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NerdySnivy's Clan
Take everything with a grain of salt.
Venerable Lair
of the
Rotrock Rim
Clan Information

Where blood runs from the talons of it's inhabitants, the loyal plague clan that lies within the Rotrock Rim continues to clash, for as long as shadows hide within the darkness, no one is safe.
Welcome to The Syndicated Wound...

- See below for more details -

syndicated_wound_banner_by_snivy4evr-dcaxhp6.png LORE
It is rare that a clan of the Scarred Wasteland rules by anything but terror and strictness. Such a structure is a necessity, enforced by the nature of the Plaguebringer’s domain. Without the persistent culling of the weak, the clan can only crumble from within.

That was the nature of the Syndicated Wound.

Wildwood was the one that carved the first lair from the mud and overgrown plague-stuff of the Wandering Contagion. His bright crest and wings were one of the marks of a creature of the Plague: toxic and deadly, yet not to anyone that handled him carefully. He took in the unwanted, forging them into powerful warriors in the name of the Plaguebringer. Under his rule, the clan grew just as the Contagion spread-- slowly, surely, and with continuous improvement.

From their perch-- a platform laid into the side of the Rotrock Rim-- Wildwood and his mate Lightningdusk survey their clan, as their subjects scatter and scamper about the huts of their lair. The life of a Plague dragon is short and brutal, lengthened only by luck and, perhaps, the support of a clan or caretaker. There was never peace; the Scarred Wasteland has never known peace even in its most secluded corners. Yet there was assurance: assurance that no matter what may come to pass, the Syndicated Wound would power through and continue to thrive.

That assurance began to fragment as Wildwood’s leadership disintegrated.

Tora, forever the long grey shadow at the edges of gatherings and battles, first mounted her campaign only in whispers. Her whispers-- “has Wildwood really made us any stronger?”, “has he ever really cared about you?”-- infected the minds of her fellow clanmates with a new, poisonous line of thought. As her clanmates spoke up against Wildwood, she, too, found her voice growing stronger and stronger against him.

“You are not preparing us for the reality of the Wasteland!” Tora advanced on him one sunset, as the sun cast fire across the Abiding Boneyard. “You have ignored our desires and stifled our growth!”

“I hold only fairness in my heart,” Wildwood rasped, “for you and your kin. You are judged at my claws, and how you are judged in the eyes of the world is your own doing.”

“You are supposed to be a guardian, Wildwood.” Acidity marked Tora’s tone. “You have prepared us for no judgement-- not even your own!” She raised her head, her crown of bones a stark silhouette against the fading sunlight. “I will be the guardian of our clan!”

The fight ended there. Dyn pushed the two aside and invited both of them to think very carefully of what they were saying. The need for sleep sequestered Wildwood and Tora back to their respective dens, but fury still burned in Tora’s heart.

Their exchange was overheard. Whispers propagated like wildfire, and soon what had began as a disagreement widened into a schism that overtook every dragon in the clan. Fights broke out among the lesser clan members-- petty, scratching squabbles-- but never resulted in any real damage due to Dyn’s strong will and Wildwood’s patience. They were at an impasse, a stalemate, but not due to the equal strength of the two-- the order of a clan was something rarely disrupted, and inner conflict could mean destruction. Neither Wildwood nor Tora could escalate the conflict if they wished, for the resulting civil war, if it did not tear the clan apart outright, would render them vulnerable to outside threats. The members of the Syndicated Wound know better than to forsake security for a petty conflict. Yet that resolve cannot not last forever.

As the never ending war between the two split the clan even more, the word spread farther than what they had hoped. Rumors spread, and others began to understand they had to take action.

Not too long after learning of the broken clan, Alexei invited himself in to seal his own dreams. He joined just like any other clan member, and got close to Tora without hesitation. Although not initially doing so because of love, the newcomer grew to adore the bold Skydancer.

One by one, Alexei's skills helped Tora gain popularity, and overall the two overthrew the two rulers. After overthrowing them, they were sent both back to Plaguebringer's domain, proven not fit enough to lead a clan. Even with the new leadership, not everyone is happy, and most threatened to leave once Wildwood was banished. Alexei let them. He wanted his clan to be loyal to him. Not to some low ranking Mirror who thought he had what it took to lead a clan.

