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BlackRayser » Lair » Fearghas
Level 2
Imperial Male
Jan 06, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAbyss Skink
SecondaryAbyss Spinner
TertiarySteel Opal
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

The Ancestral Historian


Mushroom & Mildew

Disease Contracted

The Origins of Forging

The Purity of Fire

BtysqvC.png xeBualG.png BtysqvC.png
Fearghas is a lonely, independent and stubborn dragon, born in an ancient Plague clan. Passionate about mysteries and fascinated by the effects of the many diseases present in his native territory, he enjoys collecting and studying poisonous plants that often carry such infections.

The Imperial becomes a botanist and scholar of fungi and molds, who examine the transmitted diseases. During his research into a catacombs in search of ancient artifacts, he contracted a dangerous infection that slowly led him to lose strength and, soon after, his senses. He was saved by an unknown Coatl that heals the infection. In debt to the fire dragon, he decides to follow him in the Ashfall Waste to study and document the origin and development of Flamecaller's children.

Currently, he's working on two new tomes: The Origins of Forging and The Purity of Fire, but his masterpiece is The Clan Lore of the Adventure's Guild. You can read it below or you can learn more about the Guild by reading the new book about its culture and traditions: Burning coals under the ashes

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BtysqvC.png bwGEYpL.png BtysqvC.png

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there lay a small village at the edge of the sea.
In this village, built between cliffs of lava rock and magma pockets of the Molten Scar, lived a clan of the Fire Flight, founded right there a long time ago by the brave Trogdor, who first placed his paws on that black sand.
Since that day, the lair has grown and many different dragons have joined the clan, all paradoxically united by a single purpose: their passion for travel and discovery. Some adventurers wander along Sornieth, others along the Ashfall Waste and still others simply explore the village and all its curious features.
Everyone has their own way of being an adventurer and sharing their experiences with others. Experiences thanks to which Findeladlara, the skilled cartographer, recreates precise and sumptuous maps useful to all explorers.
That's why the clan has been named the Adventurers Guild.

icon_lair.png Appearance & Buildings icon_lair.png
The Guild is geographically located in the south-east area of ​​Molten Scar. Right overlooking the sea. It is protected behind by small sediments of lava that create sweets but high hills and it is possible to reach the clan only by crossing them or facing the impetuous sea currents that hit the cliff. A little further north, towards the Great Furnace, there is the Arts Sanctuary, the Maps Archive and Treasury. To the west, just before the sea, you can find the small Graveyard and the Hall of the Remembered. Dragons's dens are generally obtained from underground caves dug at different depths. The bigger they are, the higher the social status of the owner. Exactly at the center of the clan, in a large circular space with a soft and uniform ground, you'll see the wide Market and the main trading center of the entire Guild, presided over by the burgomaster, Lena.
On special occasions, the clan usually decorate the structures with bows, ribbons, flowers and small enchanted bonfires. This usually happens during a dominance, for the Flameforger Festival or for a wedding. The first decorations are Ookinaha's duty. She's the clan gipsy, which brings her bright colors and her knowledge of tarot, palm reading and much more. However, the lord of weddings is Northrop. The coatl dedicates heart and soul to ensure that the special day of the couple is the most beautiful of their lives.
The Guild has its own flag symbol: a map marked with an X, which can be seen waving along the borders of the inhabited territory.

icon_bestiary.png Government icon_bestiary.png
Trogdor and his mate Angouleme are the Alpha of the clan since its origins. The Guardian is a right and strong leader who always does his best to protect the Guild's members. To help him in this burdensome administrative role there is the Council of Forerunners, formed by those who first settled into the lair: the wise and elderly Furyrage and Skye, founders of the Arts Sanctuary; the stubborn CrimsonFlames, captain of the guards; the expert archaeologist Dahra and the small but fiery sorceress Asteria.
The Council is responsible for managing food collections, maintaining the structures and the safety of all the lair's members. The strict laws are few but necessary, and the two most important are united by the same principle: respect.
► Respect for others. Since the Guild reunite many dragons of different species, sizes and Flights, it is a must that they all give and receive the same kind of attention.
► Respect of property. Those who are caught stealing or committing even more serious crimes can serve sentences from a minimum of imprisonment to a maximum of exile.

