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Genevra's Clan
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
Do you play Khimeros? I'm selling off my entire inventory! PM for details.

Welcome to Four Twigs Clan!

Some disclaimers:

Things are always in flux here.

Most familiars are not that dragon's actual familiar, but are simply bonding with it. Once familiars are more finished, I'll have the proper familiars with dragons, mostly. If they have one picked out, it's probably in their bio.

I'm also working on formatting and writing individual bios. (Or I was until postimage went sideway and now I just don't know anymore)

So, just imagine things as they will be, hopefully, eventually, and it will quite nice!

Elowen and Ori, on the second to last page, are my progens. My permanent, non-subspecies dragons and pairs, as well as my fighters, are between Elowen and Mossyhide.

Keep in mind that I do exalt, for various reasons. However, I will never exalt an unnamed dragon. If I exalted your dragon and you didn't want that, I apologize. But know that they were loved and appreciated in their own way. When I bundled them off to meet the Gladekeeper, I made sure they had a nice satchel of snacks and wore their sunscreen.

Please, read this lovely story about Nature exalting, written by a member of Nature Flight

The Day I Met The Glade Mother by Zyanith

Dragons I'd be interested in seeing

- female wildclaw with brown/jungle/teal-green

- imperial male with hunter or jungle primary and secondary/tomato-strawberry tert

A Journey Through the Forest: Four Twigs Clan Lore

You were given directions. That charming little green skydancer, painting down by the river. She told you where to go. But here you are, lost. You think to yourself that it isn't your fault and that you followed all the signposts diligently. But, the forest around you disagrees. Do the trees and brush shift the second you look away? Do vines snake across the trail with disconcerting speed? It must be your imagination.

The leaves rustle alarmingly around you, murmuring loudly in the absence of wind and clouds race across what small patches of sky you can see. Behind you, a loud thump resonates through the thickening forest. Whirling around, you see the trail is gone from behind you. The world reels as a whisper of a gossamer light giggle disappears into the deep, shadowed green of the closely overhanging, moss-hung branches of ancient trees, branches that move closer and closer. You, dear traveler, are well and truly lost.

In a blind panic, you race through the forest, stumbling over roots and getting throughly soaked with clinging dew. Somehow, in your headlong, frantic charge, you never injured yourself and you will reflect on that fact later. The tree trunks were never quite in the way and the sharp sticks and biting thorns were always turned away just so. It seems the forest wants you to go this way.

After an interminable flight through the trees, that may have been very short or very long, you tumble into an utterly calm clearing, sprawling flat out on cushiony, green grass. A crystal clear river runs through a flower-studded, fragrant meadow. A small flock of jungle fowl peer at you, clucking with mild concern, and soon go back to scratching the bare dirt around the massive tree trunks that line the clearing's edge. Looking up, you see a serene blue sky, with perfectly fluffy white clouds that barely seem to move. The world is suddenly and comfortingly right again. Your sense of relief is enormous. Whatever sinister magic chased you through the forest must not have followed you here. In a moment, you'll consider how to get back to the road. In a moment. You just want...to rest.....a......moment......

Drowsing off on the sweet, soft grass, you take one last look at the halcyon meadow and sleepily return the welcoming smile that the river just gave you.



Before your disbelieving eyes, the entire scene dissolves into dragons. Here, a dragon with rough, knotted grey-brown bark and massive legs like the trunks of trees, there a dancing, laughing flower with wings. Above you but far closer than you thought, the cloud-dotted sky folds its blue and white wings and darts away, leaving clear blue behind. The river itself even rises up and shakes the water off of wings that are nothing so much as water themselves. And here comes that skydancer, grinning cheerfully, bidding you welcome to her clan's lair.

Welcome, traveler, welcome!

Goals and notes

Write more clan lore and at least a little bit for all permanent dragons

Purge the lair and re-do some pairs


This is Equisetum, progenitor of the Riparian subspecies, created by yours truly


I'll be happy to breed Riparians for you on request. I have Guardian pairs for both the green and brown varieties, plus a green snapper/imp pair (the male still has shimmer, but it's unlikely to show up). My partner has two green Imperial pairs, though if she breeds them in her lair, they'll have Light eyes. Light, however, is perfectly fine for this subspecies.

Link to the Google Doc for the Riparians


Nothing is ever done.

Subspecies In My Lair

In this section are subspecies I can breed or am working on a pair of.

