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GalacticWicke's Clan
Hystur Clan welcomes you! Enjoy your visit!
Ancient Lair
of the
Forum of the Obscured Crescent
Clan Information
I collect cursed descendant dragons! Please send over ones you don't want so I can give em a nice home in my lair!


Wicke wrote:
Hi Mods! Me and my friends in real life, LilaAfterlife, PineappleProphet, Snurflake532, mightymouse3309, and Slary21, play the game often while hanging out with each other or while at school, work, etc. So our IP's sometimes jump around. I play on my phone if I'm not at home so I use cellular data a lot which is why my IP may change a bunch along with the same for my listed friends. None of us share our account info and intend to keep it that way so please keep this in mind!

”All are welcome in Hystur Clan!“

Howdy, I'm Wicke, and here are my dragons. We make up the clan of Hystur, or at least that's what I've named us anyway. We were once a small clan, but we try very hard to improve our hoard, lair, and family, so now we are as strong as we are happy!

”Don't let your memes be dreams, just yeet it!“



Hystur Clan
Location: | Icon:

My friend made me get this and I love it, a lot of the dragons I've seen are similar to the DragonArt book I have by an artist I like, J."NeonDragon" Peffer, so I guess now I kind of know where all the other dragon artist were at now lol. I'm shy when starting conversations since I got a bit of social anxiety and I'm a total introvert so I'm not one for starting conversations with new people, especially online. If you must leave a comment here or message me some other way please be patient with slow responses sometimes, I don't check Flight Rising until I'm home from school and such. If you want to ask about my dragons, my Custom Lore, to inform me on important info if I purchase your dragon(s), or to correct errors I make (If a vocab word already exist under a different cannon name for example).

I'll probably add more stuff here later, welp, thanks for stopping by!

Location: | Icon:

Duskglow Hatchery is of course my hatchery, linked in the banner at the top, and I specialize in Naomi the Glitch Queen and Ignis the Beast descendants. I do have plenty of neat breeding pairs too! I have an affiliate code for my hatchery available on my hatchery forum post, so if you want to be affiliates then just send me your code! I'll add your code if you add mine lol!
Hystur Clan

Hystur Clan
Location: | Icon:

Hystur Vocab

Peacemaker: A dragon who is sent to another clan, mainly as a gift of peace, friendship, or thanks.

Exalteer: A dragon who has been exalted to serve under a deity. (Hystur Clan serves Shadowbinder).

Journeyer: A dragon who is sold off through the Auction House to join a new clan.

Memoir Dragon: A dragon who became a Peacemaker, Journeyer, or an Exalteer.

Original Breeder: Well more like "Original" Breeder in some cases. This term refers to the previous owners of purchased/traded dragons who join a new clan. Sometimes the Original Breeder hatched the Memoir dragon and sold/traded them away, or they could also have purchased/accepted a traded Memoir dragon and then passed said dragon along to another clan through the auction house or through trading.
-If the username of the actual Original Breeder who hatched the Memoir dragon, then their username remains as the Original Breeder.
-If you are unaware of the breeder who hatched the Memoir dragon, but are aware of the username of the person who you received the Memoir dragon from through trading/purchases, then their names takes the title of Original Breeder. However, the current new owner can take the title of "Co-Breeder" and the "Original Breeder" title can be marked as unknown as well.

Co-Breeder: The user who was traded/sold a dragon from another clan, but the new owner is aware of the username for the user who originally hatched said dragon, as to which their name already claimed the Original Breeder title. So basically the new owner of the dragon who is aware of the original owner's username.




((Hystur Clan Vocabulary and Extra Custom Lore information is located below the Bio section, feel free to skip the Bio unless you are considering contacting me, information for that is located in the Bio))

Hystur Memoir Dragons
Hystur Peacemaker Dragons:

