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lunarpunch » Lair » Selene
Level 11
Skydancer Female
Feb 01, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Petals
SecondaryMidnight Butterfly
TertiaryLavender Capsule
Eye TypeShadow Rare
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
In Space
I hope this message finds you and you won't feel so alone, even if I never make it home...

Selene's been described as a strange sort of entity. She's always around, yes, but she never seems to touch the ground- or anything, for that matter, like she's not there at all. Her kindness is unrivaled, and she has lots of knowledge about the universe...or so she says. In reality, the way she illustrates the stars is completely different to Sornieth's common understanding, and many see her ramblings as nonsensical, otherworldly at best. The dragon has a strange gait, preferring to move in a bipedal manner rather than on all fours. However, many of the mercenaries elect to ignore this, as she hasn't been spotted removing resources, nor has she ever bothered anyone, instead spending her time in the library studying or wistfully staring up at the stars.
It has come to the attention of the mercenaries that Selene appears to have some peculiar traits, though. Smoke always seems to come from her body, especially her eyes and mouth, curling around like little spiral galaxies in the darker parts of her. Little glimmering dots, like stars, are found inside as well, and she never appears to close them. Her voice is barely there, described as more of an intrusive thought than an actual noise being produced. She rarely moves her limbs or wings, and appears to float everywhere, leading some skeptics to speculate on her status- it's commonly assumed that she is either dead or not entirely on this plane of existence. Most choose to believe the former, as it is simpler and spirits are common on Sornieth.

And even though I'd always dreamed of going to the stars...
Selene's affinity for the stars had been known ever since she was a child, so many years ago. Before the crash- before her life spiraled into limbo, and before she was doomed to an eternity of suffering. As a young girl, she often saved her money for telescopes, despite all appearances and traits pointing to her being an actress or musician of some sort. Yes, she was rather beautiful by societal standards, but she also took great interest in what lied beyond the atmosphere, the dreadful earth she was confined to. All the money she saved from work went towards telescopes and models for her room, and rather than write, she got her hands dirty in the scrap metal shop, welding together bits of old signs and cars to make her model for a little ship of her own. Of course, she was noticed by various schools of great prestige, who saw her as the next great engineer of the time, and she flew through school without many issues.

At school, she met her first real friend in years, for she'd forgotten her social strengths in her pursuit of the stars- a young mechanic named Alex, who found themself, indeed, at the center of her universe. Alex shared her passion for the stars, as well as a few of the other things that even she forgot she once loved- skating, murder mysteries, and all sorts of inaccurate sci-fi messes that enraged her, yet made her smile like a madwoman. The two of them fell in love quickly, as if it was meant to be. However, just as tragedies go, the perfect lovers never stay together, for crossing the stars brings unforeseen consequences unto those foolish enough to dare. Soon, it was time for Selene's first- and last- expedition into space. It was only supposed to be a simple trip to the space station and back.

The launch went off with no issue, of course, as her work was flawless and she insisted that every little thing be inspected once, twice, one hundred twenty-seven times; well, maybe not that much, she's not that much of an overachiever. But everything was checked many times, and as she boarded the space station in her suit, she knew she had achieved her first dream of many- be just that much closer to the stars, to the massive planets bound by glorious rings of cosmic debris, landing on one of the moons and feeling the dusty rocks with her gloved hands. Her research took a back seat to this daydreaming, her journal being covered in doodles of little objects and love notes to her beloved back home. Speaking of dreams, that was her next...sure, they might have been a bit young, but they were fated for each other. Alex loved her. Selene loved them. The engagement ring could be made from the dust of the cosmos, the stardust which so bound all living things to one another, proving that undying love keeping them close and pulling them together like a black hole.

It doesn't end up that simply, unfortunately.

Being so distracted, and with the other astronauts being somewhat incompetent in comparison, led her to ignore the leak in the air tanks. Of course, one of the others noticed, and quickly opted to gather up the others and explain a better plan to them while Selene herself was distracted by her research. They all agreed that she was the one most likely to succeed and get all the recognition for the mission, so why not just let her die, and claim the pity of the masses, since the ship was going to lose oxygen, then power, then its height? So, while she was sleeping, the group of plotting scientists took the only escape pod remaining, jetting back to earth to make their false report to HQ. Everything was going to be absolutely, positively fine....until it began to fall, towards the planet it'd come from.

Selene had no time to think- what was she going to do in a death-or-death situation? Her first thoughts were to turn on emergency power or oxygen flow, but both lines were cut, too clean to be an accident. Of course her crew wouldn't do that to her, though, for they were so kind to her, supportive, even...hell, she told them about how she was going to get engaged to her lover, and some of them cheered her on, described their own marriages and how proud they were of her finally getting the courage. She was never a shy girl, though, just...not loud. No time to think on that, though, she thought idly as she went around doing anything she could to prolong the inevitable. The station was plummeting towards terra firma, and she wasn't going to make it, no matter if she believed or not. So...she did what she did best back then, and went to write. The last pages of her journal were quickly filled with the broken promises, wishes she was never able to fulfill, and so many scrawled 'I love you's that it wasn't even a coherent thought anymore, just a mess of fragments from a woman begging for any chance at another life. As she felt the ship around her begin to burn up in the atmosphere upon reentry, Selene smiled calmly, closing the book and holding it to her chest, muttering her final words before crashing down.

"If...I were to be reincarnated...I would like to be something that can fly...so I can see my partner again."

When she woke again, she found herself in a pile of charred scrap metal, with only the haze in her mind and her thoughts occupying her under the stars. Strangely enough, it seemed to her that she was under a different sky, with the moon in another position and the stars scattered about in an entirely different matter- with no familiar constellations in sight. Selene couldn't remember what she was doing beforehand, nor much else besides her name and the fact that she was an astronaut. Surprisingly, she adjusted well to the altered body, stretching her soft purple wings and yawning. The faint smell of smoke filled her lungs, and she couldn't tell if it was a part of her or the rubble nearby.

The only thing she knew for certain was that she was looking for someone important to her, and that they weren't around here- the stars dappling her scales blinked, as if in recognition of her thoughts on the matter. Therefore, she quietly moved away from all that she once knew, heading towards an uncertain future, dooming herself to an endless search for something long gone.
art by Shraider!
art by Wyrmilius!



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