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Taarnfalk's Clan
Its the final countdown is now playing in your head. Enjoy
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
*I am 9 hours ahead of fr time

*I accept hatchling letters.

*I am an old dragons collector. I only have dragons with an id of 6 digits and below.

*I don´t mind friends request but ask me before you add me.

Welcome to The Plagued Rose:

I am a collector of old dragons and I love to breed them to see their hatchlings.

Some dragons are matched in pairs with names from songs, movies, books, environment, nature, space or other matches that i find goes together. The dragons look and their bio does not always reflect from the character which they have their name from.

Other dragons are named after their job or role in The Plagued Rose Hatchery, others are named after their subspecies, while others again just have names which I like the sound of.

My hatchery reflects the pairs I have and are mostly a way for myself to keep track of the dragons I have for breeding. Though you are welcome to take a look at it , and I would love to add you to any pinglist you may wish. Click the image below to get to my hatchery.


Rose.png Lore Rose.png

Northwest and southeast of The Scarred Wasteland there are access to the water, though it is hard to get to due to the tendrils and membranes of The Wandering Contagion. Dragons has to work hard to get down and bring back water to their clans and any ship who dare gets close to the boarders is immediately crushed if they try to make landfall.

So you can imagine how very ponderous Tinku & Kessana got when they found a big brig in the middle of The Wyrmwound. The two of them had just set their foot on The Scarred Wasteland. Sure there was some there before them but they came to The Scarred Wasteland very early, and it was only the two of them for as long as the eye could see. Curious to what could have brought the brig into The Wyrmwound, Tinku & Kessana moved in to investigate.

It was no ordinary brig, it was so large that a thousand dragons could live on it, and there still be room to spare. It took Tinku & Kessana a whole week to look the ship through. The last place they explored was a small hatch on the top deck. They almost did not see it but as they were about to part the ship Kessana´s claw got caught in the handle to the hatch.

When the hatch opened Tinky & Kessana looked down at it and was amazed to find an egg. It looked like a plague egg but there was something odd about it.. They took it home with them. They let the brig lay where it, at the outer rim of their clan.

Back in the clan Tinku & Kessana put the egg down in a warm place to hope it would hatch. Normally an egg hatches in 5 days but weeks, even months went by and the egg was still an egg. Tinku & Kessana had almost forgotten about the egg and the brig. They had moved on to build their clan bigger, with hatchlings both from they two of them but also from other dragons. They always loved each other but in order to ensure that they clan grew larger and got fresh blood into the bloodlines they also mated with other dragons.

Then, one night, after almost half a year, Tinku & Kessana heard the unmistaken sound of an egg cracking, which made them wonder as there currently were no dragons nesting. Then they remembered the egg who had been on the brig and they rushed to where they had put the egg.

To their amazement the egg had grown larger and had changed color. Tinku & Kessana stood and watched the unusual egg being hatched... what could possibly be inside such an unusual egg? The first which came out of the egg was a sharp claw. .then the rest of the dragon emerged.. and Tinku & Kessana´s jaws dropped to the ground.. It was not a hatchling, it was not any breed which usually comes in an egg.. It was an adolescent wildclaw!!

The young wildclaw stumbled out of the egg and snorted. The snort let out a shockwave which lifted Tinku & Kessana off the ground and carried them several miles away. This amused the young wildclaw which let out a little chuckle. She walked over to Tinku & Kessana and looked straight into their eyes; though she had to bend her neck a little bit to do so as she was quite tall for a wildclaw, and she was only an adolescent.

Tinku & Kessana looked up at the wildclaw. She was so beautiful. Her skin was dark red, her wings crimson red, and along her vertebrae and tail she had sharp brown spines. She also had an extra set of horns, round horns which were almost the same dark red as her skin. Tinku & Kessana did not know what to think. This was no ordinary dragon; what was she? Why did her breath has such power and why did she look different than other wildclaws?

