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TheGodOfStories » Lair » Azael
Level 1
Pearlcatcher Female
Jul 09, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Iridescent
SecondaryBlood Facet
TertiarySanguine Opal
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Azael Kardazaleth
Role • Role
Conniving • Immoral • Powerhungry


» ══════════════════ ═══════════════════ «

”It’s probably immoral, we’ll see.” | Theme |

The Piratest-Pirate That Ever Pirated • Pretty much Invader Zim if he were a competent villain

» Pearlcatchers have been revered within the cult for hundreds of years, their rare opalesque congealments and dragon ivory once praised for on the alien market. Roundhorns however have been a rare mutation even since the race’s planetary days, and many meanings and superstitions surround their presence.

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"What goes up must come down, right? And when shooting for the stars, you either hit the star, or you miss and the bullet might come back down for you. You can't succeed if you don't try. And if someone succeeds without trying, well that's not what nature intended."

-Azael with no surname kind of like how the Joker's backstory is left unknown?

-Forehorn is melted into latter horn.
-Azael has no pearl, or rather, he has a faux pearl.
- As a teenager Azael sacrificed his pearl for the Plaguebringer and believes that in giving up a pearlcatcher's most prized possession, (and in turn, the natural urge to create a pearl) the Mother had gifted him with such a relentless connection with his element.
(Waxing over old memories with the action of freshly coating a pearl in order to move on from events and grow)
-He believes Pearlcatchers are a weak breed and having the need to carry around a pearl is weak. He simply believes carrying around such an object shows weakness, and by not carrying around his own, he thinks himself superior to other Pearlcatchers.
-People are unaware where this belief stems from. It is debated but it is likely Azael was brought up by only other breeds, and his pearl was likely reseased for a 'better cause'. (ie. His cult upbringing.)

-Or maybe he's more like Lorne Malvo

These places have a lot of the same stuff. I'm too lazy to keep track of what is missing where.. bleh

Link to Cult research by FlyingButtress

My Notebook.ai with the rest of my SFR and Azael lore

A Google Doc with some more lore and stuff. (this one is more up to date and I mainly write new stuff here)

Why don't I write any of this stuff in the same place

Alright he's a very eccentric speaker. He's like the Joker in that way.

The drake's tail flipped back and forth behind him like a playful feline.
"Oh don't look so surprised."
Azael raised his chin to glare down on his captive. His lip quivered, showing one side of his gleaming fangs--Something odd for a Pearlcatcher, indeed. He then turned to walk off to the side, pressing a few buttons on a keypad and nodding up toward a screen above both their heads.

"You break into my ship, to pillage from me, and you do not expect to be captured? Let alone, found out? Hmhm. You are a puzzle."
His voice was like torn silk. It broke and dragged, bouncing off the corners of the walls in an eerily enticing way. The dragon started to bear his teeth again, but suddenly stopped and retured to a more tired, content and nearly flurtatious look.

"You know, if you wanted to meet me you could have just sent a letter. We may be pirates but we're not uncouth enough to not have a billing address."
The captive crinkled its nose and Azael mirrored the action.

"What? You don't like me? Or is it the smell?"
He cocked his head, his pierced ears flopping to the side while his fiery mane continued to crackle upwards sending embers onto the ceiling of the docking room.

"Must be the smell. Yes, I've been told fire and flesh don't mix very well. Funny though--smells quite pleasant to me. Don't you agree, boys?"
Azael finally let the smirk he had clearly been holding back, slip widly across his pale face. He let out a huff from his nose as a few of the guard dragons nodded and chuckled. Azael hummed a moment as he noticed a bright fae from the corner of his eye. It fluttered near his head as it delivered its message.

"Alright alright, get him out of my sight. Put him in the brig--and don't count on gettin' out anytime soon. In the meantime, Feral, send the rest of his lackie crew a message. We wouldn't want them to worry about where their little friend is, hm?"
The drake sent one last icy glare in the direction of the captive as he was drug off the docking bay and down the fleshy hallway toward the brig.

