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Foxe » Lair » Solstice
Level 25
Mirror Male
Apr 15, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySunshine Vipera
SecondaryFire Daub
TertiaryGrey Spines
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Courageous, daring, reckless, and confident.
"We are all ordinary. We are all boring. We are all spectacular. We are all shy. We are all bold. We are all heroes. We are all helpless. It just depends on the day."

Nowadays, Solstice considers himself the kind of dragon who'd do anything for the greater good or in the name of vanquishing evil, but in his earlier years he was quite overconfident and brash. He acted without thinking of the consequences, leading to many situations where his fellow clanmates had to bail him out of situations caused by his own naivety. When it comes to his flight allegiance, he honours his plague roots while acknowledging that the sunbeam ruins are likely much safer for his clan as a whole. He also has an unusual fascination with fire, and often insists on Ametrine trying to create fire with his magic abilities, despite the imperial's insistence that he's a shadow dragon and not a fire mage.
His unusual insistence on rescuing abandoned eggs and hatchlings stems from his feelings of betrayal from his childhood, though what he doesn't realize is that it was his own parents' bodies that surrounded his egg and kept it safe as he grew within it. They were from fire and light respectively and had fallen to the contagion of the scarred wasteland, leaving their only egg to grow and hatch into a powerful plague hatchling.

Solstice's earliest memory is that of the interior of a green, smooth egg. He was kept warm by the rotting of the bodies around him, fallen to contagion. When he eventually hatched, on the night of the solstice, he found himself amongst the putrid smelling corpses of dragons and beasts alike, their remaining skin covered in pustules of green and yellow infection. He fled from there as soon as he was able to, surviving on fish he found floating belly-up in green rivers and whatever meat he was able to scavenge. As he grew in size he also grew in power, and through his fear he found strength. He didn't know where his parents were, or why he was alone in the world, but he was determined to find his place no matter what it took.
It took him many months to find a place where tendrils of living contagion no longer reached to grab him as he passed. Rather, this place was a wasteland of bones- and although to many dragons it may have seemed intimidating, to Solstice it was a place of refuge. When he found a small cave that was uninhabited in the side of a barren rock face he made it his new home, and he made it his mission on that day to help any lone hatchling or egg he found. He never wanted another dragon to go through what he did- alone, scared, and uncertain in a land filled with sickness.
He grew comfortable but lonely in his home, and made a habit of frequently searching the perimeter of his territory not only for food but for companionship. Although occasionally he would catch glimpses of a beautiful seafoam green dragon, they would never speak to him, only laughing softly when he tried to make conversation before slipping back into the shadows as if she'd never been there at all.
He eventually gained her trust, though her dark past made it quite difficult. She joined him as his mate and it wasn't long after that they met Ametrine, who also decided to live in their small clan. Though the path has been rough, Solstice has fought hard to do what he feels is best for his clan. He's determined to keep them safe at whatever cost, and with Jade at his side, he feels like he can take on the world.



Neutral/Lawful Good




Solstice has an unusual fascination with fire, and enjoys observing the creatures that can move through it unscathed. He also enjoys sunsets and collecting red stones.
Anyone who brands themselves as pure evil. He feels like anyone who would abandon their hatchlings counts as this, which is why he rescues so many. He also dislikes scented grass (allergies), members of his clan falling ill, and the smell of pumpkins.
He enjoys hunting and fighting alongside his mate Jade, as well as fishing for fun whenever he gets the chance. Sometimes he'll hunt for gemstones to give to her.


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