1. Sayvil -> Slary21
2. Lona -> Slary21
3. Dreena -> LilaAfterlife
4. Procrius -> LilaAfterlife
5. Ebonsoul -> LilaAfterlife
6. Ender -> LilaAfterlife
7. Vuraz -> LilaAfterlife
8. Fritz -> LilaAfterlife
9. Rhys -> LilaAfterlife
10. Damien -> LilaAfterlife
11. Tynta -> PineappleProphet
12. Innusha -> PineappleProphet
13. Masu -> PineappleProphet
14. Leezard -> PineappleProphet
15. Murkglow -> LilaAfterlife
16. Claxton -> LilaAfterlife
17. Caderyn -> LilaAfterlife
18. Eirian -> LilaAfterlife
19. Thorben -> LilaAfterlife
20. Pylos -> LilaAfterlife
21. Somnus -> LilaAfterlife
22. Irykain -> LilaAfterlife
23. Wheatley -> JayChirps
24. UNNAMED -> TheVagabond
25. Arturo -> LilaAfterlife
26. Naida -> Snurflake532
27. Xiuhpilli -> Snurflake532
28. Hari -> Snurflake532
29. Rikki -> Snurflake532
30. UNNAMED3 -> Altarea
31. UNNAMED1 ->

Note: The Peacemaker list has long been out of date and many Peacemakers that have already been rehomed are not listed here yet!
Hyster Exalteer Dragons:

1. Caladorn: Guardian Male, Crystal Primary, Plague Unusual

2. Mannix: Snapper Male, Shadow

3. Kayka: Fae Female, Shadow Uncommon, Basic Primary, Basic Secondary, Thylacline Tertiary

4. Yuzu: Fae Female, Shadow

5. Marusya: Fae Female, Shadow Uncommon, Wisteria Piebald Primary, Basic Gloom Secondary, Sand Contour Tertiary

6. Trident: Guardian Male, Shadow Common, Cherub Primary, Eye Spots Secondary, Ghost Tertiary

7. Artix: Fae Male, Arcane Common, Piebald Primary, Peregrine Secondary, Contour Tertiary

8. Mondo: Bogsneak Male, Shadow, Ghost

9. Clove: Snapper Male, Shadow, Crocodile Piebald

10. Kokenhi: Spiral Male, Arcane, Underbelly was piebald?

11. Vikenti: Spiral Male, Arcane, Piebald

12. Nethurnach: Bogsneak Male, Shadow

13. Lique: Fae Male, Shadow, iridescent?, bubblegum shimmer

14. Viren, Spiral Female, arcane, banana piebald

15. Dustox, Fae Female, Primary Charcoal Basic, Secondary Dust Basic,Tertiary Antique Thylacine

16. Tzipora: Snapper Female, shadow unusual, crystal, iridescent, glimmer

17. Jace: PearlcatcherMale, Arcane Common, Primary Mauve Speckle, Secondary Tarnish Peregrine, Tertiary Phthalo Ghost

18. Creekstar: Guardian Female, Shadow Common, Primary Teal Starmap, Secondary Oilslick Seraph, Tertiary Raspberry Basic

19. Moira: Spiral Female, Arcane Common, Primary Magenta Speckle, Secondary Blood Peregrine, Tertiary Amethyst Ghost

20. Nirvana: Spiral Male, Ice, crystal, smoke

21. Tagu: Fae Male, Arcane

22. Dempsey: Siral Male, Shadow, Ghost

23. Naomi: Skydancer Female, Water, Gloom(?) Iridescent Primal, Oilslick Shimmer, Gembond

24. Tanika: Bogsneak Female, Poison, Toxin, Scales

25. Leeka: Fae Female, Ice Common, White Poison, Bubblegum Butterfly, Moon Underbelly

26. Beltiln: Mirror Male, Plague, All Basic

27. Nantais: Nocturne Male, Nature, All Basic

28. Bawx: Mirror Male, Wind

29. Thornrock: Nocturne Male, Ice, All Basic

30.Betsu: Coatl Male, Arcane, Skink, Morph, Basic

31. Rosemary: Coatl Female, Shadow, Python, Morph, Runes ((WAS EXALTED AFTER PURCHASE BY JennyWren))

32.Beatriz: Mirror Female, Shadow, Basic, Basic, Banana Circuit ((SOLD TO Leannaa THEN TRADE/SOLD TO UNKNOWN SHADOW FLIGHT CLAN))