Cheesy interview for nothing more than entertainment and lazy world building? yees

Interviewer: So this week on RisingNews, I was lucky enough to get an interview with the not so famous, but more infamous, Captain Azael of the--Ehm. What was your ship called?

Azael: The Plaguecaller.

I: Oh, yes. She's.. Quite a lovely ship. Definitely unique.

A: Ah you don't have to lie. She's a grotesque monstrosity, but she's my grotesque monstrosity.

I: Quite right. And besides it's appearance, what makes this ship of yours so unique?

A: Well of course I wouldn't divulge too much to the public, but it's a hybrid ship. Not many like that it I could name. Once a large M-Class Fire Dreadnaught--I won't say what zone she was from--but after a bit of conversion I must say I did quite a nice job. Especially for my first converted ship.

I: You've been using the same ship for some time now, then?

A: Oh yes, a few years. My first was a small fury interceptor. Plague of course. Respectively named Plaguecatcher. You'd know why if you saw it.

I: Fury interceptor?

A: Oh it's just a common descriptive. You could slap the name 'fury' in front of any kind of ship that focuses more on speed than anything else.

I: And where did you get your first ship? Just because we're in space doesn't mean just anyone can have a personal ship.

A: Right, of course. Well, most of us get used to space travel by working on a ship with a crew, often with our respective fleet. It's just details as to how I later came to have a Plague ship all to myself.

A: Well I should be on my way. That bull tranquilizer should be wearing off anytime now. Toodles.

I: Wait what (Understandable have a good day)

"NorthStar1023" wrote:
Hey Azael, do you ever miss your pearl? How hard was it to get rid of it?
34298953p.png?mtime=W-kDlQAAMjA.png Azael chortled sincerely.
"Hard to say, I haven't given it a thought in years. My gift to the Sick Mother has always felt well worth it. The rewards themselves would be a lengthy story to delve into some other time. The idea of giving away a core part of oneself in order to show devotion, was a common thread where I was raised, and I likely never made much of an attachment to such menial things in the first place. I was raised knowing I, like many, may eventually have to give up some significant part of me to the Mother. I suppose even as a hatchling I suspected that sacrifice would be my pearl."

Azael twisted his wrist around theatrically and exhaled as if ending a speech.
"As I said before, the sacrifice was one I was proud to make and I have never come to regret it. Since I doubt we'll speak again, I'll at least give you the courtesy of leaving in one piece--Though I will add--If I happen to change my mind on the subject of my... Pearl, you will be the first to know."

"JasperDragons" wrote:
What's your favorite thing about your familiar?
34298953p.png "Well as you could probably imagine, space is a cold, unforgiving place. I don't consider myself a loner but I do close myself off from my crew quite a lot--planning to overthrow a government takes a lot outta'ya."
He cleared his throat and continued.
"My nekomata serves as company when I need it. He also keeps people out of my office." He chuckled, glancing over to the feline perched on a pillow in the window seat along the wall of his office.
"So I suppose my favorite thing about my familiar is their personality. He's calm and collected, like me. And doesn't like it when people encroach on his space, like me!"

baby dragon w synesthesia reviews you!

"mikhael" wrote on "2018-06-19:
for azael:

'picking at a scab. you know you shouldn't, but you do anyway. and the way the skin sometimes doesn't quite bleed underneath, but is just pink and raw to the touch. skin underneath a bandage, and the musty smell when you pull it off. the raw feeling in your throat when you shout too loud and your voice starts to give out underneath you. emergency flares, in a bright red, drawing all attention to some catastrophe.'

In the midst of Azael's mining operation, a mysterious anomaly is discovered.


By Courter


By: Siouxsie

By: Kaial

By: Griffinite


By the time I'm finished dressing this gal I'll be happy, but my wallet won't be ._.'

k cool now let's pretend it's a boy. Female pose is best pose

Wishlist wrote:
Missing:And Possibly Shimmer or Bee!
My boy needs bee!

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