He now rules side by side with Tora, and despite their much different ways of leading, they have kept the clan in tact, and have started to regain loyalty in even some of the most stubborn of clanmates.


Dragons watch their step as they pass into the clearing, carefully avoiding the gaze of the eyes that peer from the huts within. Bone chimes flutter in the wind, the accessory of many a Rotrock clan. Familiars scamper about the legs of the clan members, peering just as cautiously at the visitors. And at the apex of the lair, Alexei and Tora stare down from their ledge, ready to welcome or pass judgement as needed.

Welcome to the Syndicated Wound.


Written by @dragonpals, #296286.
Edited by @NerdySnivy, #330526


She/Her | Bisexual | 14 | Artist | Slytherin | Chaotic Nuetral | USA (+0 FR Time)

Hello! I'm just your average dark humored, introverted, 14 year old, high school student! But ya'll can call me Nerdy or Snivy! I love snakes, and hoard them to save them from getting eaten... ;w; I spend way too much time on this game, and enjoy grinding in the coli, roleplaying, and drawing for other people! (If you like Hamilton, my respect for you lowers significantly...) Anyway, If your interested in roleplaying with me, I'm always open to ideas as long as you have plots! I love chatting, although it normally triggers my anxiety, so just be patient with me and we'll all be good! I know not everyone on here will like me, and I can't satisfy everyone, but all I can ask is to be polite, even if you hate my guts...If your treat me rudely, expect the same in return. Please excuse the bio templates and unfinished/messy bios for now, along with all unfinished outfits...I'm still trying to get the dust settled. And don't ask me how I got over 25k forum posts in under a year..
I don't even know...

THIS IS AN EXALTING LAIR. I name all fodder Stark. Never thank me for buying fodder-priced dragons off the AH, as they will likely be leveled and exalted. I WILL NOT SEND DRAGONS MEANT FOR EXALTION BACK TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER. If you didn't want them exalted, don't put them up for fodder prices.

Admins, please note:
I play on multiple devices in multiple places, so my IP will change quite a bit! I currently play on my phone, school iPad, and my computer. But I may log into other devices as well. I also forget to log out... so sorry if this causes confusion... ;w;

My old account, snivy4evr is dead. I lost it years ago and just recently found it (unfortunately after I made this one...) and now it's no longer active. The last IP it used was probably mine.

I Hoard
Current Total Snakes Saved: 392 sneks

Amazing Art of Uni and me by unicornponies

Art of Zilla, Uni, and me by unicornponies

Art by my most-stabbed victim: ZillaJrimage_by_zillajr0-dcia0mh.jpg
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-07-18:
(*stabs again* EY. GIVE ME DAT BACK)
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-07-18:
(XD *stabs Zilla before stealing megaphone and screeches*)
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-02-09:
(*stabs zilla with a now bent blade before stepping back and kicking him* >:^
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-07-25:
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-01-15:
(Oops *stabs* That better? XD)
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-07-06:
(XD *stabs random innocent person* YOU, STOP POURIN' WASTE IN THE WATER. There. Done.)
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-07-23:
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-07-18:
(XD IT IS NOW! You eat me, I'll stab you from the inside XD)
"NerdySnivy" wrote on "2018-05-05:
*holds virtual knife* i will shank someone if you even attempt to breed him... *glances around before stabbing a gummy bear*

I think I have a problem...

7J4XPYx.png KKzTWzZ.jpg

Dream Dragon!
(Peacock Wasp/Copper Bee/Sapphire Gembond/Earth Glowing)


My favorite thing to see in FR....


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still haven't forgotten our art trade- i've just had periods of extreme low and couldn't draw at all orz But i've been doing better! You?
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Yeah, I'm back. I'll be a bit slow, though.
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I'm so sorry, Snivy. I just haven't had time or engery to actually roleplay, and I know that isn't much of an excuse. I'm sorry.
Oct 10, 2018, 19:43:08
Woopa wrote:
I'm flattered by your compliments - thank you ^^
Oct 09, 2018, 08:04:50
Woopa wrote:
You have really beautiful lair! (specially perma baby Reiko ^^)
Oct 09, 2018, 07:59:00
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ZillaJr wrote:
You finished blowing off some steam?
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Love him again! *Throws graham crackers everywhere*
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