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suitablysolemn's Clan
still a homestuck in 2019
Ancient Lair
of the
Forum of the Obscured Crescent
Clan Information
they/them pronouns please!!

dusklight and darksteel
- when dragons are born, they are born with a certain magical essence, not unlike an arcane fingerprint. similar to biological gender, these essences are inherent to a dragon's core being and regardless of how thy identify or present themselves in terms of gender, the essence cannot be changed. it is composed of a dragon's flight and the genes they inherited from their parents. there is, essentially, a "male" essence marker and a "female" essence marker, and dragons of the same essence marker are unable to breed, as a sort of holdover from ancient genes when they bred physically, without using magic. [that was a long time ago, and is quite outdated now, especially as dragons have become more diverse in size and breed! however, essence remains.] re: trans dragons, they can certainly present and in every sense of the word BE the gender they wish to be, but their essence does remain with a binary marker. ex: a trans female dragon will always have a female essence marker, and can only breed with males [be it a cis or trans male dragon]. magic is weird like that.
dragons that will soon be coming to my lair??
- dragon who REALLY just acts like hes a landlord. inspects everyone's lairs, etc
- a guardian who becomes a necromancer to try to revive her dead charge
- an actress who doesnt know what shes acting in;; always narrates her life from third person (think whiteout from wof)
- a dragon with deep scars under her wings bc someone tried to tear them off
- a speedy shapeshifting necromancer?
- "young sculptor with the ability to shape the earth"
- hunter with an undying love for living things--not a hunter in the traditional sense but rather "hunts" down endangered species, tranqs/harvests them and relocates them to a vast garden sanctuary hidden away under the brambles. run by a dragon in kahoots with belhiren, of course.
- playful, fun, light-hearted scavenger who always attempts to maintain a positive attitude, always joking around and saying stupid stuff like a heckin tumblr bot. tries their best to make others laugh. makes themself noticeable for their humor so no one will pay attention to the incredible power of their magics
- expert trickster/pickpocket with a tragic backstory [think inigo from fire emblem: came from alt. future where everyone they loved and cared about died, taught all their talents by loving parents. pink and orange skydancer male]
- sorceress who was pretty much forced to be a sorceress because of her talent with magic. really just wants to be an adventurer and map out the depths of the foxfire bramble, and maybe even create a more detailed map of the tangled wood [the standard sornieth map doesn't do her beautiful homeland justice]. but she is instead forced to craft, train, etc. for the clan and rely primarily on her magic. level-headed.
- *banging fists on table* flight reps! flight reps! flight reps!!!
- agender rep
- pan rep!! cerulean/magenta/lemon or yellow belly OR lemon glimmer
- cursed to kill other dragons with a touch, taught herself necromancy/whatever it's called to resurrect the dragons she accidentally kills
- the bomb holder (time keeps ticking down)
- calendyr and almanac- mates, calendyr has an acute sense of time and is constantly bothered about it (+ anxiety), almanac is an ice dragon who accidentally enchanted a snowball and nearly brought neverending winter to the nature domain (whoops) and she now keeps charge of time in the clan
- the sparing kill (part of a clan, old chief having seizures or smth, watched him be put out of his misery)
- noxys- female mirror obs/mantis/mantis poi/tox/spines
- chiereo and frutloup and their son syreil
- jup/tox/belly am/am/white
- archivist (neat and orderly mind, like scrolls, everything has its specific place): sand/sand/buttercup rip/cur/belly
- bard/singer/musician (Mysicia?): fuschia/fuschia/pink skink/spin/stained
- bubblegum/bubblegum/orchid poitox??
- dragon w/ personal space issues (claustrophile)- noc female forest/olive/hunter jupiter/rosette/stained
- dragon who gets breed changed to save their life (guardian whose charge dies?)
- the bird lover: skydancer female, grey and yellow
- Enceladus, he of the icy heart: obs/gloom/ice metallic/current/gembond or lace skydancer male
- flower crown prince boy - bubblegum/pearl/cream iri/spinner/lace
- a dragon w/ an identical partner of the same species (an alternate self?)
- white shimmer w/ black thylacine
Clan Itzalak Laino - The Clan of Misty Shadows

