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holy mother of sin
Mighty Lair
of the
Star Wood Strand
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READ THIS: Clan is under major reconstruction. The bios are being fixed up, along with the history of the Clan and what the heck is going on here like wow this entire thing is incredibly obscure. Plus the deco... holy mother of sin the bright fully saturated cyan and white on a light background.

Update 1: Origin story redone. Now explains what the heck is going on and why.

. mm_by_apocalyptlc-db23fsv.png
Land of Legends

Eons ago, in an age lost to time and shrouded in myth, a war shook the very foundations of the universe. A war between two powers, one pure of heart, the other consumed by hatred.

Their battle was fierce and eternal, and a struggle neither side could dare hope to win. They were equals, and together they kept the universe in balance.

Time went on, and soon life sprang forth. Chaos and Harmony had unintentionally nurtured the seeds of creation. Civilizations rose, beings of intelligence and morals that intrigued these deities. Though they could never appear fully to these new creatures, they each sent forth avatars to commune with them and learn about life.

Before long, the two had pieced together what had allowed life to thrive. More interested in the many forms of life throughout the universe than the eternal battle against their equal, Harmony preferred to appear amongst civilizations in the forms of avatars, gleaning knowledge, and eventually discovering emotion.

Chaos, however, was more than intrigued by the knowledge and power they held. If they could create life, perhaps a species made of pure chaos could be made and thrust the balance out of control and the battle in their favor.

Fracturing a piece of themself, Chaos replicated the very process which had allowed life to blossom. The process itself was flawed, for without Harmony to guide it whatever came in to being would be unbalanced and forever seek their missing halves.

And thus, the daemons were born, crafted from nothing but the void and Chaos. Without Harmony to ease their souls, they were horrid, tormented creatures, who craved the destruction of the light. Their taste for souls, from which they sucked the Harmony out of, drove them to madness, and allowed them to become the perfect creation for Chaos to send forth.

Chaos sent forth their new creation, directing them to destroy Harmony's avatars, and allowing them to consume the souls of whoever dared to cross their path.

Shocked and appalled by their counterpart's monsters, Harmony recalled all their avatars to gain strength, for they knew what had to be done. Their intentions pure, Harmony set about creating their own species, one who would have the power and capability to combat the forces of Chaos.

And so the Angels were created, the perfect counterparts of Chaos's daemons. Though they in turn were flawed, for without Chaos to balance Harmony they lacked the sympathy or compassion to know when to stop. They were a force created and designed just and simply just to destroy the daemons.

The two armies met and fought, with Harmony and Chaos pulling the strings behind the scenes. Though once again, they were tied in their infinite battle. The two forces were once more equal.

However, with the war raging on, the life that thrived within the universe was stuck amidst the battles. And inevitably, where war broke out, souls became unbalanced. Some souls became drowned in darkness, Chaos entering their hearts and destroying the peace within them. Others became overcome with Harmony, their sense of humanity leaving them and their lust for justice consuming them.

And yet there were those who were able to stay afloat in these dark times, maintaining their balance and helping those who had lost their way.

Chaos had begun to realize what they could do, and soon set out to throw the balance out of line once more by thrusting souls into the darkness.

Harmony in turn was forced to do the same to intercept their counterpart's work, though too late did they realize the horrific consequences their war had. Entire civilizations were destroyed, and others thrown out of the balance.

For the greater good, the two deities entered a truce, and together they created the Balance, a celestial scale for which they may maintain and watch over their new era of peace.

The daemons and angels were left dissatisfied with the turn of events, their eternal hatred for the other overcoming the ruling of their creators.

Their initial plans of war foiled, the daemons retreated to the Netherworld whilst the angels fled to their home in the Gates.


Their eternal strife will never end. The two halves will forever be at odds, and the affects of their battle mark the lands.

In one of their many battles, a group of angels was captured by the daemons, and imprisoned in the Netherworld. Though trapped for an unknown amount of time, the angels learned something from their stay; emotion. The bit of chaos that managed to enter them allowed these captives to find a small form of balance, and opened their view to the wonders of the world.

Escaping from their imprisonment, the group spat upon the idea of returning to the war. They fled, soaring through many worlds and realms and their quest to find a new home.

Their sights set on Sornieth, a realm they found most intriguing. Taking on more appropriate forms, the angels took to their new roles and splintered amongst the Clans.

Those who chose mates among mortals soon found themselves with offspring, though little did they realize the power held within their young.

Born from creatures of harmony, yet balanced by their mortal parents, these half-breeds exhibited phenomenal powers and capabilities unlike anything the angels nor the dragons had seen before.

The birth of the Nephilim proved to be a massive advantage, for when the daemons entered the realm the angel-spawn could fight them with ease, their holy blood and mortal souls blessing them with might.


The Nephilim, weary of their adversaries and protective of their homes, took it upon themselves to hide all traces of their angelic heritage. Once sure the world would be safe, for their trust in the draconic deities was great, they vanished.

Millennia pass, and soon the Nephilim fade into history, become nothing more than myths and legends told to young hatchlings. Their once great cities and monuments crumbled to the tests of time.

The Nephilim themselves were, of course, still there. Though they had splintered off, some forming Clans and hiding within the dense wilderness while others sought out and joined pre-existing Clans, taking upon mortal mates of their own.

A single Clan of Nephilim thrives within the Starfall Isles. Named Sanctuary, this refuge has been the home to many Nephilim for centuries. The offspring of these original settlers have been imbued with arcane energies, and though they may act and look more like native arcane dragons, their appearances are truly deceiving.

The Nephilim of the Starfall isles have maintained their secrecy by creating a pocket realm in which they have built a massive city. The keystone to access or leave the realm can only be activated by one of Nephilim blood, a mostly fool-proof safeguard in order to keep intruders out... or trap some within.


Current Population

Angels: 3
Nephilim: 38
Demons: 1
Ahaligs: 1
Dragonized OCs: 9 (don't count in the story or lore due to literally being separate ocs in dragon form)

Note to admins: Me and my bro (@Elfnerd) share the same IP address. I also log in from school on my phone and sometimes let some of my friends log in on it too


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