Tinku & Kessana got up, all confused. The young wildclaw still stood here looking at them. "ehmm hi?" Tinku & Kessana said; it was all they could think off to say right now. "Greatings" the wildclaw replied, her eyes was filled with amusement and there were still a smirk on her face. Tinku & Kessana waited a bit but she said nothing more, just tilted her head, like she was waiting for them to speak.

"Ehmm do you know what... err where .. err what you are? Tinku stuttered. " I am in what you refer to as the Plague Realm. I am what you could consider to be a Wildclaw," she replied. Again nothing else was said just stood there with a smile on her face and looked at them both.

"Do you.. ehmm wanna come with us to your clan?" Tinku asked.. he really had no idea what to say. " Lead the way", she replied and Tinku could swear he saw her grin even more. What had he done.. he looked at Kessana. He was nervous to let the wildclaw near the clan. With her unusual look he did not feel it was safe and he was worried for the newborn hatchlings safety.. He could see the same worry in Kessana´s eyes... what should they do. They were clearly no match for the wildclaw but they had to protect their clan. Tinku was ready to die for it, so he got up close to the wildclaw with all the courage he could muster. .. Click, click, click.. the wildclaw gently tapped her long claw towards the ground, and the ground began to crack so Tinku lost his balance. He hit his head on a log and just before he lost his conscience he thought " Not the hatchlings. Have to save the hatchlings."

Tinku woke up, his head was spinning. Then he remembered. He opened his eyes fearing the worst... but all the hatchlings were there.. and in the middle the young wildclaw. She walked over to him calmly. "Sorry about that. I need to get used to how my strength is perceived in this world. " She stood and observed him. She was clearly a lot stronger than anything he ever had encountered..but yet she appeared friendly. Around her feet the hatchlings ran and tucked in her tail, and she just stood there and smiled friendly. ".. this world.. what do you mean this world" Tinku stuttered. "Ohh nothing you need to concern you self about" She smiled mysteriously. " Do you mind if I settle down here?" She asked if there was an option, but yet there was a firmness in her question which lead to Tinku just nodding. He was still confused and his head hurt.. but he did not have any choice he felt. Better to have her with his clan than against.. if she was with him.. she seemed to be... he hoped.

Time passed and Tinku & Kessana watched the clan grow... but it was not theirs anymore. It was hers.. The dragon turned to her for questions, as she proved wiser and smarter than anyone they came across. They turned to her for protection.. Who would´t when just a tap of her claw could literarily move the world beneath them. Tinku & Kessana did not mind though.. even though she had such tremendous power she was kind and gentle. Tinku & Kessana once asked her what her name was and all she said was "In your language you cannot pronounce it. You can decide what to call me." Tinku & Kessana suggested Jill and she accepted it.

Almost imidiatly after becoming matriarch of the clan Jill had begun repairs on the brig her egg was found on. After being left at the rim of the Wyrmwound the rot has taken a great deal of toe on the brig. Tinku & Kessana noticed a little change in Jills appearance once she began working on the ship. Subtle markings appeared on her shoulder, her horns and her wings. When ever they inquired to what they were, Jill just smiled and continued to work. Tinku & Kessana had learned not to press her, so even though they were curious they kept their questions to themselves.

After almost 3 years the brig was done. The hull was painted black and decorated with red roses and pictures of dragon skulls. Tinku & Kessana could not believe their eyes, it was the almost the same markings which Jill had on her, though you had to take a good look to notice they similarity but they knew her so well now.. They both knew those markings and the ship was more than a coincidence but they also knew better than to ask.

Once the brig was restored Jill began to move the clan on to the brig. " The Plagued Rose" is big enough to house several thousand dragons: it is bigger than a large city with buildings, shops and green areas. Jill pulled the brig down to the waters southeast of The Scarred Wasteland and launched it into the water. All the clan was excited to see where they were headed. Jill had made it clear from the beginning that this was not a ship meant for war, this was for exploration, and all on her crew were not to harm anyone. She knew they had to hunt for food but she made sure that it was made quick and painless. No other form of violence were tolerated, so despite the fierce look on many of the dragons in Jill's crew, she makes sure that no one does anything to harm any one.