Hidden away deep in the Foxfire Bramble, the Clan of Misty Shadows makes its home. To all outsiders, and even to clans that serve the Shadowbinder as well, they are secretive, mysterious, alluring, and most of all, dangerous. Each dragon serves a purpose in the clan, and each dragon works diligently to ensure that their job is done properly- lest they risk banishment. The rules in the Clan of Misty Shadows may be harsh, and are strictly enforced by the Council Leader Shadowemyst, but her mate, the High Diplomat Mistshaydowe, ensures that there is time for rest and play as well.

The dragons of the Clan of Misty Shadows serve many distinct yet varied purposes. There are those of the Elite Council, representing the leaders from each of the three main breeds that belong to the clan. Among the lower ranks, there are diplomats, warriors, mercenaries, healers, mages, and the elite group known only as "The Exalters." Other dragons serve more domestic tasks, such as caring for the hatchlings that are adopted into the clan or gathering food for each of the clan's meals.

Many of the dragons in the Clan of Misty Shadows sport dark-colored pelts, especially in purple, blue, or grey hues. Not only do the dark shades make excellent camouflage for the bleak and dreary colors of the Tangled Wood, but they are valued colors in the clan- they add to the beguiling obscurity that is so greatly treasured. However, many brightly-colored dragons exist among the clan's ranks, and are not discriminated against for it. Most prominent among these are Stormfyre and Icefyre, the shimmering white Skydancers of the Elite Council.

As tightly-knit and hard-working as the dragons of the Clan of Misty Shadows are, it is surprising to many to hear that they had humble beginnings. It started with a mere four dragons- the High Warrior Lagoon and her mate the Clan Manager Obsidian, as well as Mirror Leader Misaka and her former mate Azurite. Four dragons, with four different colors and four different mindsets, who decided to create a clan for those who shared their ideals. From Lagoon came the ferocity of the dragons here; Obsidian supplied the training and intelligence to go with it. Misaka organized the ranking system, as well as the exaltation system, and Azurite spread the word of a new clan. At first, few dragons even knew of the Clan of Misty Shadows, and even fewer were willing to join. For long months, the four dwelled listlessly. But after nearly a year, things began to turn around. A pair named Volcanyc and Ocynia moved in. Soon after, a beautiful Skydancer by the name of Rosewyn joined the clan, and with these three there came more. And more. The clan continued to grow, moving from place to place in the Tangled Wood, until this moment- seventy-eight dragons strong.

Many of the dragons here are fighters. Lagoon and Nocturne Leaders Sapphyre and Quartz train most of the young warriors. However, there are perhaps just as many other dragons with different talents or interests, and specialized training is given for them to excel in that which they pursue. High Crafters Steampunk and Anachron know metalworking, musicmaking and the arts; Council Members Jade and Azurite teach clan lore; Obsidian and Mistshaydowe gladly work together to train future diplomats; no dragon teaches in the ways of appearance and charm quite like Rosewyn; and one lovely young Imperial by the name of Ardiena has an incredible way with herbs. Scholars, scientists and mages also dwell within the depths of the Clan of Misty Shadows.

Exaltation is a rather big deal in this fierce and aggressive clan. All fourteen Council Members have a mate, and they have nests on a regular basis. It is only rarely that a hatchling is given a chance to grow up within the clan if their parents are Council Members, as they do not have time to look after young ones, and the clan is always in need of more dragons to serve their beloved Shadowbinder. Mirror Leader and Clan Founder Misaka had scores of hatchlings with her past mate Azurite; only two still live today, and both are in the Clan of Misty Shadows. It is the same story with the other Council Members. If a hatchling is born ill or weak, as two of the three first children of Mistshaydowe and Shadowemyst were, they are given a proper burial by the clan. However, the Shadowbinder often inducts these hatchlings into her care as well. No clan member takes this personally- it is a fact of clan life, and exaltation makes a clan more powerful. They are accustomed to it and accept it as just business, as another task to be performed in the clan. Besides, hatchlings are trouble.