small_message.png Foreign Relationship small_message.png
Seeing as the significant amount of culturally diverse dragons, the presence of diplomats and ambassadors was necessary within the Guild.
Precious, for example, is concerned with maintaining relationships with other compatriot lairs and she is always helped by her faithful butler, Reginald. Being the Ashfall Waste populated mainly by Coatls, Precious has long begun to research and study a method to allow her species, the Fae, to communicate clearly with the indigenous population.
Eleven Ambassadors, belonging to each region, organize intercultural exchanges throughout Sornieth, helping the Guild to expand its horizons. These dragons are recognizable by the magical emblem that shines on their heads.
Kyrosh8.png - Gymnothora5.png - Ethalyn11.png - Altair9.png - Necrosis2.png - Paesina1.png
Sibir6.png - Oxides7.png - Maestrale3.png - Narwhal4.png - Fukarn10.png
Even if they are not part of the dragonkind, Beastclans need an Ambassador to represent their rights, too. Nothing is known about this mysterious creature. Just it's name, HollowT9JxftI.png
It's ethereal, strange, but neither known nor seen. Who will ever hide behind that mask? We may never know...

The clan mainly contacts are the White Claw 6.png lair of Cloudscrape Crags and the lair Springfall 3.png of the Zephyr Steppes.
Between Trogdor, the leader of the Guild, and Tempesta, the leader of the ice clan, runs a rather special relationship. The two dragons esteem and respect a lot each other, but they don't lose an opportunity to challenge in bizarre fights of supremacy. Trogdor has even hired Eliudhnir, a clever Bogsneak spy, to keep an eye on his glacial nemesis.

Despite the good tolerance of the members of the clan, however, there are some dragons that struggle to relate with others. The species that are more subject to prejudice are Snappers, Mirrors and Tundras, especially if they belong to Flights like Light, Plague and, recently, Earth.
And yet, the only dragons that appear to be free of this detachment are the Gen One. These subjects are deeply respected within the Guild, regardless of their element or their race, this because they are able to generate a completely new and unexplored line of descent.

gathering_icon.png Organisation forsale.png
Within the clan, many dragons taking up a specific role that helps the Guild grow and become stronger and more independent, but not all of them contribute to supporting the clan. Some simply follow their own passions and interests, sharing what they can with the Guild.
CrimsonFlams, the captain of the guards, patrols the territory, worrying of reporting and stopping any invaders or to intervene with his soldiers in case of hostile enemies. At his side, we find four brave lieutenants: the young magician Umber, the mighty Chieftains Hereford and Fulyvithur and the noble knight Hosimo.
All these brave warriors equip an armor forged by Tobaru, the coarse blacksmith who runs the "There Be Smoke" forge.
Specific members deal with the gathering. These are Sadachbia, a botanical scholar and an excellent connoisseur of indigenous and foreign plants; Fryldryrth, botanical expert and entomologist; Seepferdchen, marine biologist and great explorer of the seabed in front of the Asfall Waste; and Averla, the respectful and lone hunter. All of them bring their own ingredients to Caracalla, the "Frosty Eggs" tavern's manager and lunatic cook of the Guild, who together with Katy, the sweet patissiere, prepares excellent dishes for all members of the clan.
Furthermore, all dragons possess a familiar to take care of. They are friends, pets and faithful companions. Some use them as helpers in their jobs and many of them are really skilled workers. In the clan, also live some "passing" familiars. These creatures spend some of their time with some dragons and then, when the time comes, they abandon the Guild to rarely return.

icon_wing.png Members xtBnnjY.png
In addition to the previously mentioned dragons, the Guild has many other members with different characteristics.
In the medical field, the health of the clan is entrusted to Hypolikas, the adventurous herbalist always looking for new plants to study, helped by the aloe-dragon Lilies; to Mythzega, the sad outcast who provides the ingredients for decoctions and herbal teas that Asteria prepares with extreme care, and Proto, the real specialist surgeon who takes care of healing and operating the dragons with the most serious problems, be they physical or mental.

Some artists also live in the clan. Murano, the glassmaker, composes wonderful and extraordinary works with blown glass obtained with specific materials that only he can obtain through a contact in the Springfall clan; Macbeth is the playwright that, together with her skilled actors, always stages tragedies, comedies and satire worthy of the best theatre; Palladium is a skilled painter, he portrays without any difficulty any subject or landscape and loves to share his art with the other artists of Sornieth. Tourmaline and her daughter Cheshire are the clan poetesses and bards, renowned for their sweet and melodious compositions, appreciated and known also in the adjacent regions.