Jill named the ship and thereby the clan "The Plagued Rose." All the dragons on board "The Plagued Rose" were thrilled about the prospect of sailing against distant shores and returning home to The Scarred Wastelands enriched with many experiences. Who know what would lie ahead?


Also welcome to visit my subspecies thread:



Wish list (in no particular order):
*Ravenskull Broadswords
*Crown of Bones
*Burgundy bandanas, Black & Red bandanas
*black, red and brown birdskull head, wing and necklace apparel
*Brown Highnoon hanks, Red highnoon hanks
*Swashbuckler's, Corsair's, Privateer's Cutlass, Caps and eye patches
*Black and scarlet wooly apparel
*Seafeares and raiders fur apparel
*Moonglow thorns
*skeletal chimes
*Sanguine Plumages
*Sanddune Rags
*all of the veteran scars
*Boneyard tatters
*Windbound plumage
*Red, white, brown and black roundhorns
*Bloodscale apparel
*Solidscale apparel
*All snakes
*Sepia rose thorn apparel
* Pale, Bloodred, Dire, Swamp and Seaside Kelpie manes
*All toads/frogs
*White Raven Armor
*Bramble Mantle
*Ivory Scale gear
*Viridian Scale gear
*Weathered Scale gear
*Aeruginous Scale gear
*Heraldic Scale gear
*Umbral Scale gear
*Well-To-Do gear
*Dusty Pauper gear
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11/18 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Imperial Female
11/17 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Imperial Female, Nocturne Female
11/16 Birthed new hatchlings! 4 Wildclaw Male
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winterflowers wrote:
diesel was on the front page!
Nov 13, 2018, 10:10:28
Shevrock wrote:
You have a GORGEOUS Lair! I have Kemuri fourth hatchling, he was born on my birthday and was changed into a Snapper because Snappers are my jam.
Nov 05, 2018, 16:13:29
Neintails wrote:
Tbh you aren't missing much on WoW, I just went back last month after a very long hiatus but there are plenty of pets to collect (and mounts). You've got some amazing dragons here btw!
Nov 03, 2018, 12:33:16
Neintails wrote:
Saw your signature on the WoW-Petopia forums and had to drop by to say hey. Funny sig and nice to meet another hunter!
Nov 03, 2018, 01:37:14
Cruelty wrote:
Also; hello fellow old dragon collector! I adore your lair, I'm really glad to see a six digit specific refuge around. I do a similar thing with dragons under 1.9mil :)
Nov 01, 2018, 15:07:06
HenryTheArcher wrote:
You're welcome! Always glad to visit your lair!
Nov 01, 2018, 14:35:51
Churrell wrote:
@butcherbaby Me too!!! I'm worried about this
Oct 26, 2018, 14:51:20
butcherbaby wrote:
Where did the Lairspace thread go?! I woke up to a ton of alerts from it, but clicked and it’s gone!
Oct 26, 2018, 13:16:32
Gwathdraug wrote:
Yes, sorry Tarn! It's been crazy in my real life. We're arranging a move to another country for the whole 6 person family, and there's a lot of stuff to handle and think about. I'll try to post when I get the chance. *hugs*
Oct 19, 2018, 22:25:18
Brigitte wrote:
Changed my username a few months ago o:
Oct 07, 2018, 14:50:00
Meredith44 wrote:
Thanks for letting me know!
Oct 06, 2018, 22:55:46
Blackpearl wrote:
Thanks! I haven't been super active on that forum lately, but I do remember you. In WoW I've been grinding out Honorbound so I can have a Mag'har hunter...
Oct 06, 2018, 21:04:21
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