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PositiveDragon's Clan
If dreams really do come true, what about nightmares?
Mighty Lair
of the
Abiding Boneyard
Clan Information

plague_1.pngClan of the Sweeping Desolationplague_3.png

In the depths of the Abiding Boneyard, you spot a Skydancer and his familiar flit across the barren landscape, both blue specks on the red horizon. As you approach, you startle the Sparkling Goblin and it drops the pile of materials it had gathered. As you get closer, you get a chance to see the Skydancer clearly.


”Oh! Hello!”

The Skydancer strides up to you and you notice how alarmingly tall he is.

”I suppose you’re looking for The Clan of The Sweeping Desolation. Follow me.”

You look out across the barren wasteland and see nothing by piles of bones and large rocks. Nevertheless, you follow him after he helps the poor goblin gather up his materials, wondering how he had guessed your destination.

The Skydancer shoves a huge boulder out of the way and reveals a secret entrance to what looks like a secret laboratory. It was tidy, but you can’t help but notice the color of the walls; patches stained dark red, the color of blood. Cobwebs dust the corners lightly; and a very intimidating Guardian stalks around, collecting spiders and bugs and such. You watch as he deposits them in a glass terrarium, and shuts it immediately to avoid letting any of his captives go.

”You see, our Patriarch found this place when he was out exploring and we all fell in love with it. It’s quite homey, don’t you think?”

Several hallways branch off from the room you're now standing in. A set of large double doors lead to what seems like a living area, and you spot several dragons bustling around in it. A laboratory is to your right, with polished glass beakers and bubbling concoctions. You see a pink Imperial mixing chemicals with an Enchanting Goblin and two young Bogsneaks, with their familiars, experimenting with a cauldron. To your left is what appears to be nesting grounds, with a Wildclaw and her Frozen Goblin fretting over hatchlings and turning eggs. Two matching black Skydancers stare at you, their wolf capes giving off an intimidating aura. Some hatchlings scurry out from another side room and disappear under the legs of a large Imperial who steps forward from the double doors.


”Oi, who’s this?”

You could hear it in his tone that he meant business. The Skydancer shoots forward.

”I found them while exploring. I figured they wanted to look around. Sure seemed like it.”

The Imperial grunts before shouldering his way past the Wildclaw trying to round up the runaway hatchlings. The Skydancer turns to you.

”A-anyway! Sorry about him. He’s just a bit grumpy.

The Imperial whips around and glares at the poor Skydancer, who shrinks under his gaze.

”Feel free to look around. I’ll be in the lab if you need me.”

He flees the scene with his Sparking Goblin, and you decide to look around. A large altar sits upon a hand-crafted platform made of bones, from which creature you're not certain, and some sort of twine material. Upon the altar rests a sculpture of the Plaguebringer, carved from bone. Next to the sculpture, you make out what is an extremely large pile of treasure, with gems sprinkled about. A large spider scuttles past, and the large Guardian lounging next to the pile of treasure glances down to you. She shakes the bones around her neck and hisses, warning you away from the altar. Soon, an eerie Skydancer joins her, the runes on his scales glowing brightly in the dimly lit area. You avert your eyes; it's probably not wise to mess with dragons you don't know.

Spotting a sheet of yellowed paper tacked to the wall near the laboratory, you step closer to inspect it.

-100,000T to open another nest
-Lair expansions
-Level up some more dergs to 25? Maybe?
-Grind the Coli for more familiars bc you can't have too many
-Finish coding bios
-spring cleaning
Looking away, a set of red eyes stare at you from a crack in the wall, silently calling you over. Enticed, you wander over, but are immediately stopped by a friendly looking Tundra.


“Woah woah woah! I'd be careful if I were you! Some dragons in this clan are not very pleasant to outsiders!”

He ushers you away from the pair of eyes, the owner of which hisses softly. As he leads you away, he trips on a crack in the floor and his leg promptly pops off. It writhes on the floor before he attaches it back on. You can't help but stare.

“Oh! Uhm, I'm a displacer, which means I'm able to detach and reattach all my limbs with no cost. Some dragons here are not quite what they seem.”

He smiles widely before popping his head off, rolling it like a bowling ball, and scampering after it.

Just then, two huge Imperials shove the entrance open and slither in, dripping water everywhere and each hoisting a bag bursting with sea life. The Guardian catching bugs earlier dashes over and empties the bags of isopods, before dropping them in another tank you hadn't noticed before. The Imperials empty their bags into a tank built into the back wall, filling it with fish. Similar tanks filled with insects, plants, and animal carcasses also line the walls. As soon as the bags are empty, the clan bursts into noise. The boulder that once covered the entrance is moved back into place, and two dragons stalk forward.A Guardian and Imperial toned with red and black hues take their share from the tanks. You're caught in the bulk of the clan, but you can tell these are the leaders. They take their share from the seafood tank and an older Pearlcatcher steps forward, followed by a smaller version of herself and they each take their share from a tank. The Tundra from earlier and a murky blue Tundra take their portions from the tank filled with plants; they're the only ones to do so. After they return, everything erupts into chaos. You take advantage of the excitement to slip out of the main room, and past the double doors. Several straw mounds take up the much larger room, presumably beds. Familiars doze on almost all of them, and you pick out the Sparkling Goblin from earlier. As you glance up, you notice two lofts; one considerably smaller than the other and with only one straw mound. An Enduring Goblin sits on the steps of the smaller loft, its eyes trained on you.

The eyes of the Plaguebringer...

You shiver. The two dragons from earlier stalk by and position themselves onto to the singular bed, and you realize it’s the Leader’s loft. In the larger loft, a purple Spiral lays on a mound, eyes half closed, trained on you. Hurrying, you exit into a smaller room, where a fire burns in a fireplace. A Coatl and his Blazing Goblin hammer away at a runestone, not noticing your presence. You leave and stumble into another room, where a Skydancer and Mirror were chatting to a group of hatchlings. They smile at you kindly before resuming their story. You decide that your time with these strange dragons is drawing to a close, and as you leave the once abandoned laboratory with its unforgettable inhabitants and wander around the desolate wasteland, you encounter a purple Fae with a lantern.


”Be careful around these parts. There’s a clan around here with several members inflicted by the Shade. I’d be careful if I were you.

He cranes his neck to see if your shadow still stood, and indeed it did, dancing with the light from the lantern.

“Watch your step around these parts,” He hisses, “It's wise not to tangle with the children of both the Plaguebringer and the Shadowbinder.”

The mysterious Fae floats away, and you notice with a ghastly feeling that he has no shadow.

Disturbed, you hurry away from the Plaguebringer's domain, as a pair of glowing eyes and blue glowing runes size you up from the shadows.
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