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LunarGoddess' Clan
Moonlight Shadow Shadow...
Mighty Lair
of the
Wispwillow Grove
Clan Information
2.pngThe Mighty Lair: the Midnight Clan.2.png
Bring the Night and Darkness

A clan and lair of The Tangled Wood that borders near Sunbeam Ruins. Who hides in the shadows until the night rises where the clan then comes to life under the dark sky. The progenitors of the clan are Midnight and Sindarin.
Welcome to my clan, take a rest for a bit traveller.
This lair is an exalting lair but I mostly exalt the dragons I breed.

I will always be working on my clans/dragons lore, mostly when I have inspiration to update some of the lore. My dragons bio/lore I keep separate and not on the dragons information page which will only have a few things about them shown. Same with the clans lore.
...Slytherin/Thunderbird|True Neutral|ISTJ|Team Instinct|Pisces...

Sorry in advance if I don't respond to any messages, etc. Hope everyone has a great day!

+17-19 hours ahead of FR time
FR Rollover time for me is 5.30PM-7.30PM
(Depends whether or not its day light savings)

I like collecting Boss drops, apparels and familiars I don't have, Nocturnal Dust, mimic powder, unhatched eggs, all the festival currency, those elemental runestones, deity dolls/figures/statues, any plush/doll, any gemstones and any item that is needed for Baldwin and Swipp. I also started collecting the food item Leucistic Crow and Leucistic Axolotl.

FR Goals:
Max Baldwin Lvl: 24/25
Reach Lvl 25 for my Progens:
Midnight 19/25
Sindarin 16/25
Max Lair Space: 60/145
Max Nesting Ground: 4/5
Max Apparel Slots: 14/20
Max Gathering Lvls:
Hunting 33/40
Fishing 32/40
Insect Catching 27/40
Foraging 26/40
Digging 40/40
Scavenging 40/40
Bestiary: 410/734
54% of Achievements Earned
Treasure & Gem Saving Goals for:
Lair Space Maxed: aprox 13,397,000 treasure
Nesting Ground Maxed: aprox 350,000 treasure
Apparel Slots Maxed: aprox 1,500 gems
Lair tabs Maxed: 2/15
Hibernal Den Maxed: 8/400
Hibernal Den tabs Maxed: 1/15

Dragon Vistas Saving Goal: aprox 2,500,000 treasure(9 left to collect)
June 2013 to October 2015 festival apparels.
Festival familiars: All Sprites.

Items I'm saving for:

Coliseum Vistas: 10/24; Scorched Forest, Sandswept Delta, Blooming Grove, Forgotten Cave, Bamboo Falls, Thunderhead Savanna, Waterway, Volcanic Vents, Rainsong Jungle, Boreal Woods, Crystal Pools, Harpy's Roost, Ghostlight Ruins, Golem Workshop.
Swipp's Swap Stand Vistas: 1/6; Swap Stand, Fungi, Swan Lake, Succulents, Foxfire Grove.


Umbral Scales Set 0/8
Sparkling Violet Bows Set 0/6
Patched Beggar 0/9




Coliseum items:
- Ghostlight Ruins
- Volcanic Vents
- Arena
- Waterway
- Harpy's Roost
- Woodland Path/Scorched Forest/Sandswept Delta/Forgotten Cave
- Forgotten Cave
- Kelp Beds
Weathered Scale Armor Set - Volcanic Vents
Date Plumes - Woodland Path
Twilight Rose Thorn Set - Redrock Cove
Green Lace Set - Training Fields
Soft Pink Silk Set - Crystal Pools
Toxophilite's Set - Volcanic Vents
Cleaver - Forgotten Cave/Rainsong Jungle/Crystal Pools/Mire/Kelp Beds/Golem Workshop
Dented Iron Set - Forgotten Cave/Waterway/Arena/Boreal Wood/Mire/Woodland Path
Veteran's Scars - Forgotten Cave/Waterway/Crystal Pools/Harpy's Roost/Woodland Path
Teardrop Chroma Set - Rainsong Jungle
Morganite Flourish Set - Boreal Wood
Swallow's Set - Ghostlight Ruins
Copper Filigree - Golem Workshop