33. Noisur: Mirror Female, Shadow, Basic, Basic, Amber Glimmer ((WAS EXALTED AFTER PURCHASE BY Leannaa))

34. Shinae: Fae Female, Arcane, White Basic, Wine Basic, Silver Thylacine

35. Nellie: Guardian Female, Shadow Uncommon, Carribean Basic, Avocado Basic, Indigo Basic

36. Vadim: Ridgeback Male, Arcane Rare, Cerise Savannah, Obsidian Safari, Moon Ghost

37. Videl: Imerial Male, Arcane Common, Saphire Piebald, Gloom Peregrine, Iris Thylacine

38. Orodo: Guardian Male, Shadow Unusual, Magenta Iridescent, Mauve Morph, Periwinkle Contour

39. Henare: Fae Female, Shadow Uncommon, Thistle Iridescent, Mauve Morph, Nightshade Contour

40. Gweneal: Fae Female, Shadow Uncommon, Mist Starmap, Wine Morph, Iris Crackle

41. Tywyn: Tundra Female, Shadow Common, Cornflower Tiger, Green Safari, Indigo Ghost

41. Maloney: Tundra Female, Shadow Uncommon, Lavender Tiger, Azure Safari, Cyan Ghost

42. Naos: Bogsneak Male, Shadow Common, Radioactive Tapir, Radioactive Striation, Radioactive Underbelly

43. Harbrom: Fae Male, Shadow Uncommon, Spring Basic, Thistle Basic, Ice Basic

44. Ram: Mirror Male, Arcane Uncommon, Black Jupiter, Heather Saturn, Peacock Ringlets

45. Ivorn: Pearlcatcher Male, Arcane Uncommon, Maize Piebald, Pearl Peregrine, Grey Thylacine

46. Starshard: Pearlcatcher Male, Shadow Uncommon, Mist Petals, Periwinkle Butterfly, Ultramarine Glimmer

47. Umberstep: Mirror Female, Shadow Common, Midnight Skink, Eldritch Butterfly, Spruce Runes

48. Vyda: Imperial Female, Wind Uncommon, Coal Crystal, Heather Bee, Dust Runes

49. Ivory: Tundra Female, Shadow Rare, Antique Crystal, Wisteria Freckle, Cerise Basic

50. Corrin: Snapper Male, Light Common, Cinnamon Iridescent, Stone Shimmer, Fuchsia Smoke

51. Kira: Skydancer Female, Arcane Uncommon, Rose Piebald, Smoke Peregrine, Sapphire Basic

52. Lilith: Coatl Female, Shadow Unusual, Oilslick Cherub, Orca Morph, Maize Runes

53. Lorenta: Fae Female, Shadow Uncommon, Royal Starmap, Grape Alloy, Storm Capsule

54. Blouf: Fae Female, Shadow Common, Forest Basic, Steel Basic, Orca Basic

55. Kileth: Tundra Male, Shadow Unusual, Obsidian Vipera, Fog Shimmer, Orca Ghost


((2 exalteers are undocumented, still figuring out which ones they were oof))
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06/23 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Imperial Male, 1 Imperial Female
06/22 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Fae Male, 1 Fae Female, 1 Pearlcatcher Female
06/22 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Tundra Male
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Recent Comments
Merodi wrote:
I couldn't work out anything with his colors, so I'm glad you can! <3
Jun 09, 2019, 13:56:06
Merodi wrote:
I'm glad you gave that Fae you bought from me a good home :D
Jun 08, 2019, 09:32:14
AnimeLover9631 wrote:
Hestia was just on the front page ^-^ shes really pretty
May 30, 2019, 21:59:18
moomoo wrote:
I'm hoping for him to a big part in a future hatchary of mine :) And thank you! You've got some gorgeous yourself!
May 29, 2019, 16:47:24
Delinne wrote:
Balm was on the front page! I really enjoyed reading her lore <3
May 26, 2019, 12:04:17
Alnoots wrote:
Balm was featured! How colorful!
May 26, 2019, 12:00:34
Alize wrote:
Orias was on the front page! I love their colors.
May 24, 2019, 09:39:45
JayChirps wrote:
"Finally, now I can keep these pennies to myself." *cue loud stomping* "What the ****??" *light flips on* "I smell pennies." *cue penny holder screaming*
Mar 24, 2019, 21:40:57
candygoth12 wrote:
It wasn't exactly an auction. I was looking to get close to what I paid for him and someone made an offer that I couldn't refuse. I need the money for a 6 digit Imp :) Sorry for not letting you know that he sold, I forgot!
Mar 06, 2019, 03:09:46
PachaMama wrote:
thanks for adopting my Naomi boy. may he serve you well.
Feb 27, 2019, 05:46:08
Drag0n5 wrote:
Artix was on the front page! (04:00)
Oct 17, 2018, 04:01:31
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