It is appropriate, at this point, to mention the Arts Sanctuary, a temple in which Furyrage and Skye instruct young dragons, teaching them to correctly dominate their own element and their mind. With them, we also find Umber educating the hatchlings on adventure and respect for life and the environment in which other creatures live, while Beatrid teaches them to read and to write. Other occasional teachers are Loonh, who teaches to observe and know the stars, so that they can never get lost in the night and Faglia who shows how to recognize a true archaeological find from a common stone.

Another important matter for the Guild it is the education of the little ones and every parent takes care of their own with extreme dedication, but as their skills are required elsewhere, Lara takes care of the hatchlings, helped by the matriarch, Rivin, who often enchants the youngs with his adventurous stories of past ages. Eftereth, despite being represented as an adult, is actually a young teenager who still has to reach maturity.

Since the large amount of material recovered during the explorations, many dragons can't store in their hoards more than some precious objects, and so the real treasures (whether archaeological or not), are often donated to the Arts Sanctuary, which exposes them like a museum, or kept in the big Treasury presided over by the eccentric Schatzmeister.
All these exchanges and communications are entertained by Villentretemerth and his mother Naakhlet who are in charge of delivering mail to clan members. They are diligent, very attentive to their goods and always discreet in delivering the news.

Then we have Thermistor, the inventor of a thousand ideas, always sure that it's possible to create something new every day. He is curious, tireless and always ready to make the mind shine with some new extravagant invention. But if on the one hand we have a dragon who advocates mechanics and progress, on the other we find a fearless defender of wild nature. Sycamore is perhaps the most grumpy of the lair. Since he was born and raised in the forest, he doesn't tolerate anyone being disrespectful. Sometimes he doesn't even allow dragons to step on the grass and this always causes numerous quarrels and arguments. Fortunately, Diana and Callisto, also benefactors of nature, always manage to mitigate the spirits and convince Sycamore that no one intends to hurt the Scorchered Forest and that the ashen and ardent climate is part of its ecosystem and it is not the fault of some pyromaniacs.

At this point, we have to introduce some black sheep, after all it would be utopian to think of a clan of only happy friends.
There are some dragons that certainly don't make cohabitation simple. Thoroneh, the black market magnate, is willing to do anything to get what he wants, also some rumors say that he exploits poor Cunegonda as "prize" for his most trusted henchmen. Then there is Filthy, the bog from the tormented past which often scares the other members because of her horrible appearance. Another troublemaker is the ghost Arthur, brought back to life after a badly ended necromancy experiment, which is convinced to be the king of Sornieth and goes around playing pranks to those who don't bow before his majestic figure.
Nevertheless, Rastaban and Phyliala are certainly the couple from which everyone prefere to avoid. Despite being skilled marauders of ancient tombs, they have the reputation of being unscrupulous and cruel against anyone who approaches their treasures. There is a rumor that they even attacked and sometimes killed dragons who stood against them. Phyliala, despite being blind, is skilled, silent and hits merciless and terrible like an emperor. The male ridgeback, however, with his armor of Bloodscale looks like a menacing three-headed cerberus that often terrorizes the little sorcerer Mealgwyn until he shudders like a leaf in the wind.
However, Inferis is the one who causes the clan more trouble. He is a wicked thief who stoles from the other dragons anything from food to treasure. Despite the exhausting research, every track on his position seems to vanish into air and despite the years of dragon hunting, no one has ever managed to capture him.

11.png Spirituality 11.png
The Guild has always been faithful to the great mother Flamecaller, but their spirituality is not so substantial. The only one that makes the difference is Chiesa, a priestess of Stormcatcher, who has long sought to convince other dragons to lend loyalty to her Master, without success.
Exalting a dragon is very rare within the clan and these occasions take place exclusively in the name of the Mother. The rites are preceded by sumptuous farewell ceremonies presided over by the priestess Reykjanes who also takes care of their memories to posterity through small altars in the Hall of the Remembered.
Next to the Hall, you can see the little graveyard with its stone monoliths, guarded by Kroghana, the undertaker.






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