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Russette » Lair » Cencha
Level 25
Tundra Female
Jun 04, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryThistle Bar
SecondaryRose Spinner
TertiaryGold Glimmer
Eye TypeArcane Rare
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Matriarch
Compassionate | Loving | Composed

“Put your whole heart into everything you do.”
NmlX1sg.png Role: Clan Leader ○ Progenitor
Faction: Council
Partner: Dintris
Familiar: Zodicea the Juvenile Starsweeper
Likes: Cooperation, magic, serenity
Dislikes: Unfairness, thunderstorms
Pronunciation: SEN-chuh
____While growing up with her family in the magical lands of the Starfall Isles, Cencha was told that adventure must be found and pursued, it is not given to you. So when she reached an age appropriate for her to function independently, she ventured forth in hopes of finding an exciting, worthwhile life. She loved the Starfall Isles with all her heart, as an Arcane being through and through, but left because she honestly believed she had no other choice. Abandoning her homeland caused her great pain, but Cencha trudged onwards. She traversed the lands of Sornieth for weeks, hoping something would perhaps just pop out at her and scream "I'm your new adventure!" But she wasn't exactly sure what she was looking for, a problem that followed her all the way to the Shifting Expanse.

____Her spirit waning, Cencha coasted over the charged desert lands aimlessly, every hour amplifying her pessimistic thoughts of failure. As the sun began to set across the rolling dunes, she felt an alarming urge to look down. Deep in the recesses of the Carrion Canyon, she spied a dragon. She approached him, and upon learning he was hurt, tended to his injuries. The dragon was a Guardian named Dintris, driven nearly to death by his determination to find a Charge. Something between the two just clicked, and together, they made their way slowly back to their homeland, working through their issues all the way there with each other's help. Clan Syncraci was founded shortly after their arrival, as Cencha realized she could live her own life without leaving the place she loved so deeply.

____Despite her unusually small stature compared to other dragons of her breed, Cencha is as tough as steel claws. Although most of her memories are muddled and difficult to recall in clarity, she remembers how she was always the one to keep her friends in line when they became too rowdy. She is used to disorderly behavior and knows exactly how to snuff it out, making her the perfect candidate for top dragon in her clan. She rules with firm, but kind claws, and those who know her well hold deep respect for her because of this characteristic. She is first in command of her ever growing clan, with Dintris at her side. A select few of her children have remained in the clan, while others have left to find their own paths. She finds it annoyingly hilarious that almost all of her children are larger than her.

____While she is the primary head of the clan, she considers Dintris her equal and does not like naming herself the only leader. A few of her ideals are different from those that she was taught growing up: her allegiance to the Arcanist is true, but she does not agree with some aspects of dragon culture. She refuses to exalt any hatchlings born to the clan, and to date has never forced a member to give up their place in favor of leaving to serve the flight. She dislikes how normal exaltation has become; her clan is a safe haven for those who are willing to do their part.

____Her ideals were challenged when Usepton and Theyna came to the clan. Cencha was given a new perspective on exalting; the two parents had many hatchlings together, some of which had gladly been exalted to honor their flight. Soon after the couple's arrival, a Water-eyed female Tundra named Jenac was hatched. She stayed in the clan for a short while, always appearing to be in a day dreamy, hazy state of mind, until one day she nearly begged the Matriarch to let her go serve the Arcanist. While adamantly against it at first, with the support of Dintris and the encouragement from Usepton and Theyna, Cencha was able to let her own morals shift for the sake of another. Jenac became the first dragon to ever be exalted from Clan Syncraci, happily bidding Cencha a goodbye and flying away to serve the Arcanist. As a sign of good faith, the couple sent their Ridgeback son, Rumanen, alongside Jenac to serve their new deity. Cencha has been forever changed by this event.

____She has gained so much experience from her time as clan leader, while keeping her kind nature intact by graciously allowed new dragons to join her group no matter how they may seem on the outside. Cencha is proud of the life that she has made for herself. She truly enjoys her position and is looking forward to the years ahead.

____Partners with her right hand Guardian, Dintris. The two have had ten children together, more than half of which have left, the other four still residing within the clan. Their first two, Genida and Iftin, are both veteran leaders at this point in time. She keeps a strong bond with all of her blood relatives, but cares for each clan member as if they were her own. Nisco was adopted along with her first clutch, and Jenactel was also brought in more recently. A few good friends of hers from the earlier clan days include Omden, Beltraff, and Linirtine. Ensost and Etstra are essentially family members. She also has a deep familial bond with Malentier.

____Cencha became even more of a formidable leader by expanding her horizons with physical training and taking on monsters tougher than she should have been facing. She used to be a primarily magic-based fighter, but took on offensive training when the need for strong dragons became a priority for the clan’s safety. She loves magic, but knows that a clan leader should have the ability to defend their dragons to the best of their ability. She decided that the only way to ensure security would be pushing her limits to include the tangible aspect of fighting. She ended up liking it more than she thought she would, and is now fully capable in both subjects. With Dintris as her partner, and Etstra as their powerful ally, the trio is one of the most powerful forces in the clan.

____Her personal hoard includes feathers, beads, and string that she uses to craft items. While at first only a hobby, her skills advanced over time. Many of the birdskull pieces worn by members of the clan were created by Cencha and given as gifts.


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