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it's better than drugs jeremy
Mighty Lair
of the
Wispwillow Grove
Clan Information
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Pushing away the brush from your face, you step into a hidden Shadow village in the Wispwillow Grove that you have never encountered before. Huts and stands made of purple pines line the mushroom-dotted path in front of you as you observe the area. As your gaze travels across the path, your eyes lock on a small gazebo with a few dragons relaxing in it, and past it is a building that looks sort of like a large hut, or a mini palace. It must be where the leaders live. You try to pick up what the other dragons are saying, but they're speaking a strange language that almost sounds like little chirps. Finally, a green Fae approaches you. "Sluki! Yol nyw Nyghtsky?" You look at her strangely, not understanding a thing she's saying, and then she realizes she's speaking the wrong language. "Oh! Sorry. I was speaking the native language of our clan. Are you new here? I'm Kameleon. Come, let me give you a tour of the Nyghtsky clan!"


Lizhardking.pngABOUT MAHSELFLizhardking.png
I'm an ambidextrous, pansexual girl who obviously is very flexible. (No, I am not good at stretching. Not at all.) I like drawing, singing, acting, and being onstage in general lol. I also like skating. I'm quite proud of being weird and unique, so if you call me strange, I take that as a compliment. Sagaxi, LazerTheBlazer, CrypticCat121803, Technochamelion, Livelikelivi, Drudrgigon, limekitten22, DevilDancer8686, JTPickle, Tsala915, Dragoncarer2004, Gleester, Pogogold101, ProfessorYoda, Sunnyotis, and StarGirl8686 are my real-life friends. Cheetahkitty is my sister, and GinnyAndLuna is my beautiful girlfriend. (We're also friends, but they're... you know, special. No offense, guys.) I suggest you go say hi to them!

There's also DragonsTasteGood, CallumPlayzYT, and MichaelMelons.
They're not my friends.
At all.

(they just go to my school)

pls call me ali or latte or cosmic or "that kid who used to have a terrible username"
she/her or they/them

Minecraft (I'm on Sky Rising!): OlinguitoPikachu
Scratch: OlinguitoGirl
Wattpad: joyousCelebrator
Tumblr (don't use that often): donuttellmyparents
Steam: OlinguitoGirl
Kidpub (also don't use that often): OlinguitoGirl/Alicia
Animal Jam (yes, yes I know): o0cosmiclatte0o
Dragcave: o0cosmiclatte0o
Discord: Roxy's Cat #8543
Deviantart: o0cosmiclatte0o
Youtube: Ali!! owo
All art in my lair that is not credited is by me! :)

I don't have an art shop, but if you want to commission me, just ask. We'll work out a deal.


Allies: Caeronwy's clan, The Aquamarine clan, Ember's clan, Mist's clan, The Stardust Sanctuary, Emberstorm clan, Nightwalker clan, Starswept clan, Jyn clan
Enemies: Team Plasma

A long, long time ago, there was a dragon named Polar. He wandered the Ice territory for days, looking for his purpose.

One day, he came across a quiet, unnamed Tundra who had lost her memory. Fascinated, she blurted out, "Tundra," when he asked her for her name, and that was that.

About a month had passed, and he had started to build a clan, having children and asking more and more dragons to come to their clan. Polar, unsatisfied with their simplicity, set out to find the prettiest dragons in the world.

He searched for months, high and low, all throughout Sornieth. He searched for all heritages and all flights.

Finally he came back about a year later with several exotic, beautiful dragons. He was satisfied.

Many months passed, and the clan kept growing. Tundra, overwhelmed by this immense growth and disorganization, left Polar and his new true love, Kameleon.

For months, Polar and Kameleon felt like something was missing. Kameleon was unsatisfied with the Ice flight, and Polar just felt like something had been torn out of him.

Finally Kameleon had the answer. If they moved to Shadow, there would be plenty of food, warmth, and friendly neighboring clans. They had never had fellow neighboring clans, not from the same flight! What a change it would be!

It took weeks for Kameleon to persuade her dear mate. Finally, out of pure love, Polar left his only home in search of a new flight.

They found a quiet, warm spot in the Driftwood Drag to set up camp. For months they built a floating village of dams, waterways, even water-powered electricity, and more, each dam home to a small family of dragons. They constructed their own language of the stars, and made friends with the neighboring clans.

A few years later, they finally expanded their crowded clan to fit fifty dragons, taking them to the Wispwillow Grove and dubbing them a Mighty Clan. They kept their water-powered things and created a small river that runs through their new village, with houses constructed from purple pine and decorated with glowing mushrooms. Polar left about a year later, unsatisified with everything - his mate, the clan, even his own children. Kameleon, glad that Polar had left, strengthened her relationship with Rosefeather, who is now married to both Kameleon and Sweetpea... but still felt something was missing.

In the midst of her dreams Kameleon felt that something was calling to her; there was something she had to do.

Tundra had to come back.

She sent a letter to Shadowbinder's regiments, which took a while to be processed, and there was a lot of paperwork to fill out, but finally, a year later, Tundra came home - along with a Wildclaw she found along the way.

Kameleon, knowing that it would be too much for the clan to give up her position, constructed what you might be able to call a mini palace, and filled it with the most important dragons in the clan - Rosefeather, Sweetpea, Tundra, Maputi, and of course, herself. They became a group of lords and ladies that oversaw everything that happened in the clan, and always voted on important decisions. The clan flourished, and Kameleon was satisfied at last.

And this clan still stands here today.


A brief guide to our native language, so you can get around here easier.

Yes = Nyt

No/not = Myrk

Maybe = Slyr

What?/Why? = Yr?

Fire = Flyr

Earth = Yrp

Wind/Air = Yala

Water = Nawala

Light = Nylu nylu

Dark/Shadow = Nyght

Plague = Plyg

Arcane = Yrca

Nature = Nytru

Lightning = Nylu nylucsa

Ice = Nygtha

Hello = Sluki

Goodbye = Ychi

Please = Luk

Thank you = Nyk yol

You = Yol

Me/I = Nyl

And = Y

Because: Bylklo

Home/Family = Nyght

Love = Lyv

Hatred = Nykos

Dragon = Drygo

Familiar = Famulk

Apparel = Nytko

Food/Eat/Meal = Kylk

Now = Klow

Then = Klen

New = Nyw

Old = Nyol

Beautiful = Latka

Ugly = Yllka

Leader = Laniko

King = Kylkylos

Queen = Quentine

Prince = Ellkylo

Princess = Lylltina

Lord = Lyor

Lady = Lyad

Juvenile male = Kylo

Adult male = kylos

Juvenile female = tina

Adult female = tine

World/Sornieth = Nyghtlya

Dividers by LunaSilverWolf.
Banners by REDandYELLOWZ.
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Calliope looks beautiful
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no problem!~
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Your animatic is quite great too!~
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Awww, I like your style~
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we're pan buddies! ;0
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I didn't realize that! Me and him are both pans ;0
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Don't worry, you're not the only one that made "slideshows." I remember making this smol comic in about 2nd grade, it was about an azumarill and a plusle, going on dumb adventures.
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