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TheGodOfStories' Clan
You sly dog! You had me monologuing! hahIcan'tbelieveithaha
Venerable Lair
of the
Shrieking Wilds
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I might have prioritized half-a ssed clan descriptions over describing myself so this'll probably be short in comparison. First off, I'm constantly paranoid that my un makes me sound cocky and I just want to put that to rest. I definitely don't think I'm the best when it comes to having original ideas, spelling and using grammar correctly, or anything in between. That being said I love writing, usually prioritize it over other activities and literally just thought it sounded cool.

Now onto more personal stuff-- You can refer to me as anything: God, Stories, or even usernames from other sites like Gallifrey, Gally, Gallux, ect. I really don't care! I'm female but feel free to use any pronouns because I don't really care about that either! Feel free to shoot me PMs! Despite not roleplaying much anymore, I still enjoy roleplay prompts so you can send those my way as well!

As far as hobbies and interests go, I'm big into sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic and historical fiction. I love the sciences, mainly marine biology, physics, earth and space science, and geography!
Currently watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (if you like anime and weird **** I seriously recommend it). Aside from writing taking up 90% of my free time, I dabble in art, although spend much more time sitting around like a lard playing video games and looking at memes while slowing devolving into one myself.
Horizon Zero Dawn is nearing the top of my Favorite Universes Ever List™ along with Infamous, Incredibles and Invader Zim. Honestly, it's becoming a problem.

Much of my lair consists of theatrical, cocky, power-hungry megalomaniacs because the process of planting a seed, watering it, giving it sunlight, and watching its little spark of innocence be snuffed out by the hindrance that leads to a healthy villain mastermind is just the best. And that kids is why I'm the worst. I'm actually the worst.

What's that? Coatl? Wildclaw? Bogsneak? What are those? Other breeds besides Pearlcatchers exist? Since when?

Various Clans Residing Within This One Lair

The Mercurial Flush is a quiet enclave within the Gladeveins. More locally referred to simply as "the enclave", the clan is comprised of veterans, gardeners, magicians, pirates, priests, and the like. This colorful array of neighbors is forever fluctuating since the Flush operates more like an open settlement. Permanent visitors of the area are often extroverted and warm, though their allied acquaintances may be less welcoming. Many local Beastclan are allied with the Mercurial Flush and although they once promised not to attack on sight, they may still hold a slight grudge.

The edge of the Wandering Contagion is where the Berserker Clan resides--More specifically the southeastern most cliff, overlooking the Sea of a Thousand Currents, all the way across to the lightning-lit sky of the Shifting Expanse. Interlocking tunnels and caverns make up a majority of the clan's lairs, eventually opening up below sea level to the waterlogged chambers carved out by the tides--The kinds of places sea snakes lay their eggs. Huh, this one's almost big enough for a ship to go through, if a ship could sail under water that is. Pfft--

Formed from the uprising of a grand volcano and made fertile by its presence, a formerly undiscovered island sat far, far, far northwest of Dragonhome. For years its existence was only known of by Beastclan, although it would only be centuries later before that secret would reach dragon ears. Hidden by an immense jungle, the inactive volcano residing on the island is home to only a single drake. Beastclan, namely raptoric, patrol the island and aid in the construction of something unknown. Aside from that, dragons seem to be unaware of the island's presence, and he intends on keeping it that way.

In the far future, dragonkind has ascended to the stars and now rely heavily on technology and machinery for everyday things such as traveling from place to place and the colonization of new clans. Most dragons' magic abilities have mostly faded due to lack of use, although magic still flows through most technology and beings--some more than others. Those who claim to have above average magic abilities, are said to be able to communicate directly with their elemental deity AI... These few are who make up the Sorienth Enterprise Galactic council.

The universe is vast and life is too long. Some say those willing to endure it are the most independent and driven of them all. We all have places we want to be. Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

Off the coast of Sorienth, remote and southeast of the Beacon of the Radiant Eye sits an introverted archipelago with its own kind of magic. The Faun Isles are home to a quaint population of peaceful dragons and beasts, many of which are farmers. Life is quieter and smells of Starbucks.

The opposite of the Faun Isles floats high above sea level. While still isolated it is much further north, off the coast of the Viridian Labyrinth. And they were tea people oh my god they were tea people.

Also ye it is the only way


- Here we go--
- Dream dragons
- SFR Dream Dragons
- get a life
- Always have stocked seaspray apparel> have gems
- Syndrome fandragon
- Perfect vaporwave pair (Lighting and Arcane or Fire)
- Killer Queeeeen?
- Dib membrane fandragon
- Invader Zim fandragon
- Finish Zilch’s lore
- Finish Foli’s lore
- Revise Tra’s lore
- Reliable fodder pair that also has a place in my lair
- Dagur fandragon
- Snipe that Toothless fandrago
- Redo Straker’s lore (actually give him some)
- Pillar Men dragons that don’t exist yet driving me mad
- Adapt Jojo’s lore into fr (brb kms)
- Actually finish those elemental tarot cards like you said you would
- Power escalation




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11/23 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 1 Pearlcatcher Female, 1 Imperial Female
11/10 Earned: Venerable Lair Purchase enough Dragon Lair slots to accommodate 75 dragons.
11/09 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Pearlcatcher Male
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nullius wrote:
lol thanks
Nov 19, 2018, 19:08:53
MagicmakerRose wrote:
Your signature click baited me, how dare you.
Nov 19, 2018, 14:44:57
FlyingButtress wrote:
The odds were not in our favor, but so darn close with a dirt/sanguine/fern tundra female. I'll hold onto her, maybe a better-gened male will come up in the AH? (Lol) Until then, back into the nesting grounds they will go. (^v^)
Nov 17, 2018, 10:35:30
FlyingButtress wrote:
Naw, I am enjoying hosting this project. My resources are plentiful enough. (^v^) Maybe I should schedule them for full body massages to help encourage the right genes, though.
Nov 03, 2018, 13:49:40
FlyingButtress wrote:
Sad news: our children hatched on this Hallow's Eve Riot and were wrong again, traitors. (=v=) ...I totally didn't forget to mention this earlier...
Oct 31, 2018, 23:38:39
sodaboi wrote:
I sent a Cr with your dragons and one of the babies (I’ll send the other separately)
Oct 18, 2018, 15:39:01
Chaosarceus wrote:
Heheh, thank you! Depending on how you interpret Gaster, he very well could be! I interpret him as Sans/Papyrus' father but I know another popular one is that he's them fused.
Oct 14, 2018, 15:58:22
sodaboi wrote:
Is** Jesus my keyboard is weird I’m sorry
Oct 12, 2018, 18:45:51
sodaboi wrote:
Anytime! I think they’ll turn out beautiful :)! And tysm! Yours isn’t pretty neat as well
Oct 12, 2018, 18:45:33
sodaboi wrote:
I just nested them and they have 2 eggs! (I also previewed them bc I couldn’t help myself and aaaaa they’re so pretty! I can see why you wanted water eyes!)
Oct 12, 2018, 17:57:43
JamieHeart wrote:
Someone pointed me towards your Joseph Joestar dragon and i just wanted to tell you that i loved it, A+ 10/10
Oct 07, 2018, 16:11:48
silvereternia wrote:
I was misled....there was no flextape..
Oct 06, 2018, 19:46:12
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