Politically, the Clan of Misty Shadows is very diplomatic and very direct.They are formal, but curt, in foreign affairs; all members of the clan, even young dragons, are introverted by nature. No one likes to be around dragons outside of the clan for long. While many other clans step forward and proffer their alliance, the Clan of Misty Shadows is a lone clan through and through. They do not rely on others, even in times of need, and do not accept charity; nor are they particularly hospitable. However, these dragons are incredibly selfless and strong, devout, willing to put others before themselves in any and every situation. They believe their loyalty to the Shadowbinder will protect them always.

This is the history of the Clan of Misty Shadows. This is who we are.

Do you dare to enter?

- full set of sky blue silks
- shadow sprite
- peace dove
- yelling wyrmpeck/screaming tickbird
- basically any birdy apparel
- journeyman's satchels


- facet
- glimmer x2
- vipera
- hypnotic
- spines x3
- current x3
- underbelly x3
- peregrine x2
- cherub
- poison x2
- toxin
- bar
- skydancer x2

be humble. the universe won't remember any of this. be gentle. we're lucky we made it as far as we did. be loving. we are all temporary. be thoughtful. everyone is terrified. be tranquil. none of this really matters. be sincere. there's nothing you could have done. be calm. you'll take it all with you. be trustful. we are all equally insignificant. be noble. we make our own meaning.

be hopeful. maybe our successors will do better than we did.
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M00dyJazz wrote:
Oh wow you gotta very stunning dragons!
Oct 13, 2019, 16:38:07
IcyMist wrote:
You should see Blizzardfyre's new bio. I added something special I think you might like. 😉
Sep 20, 2019, 03:44:39
RingsofSaturn wrote:
Your orca bogsneak ion the 5th page is the daughter of one of my favorite dragons, Vespers! I was checking out the descendants of my dragons and it brought me to your lair, it's so cool. :)
Sep 16, 2019, 18:35:05
Kaenith wrote:
Thank you! :D I'll add you to the list!
Jul 07, 2019, 22:06:17
Daypaw wrote:
Thank you - I actually made those myself, but I've been thinking about updating them. You're more than welcome to use them if you like!
Jul 07, 2019, 14:50:15
Nohrs wrote:
aw, thank you so much!! ;; i don't currently have any plans to custom print it, but if enough people were interested i'd consider?!! (you seem awesome too!! have a good day/night!!)
Jul 07, 2019, 14:14:56
Mate wrote:
hello! she's a g1 so unfortunately she won't be having any babys while under my care. I would sell her for around 4kg, that's about what I payed for her.
Jun 30, 2019, 19:07:24
Skyeline wrote:
Thank you so much! :D
Jun 14, 2019, 13:15:44
jr413 wrote:
hellO I STILL LOVE HOMESTUCK IN 2019 and i'm so glad to see that others do too, also your lore looks Amazing friendo
Jun 11, 2019, 20:24:40
IcyMist wrote:
Blizzardfyre is one of my most beloved dragons! It's been my honor having him! Thank you. ^_^
Apr 10, 2019, 18:49:12
Wrath wrote:
Oof thank you so much!! ;u; I'm really glad you like him!!
Dec 10, 2018, 01:41:51
phoenyxillusion wrote:
Hey there! It's honestly been so long since I put that in my signature that I had to hunt down where it came from. Unfortunately, its originally from Arcane's inflight LGBT hub, but maybe Shadow has a hub with badges?
Oct 07, 2018, 12:57:16
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