to his annoyance), and finally, her true identity; a hitwoman, known as the Arsonist for her calling card of leaving the corpse to burn out in a stoked gasoline fire. Nobody knows this last fact yet, not even her partner in this world, but the fact of the matter is that it's relevant, for you see...before the teenagers were taken, had some memories removed, and tossed into a murder dome, Senji's next cracked case was about to be the case of the Arsonist. He was close to figuring out their identity, the files were still on his desk and he was looking at the profiles of everyone in that city-

Alas, fate dislikes being trumped. So participating in a cruel game of killing one another, the duo eventually became friends despite their differences, and opened up. Senji cracked smiles around the cheery girl, and Allie felt unafraid to admit that she liked things other than vandalism and fights- things that weren't commonly seen as cool at home. Like history, and mechanics, and all sorts of cool little things. The two were perfect together, best friends ready to battle. Yet, as soon as they got through the game and survived with a couple of others, they were whisked away by yet another portal, to land inside a land of pink spires curling towards eternal stars. Not to mention the fact that...well...even if they were heartless to some before, they were still certainly human in their forms. Not anymore. Now, deep blue scales covered both of them, with their hands replaced by clawed limbs and their eyes much more discerning of the environment they were in. Before they could see anything around them, however, they heard a voice scream for their imprisonment, and before the duo could see their captors...

The humans-turned-dragons were knocked out cold, had bracelets put around their wrists to keep the doors from opening for them, and were immediately tossed into a cell to be studied. They'd encountered the guards of the Talisian Centre- a facility based on the premise that everything that isn't normal is to be captured, contained, studied, and...disposed of. They learned this from a friendly technician who was happy to hotwire their cell door and cause it to open whenever they needed to get out. (She later disappeared, and when Allie asked where her friend went, the Skydancer visibly paled and made an excuse to leave. Both knew what must have happened to her.)

But...they bided their time, and made allies. A small fae, whose magic was invincible at sunset; a 'glitch' in this world who considered herself to be more than what she was to those who kept her powers controlled; a cultist who, despite reminding them very much of the enemy they'd just beaten before being tossed into this world, was much calmer and treated them better than the leader of the lair, Viore. Among others, these three dragons would help them storm the lair and hold back the horrid personnel, giving them the restraints that they'd been under before and dragging them along with them to a remote spot in icy cold territory. Declared the de facto leader by the others, Altena soon made the group into a useful band of fighters, and all the while, Senji has been at her side. Likely, he always will, because she's the one who helped him at his worst.

Does she have to be so cute to him, though? Who knows. One day, he might even confess his love for her...

art by Chuchuana!

art by KintsoBean aaAAAA SO CUTE-

Happy Samhain from Glass Eye Hatchery!

(for anyone wondering, this is a dragon based off a friend's oc)

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