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Fellefan » Lair » Jones
Level 5
Skydancer Female
Sep 15, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySanguine Skink
SecondarySanguine Spinner
TertiaryMetals Runes
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins

xuj4y38.png toeDTvU.png
Mary Jones

Mary grew up as a peasant in the dirt, a nobody who's life didn't matter.

Her mother was taken from her at birth and her father had adapted thievery to make a living. But despite all crap life threw her way, she never gave up on life or her father. She wasn't old when she first learned who her father really was, but to his surprise it didn't bother her at all. Their life depended on day-to-day survival, never knowing what the following dawn would bring, her father having the need to steal in order to get food for the two of them only spoke of his devotion for their health. She loved him dearly for it.
As she grew and needed more food she too had to learn the art of thievery if they where to stay clear of starvation, and her father was an excellent teacher. How to rightfully use the slight of hand was a major struggle for her, but how to hide and when to run was a game she loved. She had great patience to wait for just the right moment, and she was very fast when it came to outrun the guards. The pump of adrenaline and rush of excitement, her life became so much more than only survival dependent, she loved being a thief and would never want to give it up.




Jones grew more and more and by the time of her adolescence, Mary and her father was wanted wherever they went. They decided to make the heist of the century to be wealthy enough to book passage on a ship and sail far, far away where they could start anew. Everything was going as planned, all right up to the end when her father took an arrow in the flank. Badly hurt they still made their escape but with barely enough gold to make it worth the while, as the only ship that would take their offer and a wounded dragon was shady and had the stench of rum in every plank on deck. But it was an offer they could not refuse, as after that heist every guard would be restlessly looking for them. Without the proper care for a flesh wound, Mary had to bury her father in the depths with the fishes. All alone and surrounded by pirates, Mary would not set foot on shore for many years to come.

With a fading mind and snuffed of hope, Mary did all she could to just survive trough etch day. It was not easy as there was no escape on a ship, no place to feel safe. But of imprisonment on the same ship meant she knew the place inside and out, even more so than the captain himself. And this was the advantage she needed for the time she would end him.
"The only way to take over a ship is to kill the captain in combat" is what she had heard every pirate saying, Mary was only a young adult and she was no fool. There is no possible way for her to take him down in a swordfight, so she'll simply use what all the males lacked: intelligence. She had so many options, but she found slitting his throat in his sleep would be the easiest. And she was right. Easy as cake she snuck into his quarters, took his own cutlass and painted the walls with his blood.

She had the captain's cap now, she had the ship. She could from this point sail to wherever she wanted, try and start anew like she and her father always wanted. But what was the point. She had been hating pirates for years for what they made her do, but there was one thing she hated more; life. It took her father away from her and left her in pain and torment. No more would she afraid of anything or anyone, she would show them what it means to truly fear something. She took the role of captain, kept the very same ship that had cost her so much pain and started her new life. The life of a pirate captain.

Captain Jones' legacy is one to be reckoned with, a brutal pirate who's name strike with terror.




Tear of Pearl
"Once a thief, always a thief."
Jones' father said when he gave the young dragon one of the earrings. She wore it and he the other, to always stay connected. After all the years she have kept it on her cap, to even now stay close to her beloved father.
Glittering Gold
Just like any pirate, Jones caught the 'gold sickness'
and got more and more greedy over all sparkles she would come across. And one unlucky encounter with the plunder of the wrong type of glimmer, she got cursed. Her rune scars are a reminder of "not all that glitters is gold".


Jones wanted all to fear her, and she knew no male would ever see fear in a female. She took on the most fearsome beast of all tales, skinned its hide and wore it as a mask. Anyone who lay eyes on this fur know better than to mess with the dragon behind it.
Brutal Deception
She never bothered to learn the art of sword fighting, she never saw a use in it, but she kept the same cutlass she had taken her first life with to her side. As a reminder of what her new life had become. Her cutlass became a tool, used in smarter ways than to throw one self in for a death wish.
Mortal Reminder

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