Tigerlily set - Scorched Forest
Blooming Grove Set - Blooming Grove
Swamp Kelpie Mane - Mire
Sparkling Emerald Bows Set - Bamboo Falls
Bubbly Bisque Set - Thunderhead Savanna
Nebula Starsilks Set - Neutral monsters
Swipp's Swap Stand items:
Aqua Birdskull Set, Raven Slyvan Set, Black Lace Set, White and Gold Flair Scarf, Cursed Talonclasp Pendants, Venomscale Set, Sakura Flowerfall, Darksong Set, Sunsong Set, Mystic Bark Mask.

Dusty Pauper Rags: 4/80 Dusty Canvas Scraps, 0/165 Tattered Interloper Scrap

Crimson Arm Silks: 0/50 Crowntail Wanderer, 0/25 Amber-Trapped Mosquito
Crimson Fillet: 0/70 Vampiric Featherflea, 0/50 Chimera Relic 
Crimson Leg Silks: 0/20 Crimson Jadevine, 0/2 Plague Runestone
Crimson Silk Sash:  0/50 Lyretail Puffer, 0/50 Red Linen Fabric Scrap 
Crimson Silk Veil: 0/70 Cindershroom, 0/50 Nightsky Fuiran Hide 
Crimson Tail Bangle: 0/70 Celestial Horn, 0/60 Fire Ant
Crimson Wing Silks: 0/50 Gradish, 0/8 Vibrant Prickly Insect

Onyx Seraph Wing Ornament: 7/25 Brilliant Brass Torc, 139/35 Shale
Onyx Seraph Necklace: 12/35 Moth-Eaten Rug, 47/25 Glowing Mushroom Cap
Onyx Seraph Hip Drape: 0/25 Aer Sprite, 194/35 Squirrel Skull
Onyx Seraph Headpiece: 2/25 Sharpened Serthis Lance, 23/25 Birch Bark Sheet
Onyx Seraph Armpiece: 0/25 Flamerest Embers, 10/25 Chipskink Tail
Autumnal Wreath: Sand Creeper 1/100, Gold Ore 3/2
Gold Satin Tunic: Mangled Textile 122/150, Banded Sardonyx 10/25
Winter Wolf Cape: Rasa Pottery Fragment 107/90, Winter Wolf Pelt 7/150
Brewing Projects List:
Poisonous Rose Thorn Set, Fire Tome, Water Tome, Wind Tome, Plague Tome, Arcane Tome, Light Tome, Earth Tome, Nature Tome, Ice Tome, Lightning Tome, Aeruginous Scales Set.

Amberwing Waveskimmer, Anomalous Skink, Cheerful Residue, Conjoined Skink, Great Blue Waveskimmer, Irregular Nekomata, Juvenile Starsweeper, Kelpie, Leftover Residue, Lesser Wisp, Marbled Serpenta, Painted Protobeast, Peacock Spider, Protobeast, Quartz Cockatrice, Rusty Golem, Sentient Alloy, Shiny Residue, Speckled Peacock Spider, Tropical Caiman.

