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GreatLordHades' Clan
There's nothing here, for you to see, nor to see you.
Mighty Lair
of the
Wispwillow Grove
Clan Information
Formerly DarkPitGuard
aka Satan

Whimsical, dear, your lies are clear, now who the hell would've ever guessed?
Play my games and abide my ways.
There's no way you can compensate.

Welcome to Clan Speculus,
home of the Mirror Mages.

Operate: Torture
Lamps: Eyes
Highs: Deities
Carve: Kill
Teeth: Memories/Souls/Bones
Sink: Eat
Surgeons/Doctors: Punishers/torturers
Reflecting Spotlight: Burn off one's skin, or uncover a lie

One can not simply describe the Mirror Mages of Clan Speculus. They are strange beings indeed, hardly members of the Arcane at all. They never speak of what they learn, despite how crucial it may be. They always feel a need to cover their flaws through the mirrors, no matter how small it may be.

Although the heart of the corruption of the clan,
a fae named Horginos, had been eliminated, the new leader of Clan Speculus saw a new challenge:
Rebuilding her clan. She had returned to her home flight now that her research was finished,
and as the last scraps of corruption faded away,
Karona and Ruby refusing to be purified, she turned and looked upon her dragons. Many of them had taken up the art of mirror magic- And she was okay with this, so long as they didn't disturb clan life.
But something always felt... Off. Ever since Horginos died, nothing's been the same. Finally, Mikrovlavi,
the clan seer, and Zena's advisor, led her to a mirror, just to test her skills. Surprisingly enough, Zena actually... Enjoyed using the mirrors, so much so that she had locked herself in her quarters for days on end, just to perfect it. And so, in almost no time at all,
mirror magic had become a foundation for Clan Speculus.

Mirror Mages
Mirror mages are some of the most common dragons in Clan Speculus. Ever since a dragon simply known as 'Distortionist' brought this art into the clan, it has been a foundation for rebuilding its structure. From changing appearance, to healing, to even battle, many of the dragons of Clan Speculus have found that the mirrors have proven to be useful, and so, have made it a part of their lives.
Clan Speculus is not all mirror mages,
however. There are dragons known as 'Diaphs',
who prefer other arts to mirror magic. Dragons such as Karona and Ruin prefer brutality and normal healing magic to the deception of the mirrors. There are quite a few in the clan,
and many have sworn to their traditional arts of dragonkind, something Zena has allowed to flow through her clan. Often full of bitter hatred for mirror mages for 'tainting' Speculus, these dragons are not to be underestimated.


Reflection Healers
Reflection Healers are mirror mages who use the art of distortion to heal their allies.
The healer shows the patient their reflection,
and, as they are looking, uses distortion to heal the wounds. The accuracy in their distortion magic is astounding, something that the regular healers of Clan Speculus aim to surpass. Reflective Healers include Loyal, Silvia, and Ram.

These mirror mages use modified mirrors to attack their foes. The mirrors they use are designed to change the light they reflect into harmful rays that can burn off one's skin. Spotlights are also used for interrogation, to determine whether or not the convicted is a faulty mirror mage, a known criminal, or even... a Distortionist.

A Distortionist can rarely be trusted.
These dragons use an advanced form of distortion to change their appearance and sometimes even their reputation and personality. Hardly used for good, Distortionists instead manipulate innocents into a false sense of security, or even into a relationship. While few have taken refuge in Clan Speculus, even Zena is incredibly wary of these mages.
The same can't be said for her clanmates, however...


I am a huge Kid Icarus fangirl, with an equal love of Pokemon. Expect a lot of Icarus fandragons here. I am also a mod in the Google+ group "Google+ Hall of Infamy." Also, I LOVE Vocaloid. My favorite songs are The Distortionist, The Things I Deserve, The Scrap Boy, The Undertaker's Daughter, BROADCAST ILLUSION, HOUSEWIFE RADIO, Two of a Kind, Happy Days, Appetite of a People Pleaser, Candle Queen, COLORBARS, Secrets of Wisteria, Star Of The Show and Twaddles of a Flue Faker.

Dream Dragons:
(Currently Geneing)

And this hell
"Skydust" wrote on "2018-03-08:

She seems small and the song was kinda bouncy so I went fae.

Lightning Fae Female: Maize Iridescent, Flaxen Safari (Striation/ Stripes is also nice), Spruce Opal

And for the outfit, here it is!
I went with the Pearl stuff because it's the closest I could find for her pearls and ring. Then I layered the Grove Sylvan Dress underneath a Copper Steampunk Vest. Forest Rogue and Canourous Musical Vests look good too! The rest I was inspired by the song, since she slowly descends into madness I put the bloody bandages, and the thorns are a reference to sewing needles and thread. It's 11 slots but everything isn't necessary.

Here's the scry!

Non-Dreg Wish List
Full list here



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03/16 Became friends with HappyHousewife. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
03/09 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Mirror Male, 1 Mirror Female
03/09 Became friends with Kyrila Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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same birthday!
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Fear the wrath of my pyroblasters, space weirdos!
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Who has two thumbs and loves hot springs? Everyone with two thumbs!
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Thanatos is the god of death, after all. So he gets perks like evil powers and health insurance. And free soda.
Mar 17, 2018, 11:34:53
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Ay, nice Kid Icarus dergs!
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Sorry, I am looking for pure currency atm
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Shadowfire is so cool looking! All of your Dragons are so pretty C: I dunno if you accept friend requests, but I'm trying to make new friends xD
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Yeee ^^
Mar 04, 2018, 16:50:03
lostRhythm wrote:
Oh my gosh I love all these ghost references here.
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Atmosphere was on the front page. Great attire!
Mar 03, 2018, 13:54:47
OzRunner wrote:
While Catora actually is quite feisty and cruel, she does have a kind heart for those close to her. ^^
Mar 03, 2018, 06:59:07
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