Subspecies in italics are missing genes, breeds, partners or all three. I'm working on it.

Riparians - Greena and brown guardians, green snapper/imp pair

Kelpies and Bubble Tender hybrid pair which would produce only Kelpies of the swampy looking type.

Kelpies - Dark blue and green tundra pair

Tree Dragons - evergreen wildclaws, aspen pearlcatchers, burning forest skydancers

Fungus Fae

Sun Dune Fae - Water subspecies, would have to send to Water nest to have subspecies babes

Canopies - In progress

Gladeveinian bogsneaks.

Flower Dragons - exotic variety

Dendrolepis and Dendrolepis Basilisk - brown jaguar/peregrine dendro pair, need male for dark green/red basiliks

Walking Leaves - male needs ripple

Spiny Oak Slug Moth tundra needs a female

Shorerunners - Need a female

Nature Subspecies Registries


Nature Forum Subspecies Hub


Swip Swaps

um...stuff. Yeah, I'll retype all that again later.

Retired festival apparel I wish I had:

Companion Comet

Windbound Plumage

Boneyard Tatters

Thresher Flatfins

Moonglow Thorns


All of the above

Gene, breed and name scrolls

Any familiar I don't have

Plumed apparel

NOTN cobwebs and pouches

"Archer" tail wraps, any color

Thorns, esp tail, wing, leg and arm

Frogs and toads and snakes, oh my!

Gem apparel such as faeries, cats, birds, tail rings, seraph jewelry

Seasonal winds, except winter

Flower falls and apparel

Wolf capes

Bird Skull apparel, esp aqua, white and gold

Scale armor in any color, especially head, tail and chest

Mushroom apparel

Glowing clawtips


Baldwin jewelry

"Barbarian" headdresses, any color

Deity dolls, rune-stones, nickel cat figurines

Baldwin and Swipp mats

Recent Clan Activity [View All]
08/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Guardian Male
08/29 Birthed new hatchlings!
08/20 Birthed new hatchlings!
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Melova wrote:
Hey, Cattail was on the front page. Love how he looks with those earthy tones ^^
Oct 01, 2018, 06:47:54
DraconianLucian wrote:
Hmm, it may have been an accident, but I don't mind making random friends! It's nice to meet you!
Jun 22, 2018, 16:20:25
Solisk wrote:
Thanks for making a doll of Everglade
Apr 06, 2018, 12:06:34
BrownRunningBear wrote:
Hey there. Yeah I think she is pretty. I am not quite sure about her partner but I will try to keep her with me
Mar 22, 2018, 07:20:40
KalicoKat wrote:
Thanks! I really like the Emerald Bee with purple range Smirch, I'm glad you like them. I love so many of your dragons, they're all so nature-y!
Mar 10, 2018, 21:56:04
OwlRecluse wrote:
You bought my SD Flowerchild and she looks super cute! I hope she brings much joy to your lair!
Mar 08, 2018, 13:40:30
Abderus wrote:
Hey there! Super random, but I was in the AH about to buy Xilonen and then you beat me too it haha. Congrats :) If she turns out not to be suitable for your purposes, let me know. She'd be great for a character dragon I had in mind. Thanks for your time!
Mar 07, 2018, 19:07:17
FlyingButtress wrote:
I recently watched 2001: aSO and briefly wondered if Hal could translate into a dragon, and then my brain wouldn't let the idea go. Plus, Basalt was so pretty, I was happy to get him!
Feb 26, 2018, 20:51:40
Bog wrote:
Ahaha just our luck, right? xD I keep trying to start some breeding projects but I keep getting wegged. But yes! I don't mind what eyes she'd have. ^__^ I'm up for any color! I'd appreciate it. :D
Jan 21, 2018, 09:22:40
Tzuyu wrote:
Thanks dud :)
Dec 29, 2017, 01:07:29
Tzuyu wrote:
Umm, i don't really know you in any way, but i really would love to make new friends in this game, thats why i sent you a friend request, but if you don't want me as a friend is ok. :) P.S: i saw your auction, so i clicked your profile... XD
Dec 28, 2017, 01:37:41
Basilius wrote:
Hi! I love the headcanon you wrote for my dragon Humbert :) and I read your clan profile, the lore you've got is awesome! The pov is very interesting, I don't often read stories that are written that way :D
Dec 07, 2017, 15:22:30
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