Breed Change/Gene Projects item list:
Clan Progens:
Sindarin Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Piebald /235000 treasure
  • Secondary Gene: Paint /165000 treasure
  • Tertiary Gene: Thylacine /155000 treasure
Midnight Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Starmap /1500 gems
  • Secondary Gene: Constellation /1200 gems
  • Tertiary Gene: Runes
Clan Flight Reps:
Summer Imcomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Skink
  • Secondary Gene: Spinner
  • Tertiary Gene: Peacock /150000 treasure
Winter Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Savannah
  • Secondary Gene: Safari
  • Tertiary Gene: Spines /190000 treasure
Eternal Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Iridescent /1500 gems
  • Secondary Gene: Shimmer /1200 gems
  • Tertiary Gene: Stained /1200 gems
Tempestas Incomplete:
  • Tertiary Gene: Smoke /190000 treasure
Gaia Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Metallic /1500 gems
  • Secondary Gene: Alloy /1200 gems
  • Tertiary Gene: Opal /1200 gems
Autumn Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Metallic /1500 gems
  • Secondary Gene: Alloy /1200 gems
Spring Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Petals /1500 gems
  • Secondary Gene: Butterfly /1200 gems
  • Tertiary Gene: Underbelly
Other Clan Dragons:
Candyfloss Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Tapir
  • Secondary Gene: Striation
  • Tertiary Gene: Firefly /Swipp's Swap Stand
Shamira Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Pinstripe /Baldwin's Bubbling Brew
  • Tertiary Gene: Ringlets
Behemoth Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Lionfish /250000 treasure
  • Secondary Gene: Noxtide /170000 treasure
  • Tertiary Gene: Scales
Ziz Incomplete:
  • Primary Gene: Python /Coli
  • Secondary Gene: Morph /Coli
  • Tertiary Gene: Stained /1200 Gems

Completed Projects:
Leviathan: Tertiary Gene: Lace
Lich: Primary Gene: Falcon
Elwood : Tertiary Gene: Spines

Night of the Nocturne Push, 27 Dec 2015 to 2 Jan 2016.
Shadow Trickmirck Push, 14 Feb to 20 Feb 2016.
Shadow Profit Push, 3 Apr to 9 Apr 2016.
Mother's Day Push, May 1-May 7 2016.
MISTRALMURK FAIRE; Shandow Vs Wind, July 31-Aug 6 2016.
Halloween Profit-Event Push, Oct 30 - Nov 5 2016.
Shadow vs Nature Battle: Rogues Vs Druids; Battle at Foxfire Grove, Dec 11- Dec 17 2016.
January Profit Push, 22th Jan to 28th Jan 2017.
Trickmurk Festival Push, Feb 12- Feb 18 2017.
Profit Push, Mar 26 - Apr 1 2017.
Mother’s Day Conquest Push, May 7 - May 13 2017.
Shadow Treasury Donation Drive; May 21 - July 30 2017.
Shadow Vs Arcane Battle; Dreamsweeper; Conquest Push, July 30th - Aug 5th 2017.
Starfall Profit Push, 24th September – 30th September 2017.
Shadow Spirit Sprint Profit Push, 29th October – 4th November 2017.
Shadow Profit Push, 19th November – 25th November 2017.
The Night Before Nocturne Profit Push, 3rd December – 9th December 2017.
Love is in the Air! Valight's Profit Push, 4th February – 10th February 2018.
Trickmurck Festival Push, 18th February – 24th February 2018.
Shadow Conquest Push: Gainly Garden, 6th May - 12th May 2018.
Midsummer Night's Dream Profit Push, 1st July – 7th July 2018.
Shadow Conquest Push: SEASONS OUT OF ORDER, 12th August - 18th August 2018.
Shadow Profit Push: Purple Kombat, 14th October - 20th October 2018.
Shadow Trickmurk Push: Crescents & Creatures, February 17th – 23th February 2019.
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
05/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Mirror Male, 1 Mirror Female
05/26 Birthed new hatchlings!
05/26 Birthed new hatchlings!
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Sindarin was on the front page! He's awesome :O
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Sunset is really gorgeous!~ That accent fits SO well with the colors and wow your lair is stunning!
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Happy birthday
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Hey... The FR rollover time for me is 7pm too!
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Something tells me black mirrors with purple headresses is popular among certain people.
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Your entry for the Crystalline Gala skin contest is GORGEOUS!
Jan 12, 2016, 13:18:46
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