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StarCookies' Clan
The world is different from yesterday just with your joy
Ancient Lair
of the
The Observatory
Clan Information
Items I hoard!:

shwx1Vv.gifFR+15, USED TO BE XxRQYTxXshwx1Vv.gif
Status: Kpop.
She/Her Pronouns, They/Them is fine as well!
Kpop Addict and a Dom Maniac.
Feel free to chat with me, enquire about a dragon, or send me a friend request anytime!

Kpop Fandoms I'm in:
ARMY, Hidden KARD, carat, once and blink
Games I play:
Mobile Legends, Dragcave, CS, Mystic Messenger
Animes I’ve watched:
Sword Art Online- S1&2
Tokyo Ghoul S1&2

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my very new tumblr! please follow! DONT MIND ME LISTENING TO KPOP IN CLASS. BTS IS THE BEST. FITE ME

Clan Novula

The Clan of Cookie lovers

It is believed that millions of years ago, before any of the deties, was a single dragon living on the vast land we now call Sorneith. The dragon, a female, was in actuality, a nova. She was kind, loving, but tough and brave. She had to face the dangers and terrors of the outside world alone. But that made her strong and powerful, and her powerful magic soon started bringing life to everything around her.

Every meadow she walked, brought Color and light. Every hard and volcanic land she walked became warmer. The waters she drank and bathed in gained warmth, or coolness, depth, or shallowness. Things moved, flowers bloomed. The land was split into parts, as all of them were given life as different parts. Then the first four deities were born, and the war begin. This was not what she had anticipated, and she was forced to live in tall tower which we now know as the observatory. Every night, she would stargaze, thinking about her place among her siblings up in the sky, regretting her every action as Dragons died down below her tower, day or night.
Eventually, when all war stopped and the peace tower was built, she finally came out of hiding. All of her Arcane magic was gone from the land, and she had grown weak from hiding. It was time for a new era, a new ruler for the magic she once possessed. She woke the Seperent, and enchanted, blessed him with advanced, and abundant amounts of Arcane magic, keeping little for herself. The serpent she blessed is now known as the Arcanist, current ruler of the Starfall Isles. On the night she left, she planted a glowing pink flower in the balcony garden in the observatory. The flower bloomed and years after the Arcanist, it transformed into a dragon; XxRQYTxX's progenitor, who met the devil, Son of the shade, birthed from an Arcane flame.Finally, assured that the land she once walked would be balanced, she faded into a nebulae. Birthed as a Nova and died as a Nebula, the clan that she had given life to is called "Clan Novula", though since this clan has an odd affection for cookies, is sometimes called Clan Cookies.

It is rumoured that when she left this world back home to the galaxy, her soul was left somewhere on the Starfall Isles, waiting to be found. The one who possesses her heart will have an abundance of power, and will gain enough wisdom to take on the quest to travel all the lands. The Flower and The Devil has left the land in hopes of finding her soul, leaving the rule of this clan to Sorceresswing and Wispywing, two intelligent scholars, from Shadow and Arcane, Shade and Flower.

The clan symbol, represents her fading into the her cosmos, and giving life to land and the Serpent. The 8s alongside the ends represent infinity, to make sure that the magic will never disappear from the land again.

Clan Novula is separated into 6 districts: Scholars, Spellcasters, Novas, Protecters, Demons and Questers. Each with their own roles
Past Leaders

"The Greatest sacrifice is when you sacrifice your happiness for someone else's."
The first leader, the flower that found Clan Novula. Left the clan to search for the heart of she but never came back…

"In any place I might be, my eyes will always search for you"
The Devil, Son of Shade, who fell in love with the flower. Left the clan to search for Floriawing after she disappeared.
dPi8xsT.gif *Sorceresswing*
"Magic is all around, we just have to believe."
The best sorceress in Sonerith, Sorceresswing hasn't exactly left the clan, though she has given her place away to Wispywing. She lives in a neighbouring Arcane clan and is still in close contact with the clan.

My free rice account
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10/16 Became friends with jungsh00k. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
10/10 Became friends with Anima Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
10/03 Became friends with UserOfShadows Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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SnowdinTown wrote:
i get excited too easily honestly
Oct 22, 2017, 02:33:24
SnowdinTown wrote:
iDK ONCE I FIND A SONG I HAVENT HEARD BEFORE FOR SOME STRANGE REASON I?? PANIC?? and am too excited for december too? help
Oct 22, 2017, 02:28:49
SnowdinTown wrote:
well i've never heard it -- it's https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jYCMH5ATtqE and i am 10 times more hyper because i can actually UNDERSTAND japanese well because i have been learning it since i was under 3 years old
Oct 22, 2017, 02:17:56
SnowdinTown wrote:
but im too busy freaking out that i found a new song
Oct 22, 2017, 01:50:03
SnowdinTown wrote:
good to know im not the only one
Oct 22, 2017, 01:16:31
SnowdinTown wrote:
my youtube suggestions literally contain almost nothing but kpop and some other stuff
Oct 21, 2017, 12:25:22
SnowdinTown wrote:
thats fair
Oct 21, 2017, 04:17:13
SnowdinTown wrote:
how to escape kpop fandoms
Oct 20, 2017, 17:30:46
Kano3Shuuya wrote:
Oct 13, 2017, 09:27:29
Starwindrider wrote:
Lol haha ok :3
Oct 07, 2017, 05:39:03
Cvhruig wrote:
I meant your ultimate bias, so I guess that's Jimin then~ My ultimate is Jonghyun from NU'EST ♥ (And hey Jimin is my BTS bias too :D)
Oct 05, 2017, 10:52:41
Starwindrider wrote:
Uncovered your hideout XD
Oct 05, 2017, 05:39:59
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